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georgiabread | 214 comments All female mutants are to be pasted here for approval. Characters created by Moderators do not need approval.

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georgiabread | 214 comments ((I apologise for my inactivity lately, school's just started up and I've been dealing with a lot of homework and stuff))

Sαвιηє: Eνєяуσηє'ѕ Lιттℓє Sιѕ: Mιηι Gσℓєм :: It's perfectly fine to keep a few things secret, just add a rough history for Emery. You can't just leave it open

Happy {Aye Sir!} :: APPROVED

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georgiabread | 214 comments No problem! :)

Sαвιηє: Eνєяуσηє'ѕ Lιттℓє Sιѕ: Mιηι Gσℓєм :: APPROVED. That history's fine.

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|Fιяѕт Nαмє| Kalena
Pronunciation and meaning: [Kah-LAY-na] Kalena is an American and Czechoslovakian name meaning ‘flower’.
| Mι∂∂ℓє Nαмє| Serenity
Pronunciation and meaning: [Ser-REN-ity] Serenity has an English origin, and means ‘peaceful disposition’.
|Lαѕт Nαмє| Voss
Pronunciation and meaning: [V-OSS] Voss is a German surname that means ‘fox’.
|Nιcкηαмєѕ| None
|Agє| 17
|Gєη∂єя| Female
|Bιятн∂αу| 7th of June, 5.43 am



►Jᴀsᴍɪɴᴇ ᴠᴀɴ ᴅᴇɴ Bᴏɢᴀᴇʀᴅᴇ {Bɪʀᴅʏ}◄
Hair: Golden brown, tumbling past her chest in thick waves
Eyes: A light silver
Build: Statuesque; height of 162 cm weight of 54 kg
(view spoiler)



|Mαנσя Aвιℓιту| Argokinesis (view spoiler)
|Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1| Plant communicaton (view spoiler)
|Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2| Plant growth (view spoiler)



✔ compassionate
(view spoiler)
✔ independant
(view spoiler)
✔ determined
(view spoiler)
✔ trustworthy
(view spoiler)
✘ hot-tempered
(view spoiler)
✘ furtive
(view spoiler)
✘ stubborn
(view spoiler)
✘ courageous
(view spoiler)
Likes: nature • playing the piano • reading • stargazing
Dislikes: b*tches • pollution • the Hunters • tomatoes
Strengths: good upper-body strength • independent • long-distance running • lying
Weaknesses: a hot temper • anti-social • can’t trust most people • isn’t very optimistic



|Hιѕтσяу| Kalena was born during a howling storm amongst the roots of an old fig tree. Her father delivered her from her weak, shrieking mother, and he cried, cried at the sight of his beautiful daugther. And together as husband, wife and child, they rested underneath that fig for two or more whole days before they had the strength to continue again. You see, the couple had been travelling alone across wastelands and deserts after hearing rumours of the Sanctuary. It seemed their only hope of survival.

Kalena's father led his frail wife and tiny, innocent child toward the Sanctuary. But his wife had become too weak to travel. She passed away two days before they would reach the safe haven, and her husband had no choice but to leave her surrounded by soft grass and flowers. He promised her he would delivery their child to safety; his wife had made him promise this before her death.

When they reached the Sanctuary, father and daugther were cleared of diseases, but the child was immediately whisked away to be cared for in the Santcuary's hospital. Fortunately, she was released a week later. Her father was provided with the necessary supplies to care for a child, and together the pair lived in a home just the right size and shape.

Kalena was nine years old when her father met Ms Magdalena Huxley. Kalena utterly despised her. The woman was too bent on rules and proper etiquette, while Kalena's father was the exact opposite. They had lived nine wonderful years together, decorating the walls and surfing down the staircase on mattresses and spending quality time painting in the garden. But all that joy and content disappeared when Madgalena appeared.

Kalena's father married the woman, and three years later she gave birth to two healthy twins, Piper and Charlie. And as Kalena's stepmother hated Kalena in return, she taught her children to hate their sister as well. Piper did so, but Charlie saw Kalena for who she truly was. As Kalena was quite an outcast in school, Charlie became her only close friend. Of course, her father had been her friend once, but now he was too occupied with his wife.

Kalena first showed signs of her ability when she was 12 years old, first discovered by her father as she brought dead flowers back to life. The family managed to keep her ability a secret for two whole years. But then her ability grew out of control. Kalena was growing and manipulating plant life constantly, and she didn't know how to stop it. Tragedy finally struck when Kalena made the mistake of practising her ability. She tried to test the tree in the backyard as Charlie climbed it. She only wanted to shift the tree, but it got out of hand in and instant. Kalena brought the tree crashing into the grass. Charlie's small body slammed into the earth and he was killed instantly.

It was her father who turned her in. He began to fear his daughter's power (much under the influence of his wife), and after she had killed his own son, he was terrified of her. Kalena was hauled kicking and screaming from her comfortable home by three officials. She was tossed into the back of a grey van, and it was then, still ridden with incomprehensible guilt and grief, that she knew she could never trust another person again, at least not at first. She was taken to a classified location, where the officials promised food, a bed to sleep in and proper security while 'doctors' tried to cure her of her mutations while among others like herself. But when children began disappearing, Kalena's trust in anyone wavered again. And when a large number of mutants staged an escape after discovering the children were slowly being killed, Kalena fled with them. She was 16 at the time, and has been running every since.
Mother: Vivienne Voss, aged 31 {fate: deceased} and Magdalena Huxley-Voss, aged 48 {fate: alive}
Father: Amon Voss, aged 50 {fate: unknown}
Siblings: Piper and Charlie Voss, both aged 15 {fate: alive and deceased}
|Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ| Single
|Sєxυαℓιту| Heterosexual

|Oтнєя| A Northern saw-whet owl named Zelda. She appears by Kalena’s side occasionally and can feed herself, so she only returns when she wants to.
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[Fυℓℓ Nαмє] Felicity Aspen Barrak
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : Fel
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ :
•Fel/is/it/ee is a Latin word meaning 'good luck' or 'happiness to come.'
•Ass/pen is an Old English word meaning 'with all the heart.'
•Bar/rick is the name of very many generations. Felicity makes the 20th generation.

[Agє] Eighteen╣
Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : July 4th
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 11:11
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : Unknown

[Mαנσя Aвιℓιту] ghost communication
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 : physical attraction (view spoiler)
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2 : enhanced beauty


Hαιя : Blonde
Eуєѕ : Blue | Hazel
Sᴋιη : Tan
Wєιgнᴛ : 123
Hєιgнᴛ : 5'9"
Oᴛнєя :
There are claw marks all across the bottom half of her body.
(view spoiler)

Felicity is a very calm and understanding person. She listens to everyone's opinion and keeps it into account. She is also very gentle and sweet. She will give before she takes for herself. Felicity is also bad with romance. When she gets nervous she stutters a lot and it can get annoying. Fel is also very dedicated to what she does and doesn't stop until she gets it right. She is also not afraid to get down and dirty, that's what most guys like about her. Felicity may seem or act stupid but that's just because she has no common sense. Don't underestimate this because she is a lot smarter than you think. on the other hand, Fel has quite a few imperfections. Even when she tries to be good, she gets in trouble and caught up in the moment. The reason why she isn't that well at sports is because she is really clumsy. The only thing she's good at is using her hands as fighting and combat.
Lιᴋєѕ : flowers | animals | excitement | summer
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ : depression | flaws | attention | suspense
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ : weapons | speeches | patience
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ : romance | arguments | athletic abilities

Felicity doesn't remember much about her childhood. But she does remeber that she was abused, neglected and 'abandoned' by her mother? Her mother was weak and became ill when Felicity was around 9 years old. Her mother died shortly after and Fel's dad became depressed. He started drinking viciously and this led to abusing Fel more than often. She stayed away from home as often as she could. The government found out about her dad and gave him a warning. He finally realized what he was doing to himself and his daughter. When Felicity found out she could speak with ghosts, her first thought was her mother. Now, she doesn't see her often but she pops in every now and then to check up with Felicity.
Fαмιℓу :
Birth Mother | Bailey Noel Barrak |deceased
Birth Father | Donavan Roman Barrak | alive
Cяυѕн :
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ:
Single but Looking

Wєαρσηѕ :
-4mm handgun
-pocket knife
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ :
A ring that she never takes off that was originally from her mother.
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georgiabread | 214 comments moonshine whisky :: I'm on the app so I can't get your name right properly, anyway I'm so sorry you had to wait I don't think I got the notification. APPROVED.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Jacqueline :: Whoa nice character :D Could you just fix up those images below the strengths and weaknesses? Otherwise, you're APPROVED.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Jacqueline :: APPROVED.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments

"I'd advise you to not push my button."

Fυℓℓ Nαмє╣Andrea Luana Craven
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : Andi, Luna
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ : an-DRAY-uh "courageous" loo-AN-ə "female warrior" c-ra-ven "garlic place"

Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : October 28
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 1:08pm
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : Seattle, Washington

Mαנσя Aвιℓιту╣Pyrokinesis
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 : Enhanced Combat

Aρρєαяαηcє╣Malese Jow

Hαιя : Dark chestnut brown
Eуєѕ : Dark hazel brown
Sᴋιη : Pale with a slight tan
Wєιgнᴛ : 137lbs
Hєιgнᴛ : 5'8"
Oᴛнєя :
Attire :
(view spoiler)
Distinguishing Marks :
(view spoiler)

"I'd die for the ones I love the most."

Andrea isn't your typical teenage girl, she's not think.of boys or what she gonna do on the weekend. She used to be the kind next door neighbor before she the government tried to take her. Andi isn't simple or as nice anymore, she determined, overprotective, and vicious. She would be considered a rebel if the world was normal. She hot headed, stubborn, sarcastic, intelligent, and caring to those closed to her.

Andrea is also compassionate, aggressive, and can be distant. Only few people have seen her carefree, happy, humorous, fun loving, oblivious (mainly only her brother). She hates attention and rather be out of the spot light. Andi's personality can easily change around different people and situations.
Lιᴋєѕ :
»Her brother
»Being active
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :
»The Sanctuary
»Having no control
»The government
»Being bored
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :
»Martial Arts
»Thinking on the spot
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :
»Small spaces {claustrophobia}
»Her brother
»Her past
»Control (sometimes)

"Only I can extinguish my flame."

Andrea was born October 28 to Eloise and Fredrick Craven. The couple had been packing to leave for the Sanctuary since most of the town was gone except for a few families. They all lived in a small town and decided to travel as a group. When passing through Seattle Eloise's water broke. She was lucky that one of the men where a doctor or else her baby would of died.

A few days pasted before the group start their way again. They all thought it was best to stay as a group so one another could survive better. It was late winter when the reach the Sanctuary and a few people died on the way from illness or the cold. The Craven's were checked out in the hospital before they were give residency. Neither Fredrick or Eloise knew that some children had mutations.

Andrea was taken like many other kids at the age of five to run some test. Her parents was there for her all the time. Her parents also had another child making her an older sister. She had promised herself that she'd protect him on all accounts. She knew something was wrong with the Sanctuary when they ran test on groups of kids.

At the age of eight her brother, Christopher had the same thing happen to him. She found out through overhearing a couple of older kids talked, that the Sanctuary was looking for mutations. She was shocked but it mad sense because kids were starting to go missing. She thought that she was okay since she didn't have one, at least not yet. At the age of twelve one of her minor powers had came out, enhanced combat.

Andrea never though much about it and neither did anyone else. When she was fifteen her parents had died in a car crash, leaving her and Christopher orphaned. As children of the state they were put in foster care and eventually place with a family. At sixteen she got her major power of pyrokenesis and her thirteen year old brother had gotten teleportation.

She was cooking dinner when her power come and the kitchen caught fire. She was amazed by the licking flames. After her brother got her out her foster family turned her in. She was taken away or was starting to, when Christopher teleported them away. That was when the deciders it was better to leave the place they called home most their lives.

As time went on they both learned control. Andrea hates death but will kill if she needs to. She has even stole clothes, food, and other necessities needed.
Fαмιℓу :
Mother {Eloise Grace Craven} Deceased {38}
Father {Fredrick Johan Craven} Deceased {42}
Brother {Christopher Alex Craven} Alive {14}

Sєxυαℓιту: Heterosexual
Cяυѕн : Open
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Single (open)

-"I know you can hear me."
-"Yes, but I don't want to."

Wєαρσηѕ :
»A handgun
»A hunting knife
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ :
An iPod Nano

Her mother's dependent

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georgiabread | 214 comments dreaмcнιld :: APPROVED.

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Lyndsey ● ɴᴀᴍᴇ ● Aviana Venture

● ᴀɢᴇ ● 19
● ᴅᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ ʙɪʀᴛʜ ● January, 19th
● ʟᴏᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ᴏғ ʙɪʀᴛʜ ● California, USA

● ɢᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ● Female
● sᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ ● Heterosexual
● ʀᴇʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴsʜɪᴘ sᴛᴀᴛᴜs ● Single

● ᴀᴘᴘᴇᴀʀᴀɴᴄᴇ ●

● ғᴀᴄᴇ ᴄʟᴀɪᴍ ● Barbra Palvin
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 109lbs
Hair colour: onyx black; the color of a velvet sky, devoid of stars; undertones consist of deep plum and midnight blue; streaked in pale highlights
Skin colour: porcelain, with a sun kissed sheen of golden bronze
Eyes: pale grey; faded in color
Body type: thin, and toned; lacks average feminine curves, but makes up for it with her delicate features
Pitch of voice: soft; the whisper of a summer breeze through the foliage
Distinguishable markings: a grotesque scar across her back, and extending to the width of her shoulder blade. The skin is coarse, and flushed along the marking

● ᴀʙɪʟɪᴛɪᴇs ●
. Necromancy - can re-animate the dead to do her bidding.
. Blue mist - rises from the skin, perforating the air and disorientating victims with the voices of the dead.
. Attune to the dead - can hear the dead's whispers constantly in her mind, yet cannot answer them. Animating them only intensifies these voices.

● ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ ● Fiery, and impassioned. Somber, and removed. Aviana is a storm on the verge of breaking, and the consuming silence clawing itself from the grave. She is odd, but especially unnerving. Associating with the dead, more than with the living, has given her an aura most are repelled by. Though she can be soft with those she cares for, most of the time she strikes out at others just to watch them bleed. Her nature is inclined to value books, writing, and art---above people.

Trait 1: Eclectic
Trait 2: Reserved
Trait 3: Dynamic
Trait 4: Intuitive
Trait 5: Unfeeling
Trait 6: Insane

● ᴅᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ ●
"I hear voices; voices that never sleep. They haunt me night and day, whispering things in my head that I can't block out. I fear I may go mad.

Why wont they stop?..."

Haunted, is a good word to describe Aviana. Badgered by unseen voices, her mind is not a place to hide from the world. Fear has always been a close friend; fear of herself, and fear of the power she possesses. In some ways, she is insane; the voices in her head have given her a warped impression of the world, and her interactions with it are based on those.

● Likes|Dislikes ●
+ Reading, writing, art, and music. These things feel more real to Aviana than reality. Though not particularly talented in either music, or art--- Aviana is passionate about both.
+ Aviana can't tolerate people at times, and like her brother, has black moods so violent she's been known to lock herself away just to keep others safe. Her brother speculated at one point, that his upbringing had less to do with this than did the world Aviana lived in.

● Strengths|Weaknesses ●
+ Aviana is adept at surviving on her own. Because of her feelings towards the living, she seeks more time spent with the dead.
+ Aviana's situation is complicated to say the least. In essence, Aviana fears the dead because of their unpredictable tendencies. One moment they love her, the next moment their only desire is to end her, so that they can resume their eternal silence. Aviana can't have corpses near her, because she is not always in control in regards to resurrecting them.

● ʜɪsᴛᴏʀʏ ●
Raised within the sanctuary, Aviana first began showing signs of necromancy around the age of three. Her only living relative at the time was her brother, Amir. Knowing her life would eventually lead her down a path he couldn't follow, Amir trained her in combat and taught her the skills she'd need to survive in the wild on her own.
However, though Amir was devoted to Aviana for the sake of their dead parents, he was prone to fits of rage that attracted attention from the local law enforcement. Aviana was sixteen when his best friend nearly killed her in a freak accident; ending in his banishment from the sanctuary, and her removal from the care of her brother. It was in this accident, that Aviana's back became mutilated.
Placed in a foster home, in was only a matter of weeks before her abilities were discovered and she was shipped off to government institutions for the gifted.
A year later, Aviana escaped the facilities and took to the wild.

● Weapons|Possessions●
+ A few knives, and a gun. Doesn't carry much, because her true strength lies in her ability to call others to fight for her.
+ A backback, filled with an assortment of basic goods: blankets, sweater, dried packages of food, a first aid kit, ect.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Lʏɴᴅsᴇʏ :: Nope, that's fine! APPROVED.

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♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 1 comments
✍ U N D E R C O N S T R U C T I O N ✍

(view spoiler)

ʟıṡєһ ~ Ԁѧяʟıṅɢ, ʏȏȗʟʟ ɞє ȏҡѧʏ  | 5 comments First Name: Scarlett
Middle Name: May
Last Name: Reed
Nickname: Scar (hates it), grape

Age: 16
Date of Birth: May 15th

Face Claim Alex Dorame

Personality: Scarlett is a very positive person, she is always looking for the best in people. But she's really struggling inside, not having anyone to turn to, she usually turns to her music or cutting. Scarlett has always had a love for the arts and animals, she is very protective of her little kitten.

* Scary movies
* Drinking and smoking
* Loud noises
* Reading
* Being outside when the sun is setting
* Drawing
* Bugs
* Arrogant people
* Fake people
* Singing
* Being random

Eye Color: Green with gold flecks
<.b> Hair Color: Purple, like a grape!
Skin Tone: Ivory
Marks/Scars: She has a small tattoo on her shoulder blade, it says 'Hope'
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair Length: It goes to her waist

((To be roleplayed))

Mom - Deceased
Dad - Deceased
Siblings - A brother; Jonathan Reed (Johnnie Guilbert~ face claim)

Secrets: she's a youtuber, but always wears a mask
Future Plans: To go into the arts as a singer

Other: >>To be discovered<<

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 72 comments Mod
@ ʟıṡєһ ~ Ԁѧяʟıṅɢ, ʏȏȗʟʟ ɞє ȏҡѧʏ
- are you able to extend on your personality a bit? I can help!
- can you please include a picture?
- now is her hair purple? Having purple hair is naturally impossible, and she's have no access to hair dye in the wild
- being random isn't really a skill tbh
- can you at least add something to the history? It doesn't need to be much, just a line or two. People may not want to have to go through all the RP to find her history
- she can't be a youtuber, sorry. She wouldn't be able to have wifi, and that's still too dangerous for her
- what are her powers? She needs a power?

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[Nᴀᴍᴇ] Abby Harper Jones
[Aɢᴇ] 16 1/2
[Sᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ] Heterosexual
[Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ] Female
[Dᴀᴛᴇ Oғ Bɪʀᴛʜ] May 6
[Pʟᴀᴄᴇ Oғ Bɪʀᴛʜ] Cambrige, England

Major Ability: Photokinesis (ability to manipulate/generate light)

Minor Ability 1: Enhanced beauty

☼ Hand-to-hand combat
☼ Knife throwing
☼ Can use her Photokinesis to temporarily blind opponents

|Hair| Ends at base of back, blonde with platinum blonde and dirty blonde streaks.
|Eyes| Bright blue
|Height| 5 ft 8 in
|Weight| 137 lbs
|Distinguishable Markings| "Lux in tenebris" written in cursive at the base of her neck. Lux in tenebris means "Light in Darkness"
|Other| Abby has a heavy english accent.
(view spoiler)

{Into the Mind}

Abby is a quiet, but sweet. She is willing to help others, not counting what it might cost her. She knows that her power isn't the absolute best, but she tries to find ways to make it useful. Abby is also quite gullible, she always want to believe that people can change- so some have used that against her. She can also be very easily distracted, by just about anything; she try's very hard to sit still and pay attention to her surroundings, but something about having to stay absolutely quiet puts her in edge. Also, ever since she found her dead aunts body Abby gets very squeamish around blood or dead bodies- to the point where she might feint. Overall, Abby tries to appear happier than she is- but on the inside she's cut up. Most of the time she doesn't understand why all of these bad things keep happening to her. She knows that some people's lives are much worse than hers, yet at the same time she finds it hard to think about others situations when she herself is being hunted too. Abby is excellent at putting on a facade and fooling people because she's had a lot of practice. Since on the run she has had to fool many people into thinking she was just a normal person.

⎈ Optimistic outlook
⎈ Calm in high pressure situations
⎈ Can sweet talk her way into and out of a lot
⎈ Knows when to keep her mouth shut
⎈ Likes to help others

☓ Being captured
☓ Being alone
☓ The dark
☓ Helps others to the point she doesn't care about what happens to herself
☓ Gullible
☓ Finds it very hard to be still or quiet

[Hɪsᴛᴏʀʏ] Abby was born mid-spring in Cambridge England, but her parents didn't exactly want a child yet. So, they sent her overseas to a be taken care of by a distant relative in the Sanctuary before they passed. Aunt Marge took care of Abby well enough, but started to loose her mind after a while. So their roles were reversed, Abby spent her days taking care of Aunt Marge. But then people like her started to disappear, and started being persecuted. She was 'branded' in the middle of the night and woke up in the morning with savage 1739 tattooed on her upper forearm. She screamed and ran out into the living room and discovered Aunt Marge laying dead on the floor. There was no time to cry, Abby grabbed a bag and shoved some of her things into it before running out of the house. Ever since she's been defending herself and trying to find a safe place.


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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 72 comments Mod
Thank-you! Your character is APPROVED and amazing :)

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Fυℓℓ Nαмє╣ Adela May Reeds
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : A; Dela; Dell
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ :
Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн :April 10th
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн :12:45am
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн :New York City, New York
Mαנσя Aвιℓιту╣Geokinesis
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 :Enhanced combat
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2 :N/A

Hαιя : blonde; straight
Eуєѕ : bright blue
Sᴋιη : white; almost pale looking
Wєιgнᴛ : 120lbs
Hєιgнᴛ : 6'0"

Pєяѕσηαℓιту╣ Adela is a bit of a bonehead. She likes to be right and when she thinks she is right she'll let you know you are wrong. She tends to get into a lot of arguments. Adela also likes to be a bit sarcastic and sometimes makes lots of sarcastic remarks, even if she doesn't mean it in a mean way. When she is in stress Adela tends to be a bit hormonal and tends to be b*tchy. But after you get to know her she tends to be nice and protective. Though she has a hard time showing her emotions due to the traumatizing events that have taken place in her life. Adela can be kind and nice, though she also tends to be a bit nervous and shy towards unknown people.
Lιᴋєѕ :
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :
◘Rude People
◘Being Alone
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :
◘Hand on hand combat
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :
◘Showing her emotions
◘Think about herself
Hιѕтσяу╣ Adela was the first born out of the two children in the family. She was a good five years older then her sister. But as soon as the mutations began to form and became noticeable Adela's parents to what they could to hide her from the Hunters. They didn't want the tattoo of Savage to be on their daughters hand. Adela was hidden for quite sometime. Only going outside during the night and staying hidden inside in the Attic. Then her little sister came along. Things began to change. It was harder, because Lilly also had mutations. Their parents had hard time trying to smuggle in food without making it suspicious that they were feeding more then two mouths. They survived like this for several years. But once Adela was 16 they were found out. Adela and her sister were tattooed with the mark of Savage. Then Adela took off, taking her sister along for the ride and adventure. But she knew that they couldn't go back home. Their parents were dead. They were now considered prey. But with some difficulties, Adela lost her sister in a storm. She is now on a mission to find her.
Fαмιℓу :
Mother and Father are Deceased.
She has a sister named Alli. She's thirteen.
Sєxυαℓιту: Straight
Cяυѕн : N/A may be added in the future
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Single

Wєαρσηѕ : Adela withholds a dagger and bow (along with arrows). These were both given to her by her parents when they were found out.
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ :
Adela has a single pair of clothes; a backpack; first aid kit; a bottle of brandy; a bottle of water; little crackers; and a tent along with blanket. These all fit in her pack.

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Who can take the sunrise, sprinkle it with dew?

{First} Dawn
{Middle} Bloom
{Last} Racer

▪ █ ▌ ᴇᴛʏᴍᴏʟᴏɢʏ:

☁The name Dawn is of Old English origin, and means "the first appearance of light, daybreak."

☁People named Dawn tend to be on the gentle side. They are affectionate, compassionate and sensitive. They exude nurturing, loving, and caring energy. With their magnetic personalities they easily draw people towards them. They thrive in giving back to others rather than being motivated by their own desires.

☁Dawn could also be considered an English equivalent of the Latin Aurora, Roman goddess of the dawn (whose name also means “dawn”). Each morning, Aurora renewed herself and flew across the sky, bringing light to announce the arrival of her brother, the sun.

An angel, robed in spotless white, Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night. Night woke to blush; the sprite was gone. Men saw the blush and called it Dawn.

Personal Information
{Age} 19
{Birthday} June 28th
{Time of Birth} 6:50 AM (Dawn)
{Zodiac Sign} Cancer ♋
{Gender} Female ♀
{Sexuality} Pansexual
{Relationship Status} Single

Personality Dawn is your normal shy, sensative wallflower. She doesn't have much self confidence despite her incredibly good looks and tends to avoid most social interaction. The timid, quiet Dawn is only a shell though. Once she trusts someone she reveals her true nature, the one that radiates light. Her smile seems to never fade and she always has a skip in her step. She is adventurous and curious, bubbly and playful. She's very touchy touchy, something her brother has scolded her for, for years. She likes to link arms, hold hands, hug and even lay gentle pecks all over her friends. She may seem too much at time but don't snap at her, she's very sensitive to the opinion of others (and you'll have an angry brother to deal with.). She may be nineteen but she has the mind of a child. She's caring, nurturing and compassionate but extremely gullible. It's hard to get under the skin of such a cheerful girl, but she does posses the emotion. Her anger is hot and blinding, quick and ruthless and straightforward. You don't have to worry about Dawn spending countless nights thinking of a tedious plan to take her revenge, she'll take care of you right then and there.

{Mother} Missy Janice Racer (Dead)
Father Oliver Lee Racer (Dead)
Brother Dusk Frost Racer (Alive and well)

{Major Power} Light Manipulation (Create/generate/increase, absorb, shape and manipulate light and colors)
User can create, shape and manipulate light and its intensity

{Minor Powers}
{#1}Electromagnetic Energy Vision (With a range of 30ft per level, the character has the ability to see most of the EM spectrum. This includes standard visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, power waves (can see if machines are turned on/have an energy flow), radio waves (can actually see radio signals, transmissions, and receptions), and higher forms of EM energy like X-rays and gamma rays (user can see areas and beings of radiation).

{#2} Enhanced Beauty

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.


{Height} 5'0
{Hair Color} White
{Hair Length} Long
{Eye Color} Blue
{Weight} 110.5


Dance my light, dance and show them how beautiful you can be.

Dawn was born as the sun first touched the horizon. She was born inside the walls of Sanctuary and lived in a lovely two story house. She spent her infant years with her mother, father and brother, all of whom had powers. When she was five a friend of the family began teaching her ballet. She was so bad at it at first that she constantly fell, sometimes in very painful positions. She would cry for hours and hours upon end because of these mistakes but every time she was asked if she wanted to quit she would jump up and say, "No! I need to dance as well as the sun!" Her father would tell her, "Honey, the sun doesn't dance" but she wouldn't have any of it. "Everyday the sun comes up and dances for the world so prettily that it shines, but no one watches. I watch. I want to dance like the sun." Her inspiration never changed and neither did her answer, even when her injuries grew more severe. The first time she broke her ankle was at the age of twelve. She had been trying a grand jeté for the first time on a slippery floor, when landing her foot jutted to the side and her weight crushed down on the bone.

Her childhood was an average one considering the occasional cast or crutch. She and her brother were homeschool by their occasionally invisible mother so bullies we're a rarity, a rarity until Dawn blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Dawn had been picking up some flowers for her brother (he had forgotten about his and his girlfriend's 5 anniversary but Dawn had remembered and took the initiative)when she was spotted by a group of boys. The clique was one that gave off the "your dad works for my dad" feel. The boys, enchanted with such a radiant flower approached her. They greeted her warmly, politely, with sweet words and practiced smiles. They offered her a drink, she told them she didn't drink alcohol, so they chuckled and told her they didn't either. "Gentlemen wouldn't drink until the appropriate age," they said. Dawn accepted their offer of a cup of tea and followed them back to a what seemed like palace embroidered with gold. Being the gullible girl she was she followed them into the dark house. She swears she could hear the sun calling for its child of light to come back, that there was going to be no tea, only fear and darkness, two things Dawn the Child of Light couldn't stand.

Hearing her Sun's song caused Dawn, a girl that still believed the world had no wrong in it attempted to flee. She was pushed back, slammed against the wall and held against her will. Her first kiss was stolen by sloppy lips that crushed hers, and she was fondled against her will but that was it. Dawn raised her hands, palms facing the predators and released a great flash of light. Dawn left the palace of sinned gold that day with a great fear, partially of her self and partially of what she had done to those boys. The light had been so intense that it scorched the skin of her attackers and permanently blinded them.

Dawn immediately confessed to her family what had happened. Her mother and father had predicted something like this happening when Dawn's older brother Dusk discovered his powers, but they were shocked that Dawn had been the first to use her newly discovered powers as a weapon (They were so sure it was going to be their aggressive son Dusk.). The two parents retrieved their emergency suitcases but security officers were already at their door. The Racer family's peaceful life was now at an end. A family of mutants could only stay in hiding for so long.

Dawn and Dusk's parents sent their children to escape through the secret passage found in a grand oak wardrobe that was bolted to the wall. Dusk knew what doomed fate his parents faces and could only watch as the linked hands, ready to face the guards and buy their children some time. To this day Dawn is still sure that her parents are alive and refuses to believe anything but.

That was a year ago. Dawn and Dusk, a unique duo have been on the run ever since, slipping in and out of the walls of Sanctuary.

○ Dawn still practices ballet
○ Dawn once saved a group of Mutants squatting in Sanctuary by watching a radio signal used by Hunters and then dropping the Mutants an anonymous tip.
○When married Dawn's father took up her Mother's last name.

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Fυℓℓ Nαмє╣ Aasiyah Ali
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : Siya
Mєαηιηɢ : Queen with a Powerful Dynasty
ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ : Ahs-EYE-yah Ah-LEE

Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : April 15th
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : Midnight

Mαנσя Aвιℓιту╣ Umbrakinesis
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 : Enhanced Reflexes



Hαιя : Black
Eуєѕ : Brown
Sᴋιη : Brown
Wєιgнᴛ : 117 lbs
Hєιgнᴛ : 5'5

Pєяѕσηαℓιту╣ Aasiyah is soft spoken. She was taught from an early age not to speak unless completely necessary by her strict parents. In her silence, she observes anything she can. Despite first glances, she is not sensitive or weak in any way. She is driven by lust for the freedom the city could never give her. She can make quick decisions without regret, knowing that one person's life is worth sacrificing for the sake of many others. Many perceive this as heartlessness, when rather than just doing what needs to be done.

Lιᴋєѕ :

Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :
Ignorant people
Irrational people
Those who put their feeling before logic

Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :
Manipulating shadows
Knife combat

Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :
Connecting with people

Hιѕтσяу╣ Aasiyah was raised in the poorer part of Mortus Ora. Her house was small and cramped, especially having to live with two brothers and one sister. She was hardly able to leave the house due to thieves and fear of being kidnapped. She and her sister, Ima, grew up around strict rules, their mother hoping to teach them how to be the perfect wives, so when they turned 18, they could marry up a class. Aasiyah was secretly disgusted by this idea, but was too fearful of her parents' wrath to rebel. So she learned how to be proper and how cook, when to speak and when not to speak. Her training ended when a sickness swept through her part of town. One morning, her mother noticed strange symptoms in Aasiyah. Fear seized their household, knowing that they could not afford any vaccinations. If she were to get the rest of her family sick, which was very likely in the cramped living space, they would be doomed. Aasiyah was kicked onto the streets in the middle of the night, weak from illness. She banged on the locked doors and windows for hours, hoping they would let her return. When no answer came for hours, she ran. She let her feet carry her as far could, knowing her chances of survival in her old home town were slim. She lurked in the shadows, moving from town to town in hopes that someone in the city's center could help her. She learned of the world's cruelty the hard way. She spent the remaining of her days on the streets, until one day she was wanked out of the shadows and put on a train. She had no idea of her ability to manipulate darkness until it was drawn out of her by the doctors in the underground facility. She suffered more abusive treatment by those at the facility, and has the marks to prove it hidden under her long clothing. She escape by the skin of her teeth once she realized her fate.

Fαмιℓу : (disowned)
Ima Ali (sister)
Abraham Ali (brother)
Eran Ali (brother)
James Ali (father)
Amrid Ali (mother)

Sєxυαℓιту: Homosexual
Cяυѕн : None
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Single

Wєαρσηѕ : Throwing knives she stole
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ : she only has extra clothes and hijabs to change into besides her knives

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Weird And OddFυℓℓ Nαмє╣ Arianna Jade Goodwin
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : Ari or Anna
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ : Arianna: Greek name meaning Holy and Chaste Jade: Gem usually green Goodwin: Elements of god 'good' and 'friend'

Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : February twentieth 2000
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 12:30
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : San Antonio, Texas

Mαנσя Aвιℓιту╣ Summoning the dead
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 : Controlling the dead
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2 : Seeing/talking to the dead

Hαιя : Dark brown, wavy, falls to the middle of her back.
Eуєѕ : Usually dark brown, but change color anywhere from hazel when shes happy, to black when shes in a fit of depression.
Sᴋιη : Pale and sensitive
Wєιgнᴛ : 110
Hєιgнᴛ : 5'3
Oᴛнєя : She is usually described as 'willowy' or 'malnourished'.

Lιᴋєѕ : Reading, Drawing, Singing, Climbing trees, The darkness.
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ : Extreme light, Attention, Rudeness, Coldness.
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ : Smart, Kind, Takes other peoples thoughts into consideration, Protective.=, Persuasive.
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ : Trust issues, Shes generally scared all the time, Shes not very strong.

Fαмιℓу : Mom= Dead Dad=Dead
Sєxυαℓιту: Pansexual
Cяυѕн : None
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Single

Wєαρσηѕ : She has a pocket knife and a regular knife, along with bow and many arrows.
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ : She has a black braided bracelet she never takes off. She also has a large black backpack that holds everything she needs.

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