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georgiabread | 214 comments All male mutants are to be pasted here for approval. Characters created by Moderators do not need approval.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 4 comments ||•| Full Name |•||
|◦ First Name ◦| Nicholas
|◦ Middle Name ◦|Benjamin
|◦ Last Name ◦|Harding
|◦ Nickname ◦| Nicky

||•| Age 18 |•||
|◦ Date of Birth ◦|April 15th
|◦ Place of Birth ◦|Chicago, Illions
|◦ Time of Birth ◦|3:25 A.M
|◦ Zodiac Symbol ◦|Aries
|◦ Birth Stone ◦|Diamond
|◦ Birth Flower ◦| Red Daisy

||•| Gender ||•|
|◦ Sexual Orientation ◦| Heterosexual
|◦ Relationship Status ◦|Single
|◦ Relationship History ◦|Single his whole life
|◦ Crush ◦| No one

||•| Powers ||•|

|◦ Powers ◦|

-Superhuman Intellect


|◦ Power Meaning ◦|
Superhuman intellect

Nick has intelligence that is significantly above standard genius level intellect. He is gifted with higher mental faculties such as a more powerful memory, better calculation skills, greater reasoning skills, and a more superior learning capacity. At this stage, he can often come up with unique and original ideas that elevates the thinking of humanity to new levels.


Nick can manipulate technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as "technology". Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows mental interface with computer data.

He can control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow them to assemble or disengage their programming at will. Can operate most technology just by touching it. A variation on Electricity Manipulation, Nick can control specific electrons and instructs them which items to engage or disengage.

||•| School |•||
|◦ Grade ◦| Sophomore
|◦ House ◦| Meignung house.

||•| Appearance |•||

|◦ Facial Claim ◦| Andrew Garfield
|◦ Hair Color ◦| Dark Brown
|◦ Hair length ◦|Short
|◦ Eye Color ◦|Gray
|◦ Height ◦|6'1
|◦ Weight ◦|155
|◦ Distinguishable Markings ◦|None

||•| Dressing Style |•||

||•| Personality |•||
|| Trait 1 || Trait 2 || Trait 3 || Trait 4 || Trait 5 ||

|◦ Trait 1 ◦|Determined

|◦ Trait 2 ◦| Stubborn

|◦ Trait 3 ◦| Standoffish

|◦ Trait 4 ◦|Scientific

|◦ Trait 5 ◦| Loyal

|◦ Likes ◦|





|◦ Dislikes ◦|

-His Parents

-Losing control of his inventions


-Pep Pills

-Stupid People

-Remembering his brother

|◦ Strengths ◦|
-His Intelligence

-His Ability to reason

-His ability to adapt to almost any scenario

-His Determination

-His Understating of the human body as well as the mind

|◦ Weaknesses ◦|


Insomnia is trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night. Episodes may come and go (episodic), last up to 3 weeks (short-term), or be long-lasting (chronic).

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a problem of not being able to focus, being overactive, not being able control behavior, or a combination of these. For these problems to be diagnosed as ADHD, they must be out of the normal range for a person's age and development.

||•| Backstory |•||

|◦ History ◦|

Nicholas Ben Harding was born to Emily and Ted Harding on April 15th, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois. From Day one you could tell his life wasn’t going to be the greatest, his mother was an account for Charles Big Money and Loans and his father was the master electrician at his brother’s company. So all in all they didn’t make much, and because of that they lavished all their attention on Nick’s older brother lance and his baseball skills while virtually forgetting Nick who really hadn’t shown talent in anything so far. As time went on the rift between Nick and the rest of his family grew farther and farther apart as Nick drifted from grade to grade while his brother’s ablates got him numerous scholarships to play for numerous teams and only in his junior year too. Nick felt more alone than ever, parents that didn’t care that he existed and a brother that was too busy being suffocated by his parents to worry about him. Finally his life changed and a big one at that.

At age 14, his first year of High school, his powers began to surface. His intelligence came in first; Nick began to excel at school at a dramatic rate, going from an average C student to getting A+’s in all of his classes without even trying. This caught the attention of his counselors who told his parents how young Nicholas was beyond gifted. Seizing their opportunity, they pulled Nick out of school and him try to invent something. When he created something that made thousands in the first few weeks, his parents knew they struck gold and now Nick was the “families” future not Lance. After the money slowly began to dry up Nick’s parents took drastic measures to keep them in the life of luxury and began to lock Nick in his lab and wouldn’t allow him out until he invented three amazing inventions. This cycle continued, driving Nick further into isolation and depression, meanwhile his older brother Lance was now just as forgotten as yesterday’s weather, his parents attention went almost entirely to Nick. They never went to his games anymore virtually stopped talking to him altogether.

As the neglect went on Lance started to lash out, he started drinking heavily and started to become a petty theft. The first time Lance was arrested his parents were accepting an award for their inventions, Nick never got mentioned, and so he didn’t get bailed out and realized no one cared. So after he was realized, he realized how much of a terrible brother he was and wanted to make it up him. So stumbling home, he made it to their lab and upon entering he saw Nick placing a gun in his mouth trying to end it all. Lance jumped managing to take the gun away before he pulled the trigger. In a tearful response Nick confessed to Lance that he couldn’t take it anymore. Lance, realizing this place was poison to both of them, took Nick and they both ran away to the city. Realizing they had to make ends meet. Nick tried to invent things again to get them started, but their parents used a loophole that made any money Nick made from his inventions go to them.

So in a last vain attempt to keep his brother away from his parents, He joined the army and was shipped overseas, every day Nick tried to find a job so when his brother got home. One day a man appear at his door telling him Lance was killed in action. This threw Nick into a greater depression by this being a legal adult by this time he didn’t have to return to his parents but his brother’s death affected him greatly, turning him into an alcoholic. Deciding he couldn’t live with the pain he went to third bridge to end it all when a young man appeared to him and told him about a school, so with nowhere else to turn he went on the run and has been on it since.

||•| Family |•||

Name Emily Harding
Relation » Mother |◦ Age »38 ◦| Status » Alive

Name Ted Harding
Relation » Father |◦ Age » 44 ◦| Status » Alive

Name Marie Harding
Relation » Sister |◦ Age »10 ◦| Status » Alive

Name Lance Harding
Relation » Brother |◦ Age »21 ◦| Status » Deceased

|◦ Pets ◦| His kitten: Twain, after one of his favorite authors

|◦ Friends◦| None, yet

|◦ Enemies ◦| More than his fair share due to his line of work

|◦ Acquaintances ◦| Not many

||•| Other |•||

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georgiabread | 214 comments Jay :: APPROVED

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War* (warr) | 10 comments description

|♟| Ajax Marcus Harris.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ { “ Tʜᴇ Sᴛᴏʀʏ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ Sᴛᴏʟᴇɴ Tɪᴍᴇ ” } ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ { “ Iғ ᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪs ᴛʀᴀɢᴇᴅʏ, ᴡʜʏ ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴍʏ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴅʏ? ”} ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

(view spoiler)

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georgiabread | 214 comments Sαвιηє: Eνєяуσηє'ѕ Lιттℓє Sιѕ: Mιηι Gσℓєм :: Again, just add a rough history and he'll be approved.

War*Is*Just*Legal*Murder :: APPROVED. Fantastic character, I love his history, it was brilliant.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Sαвιηє: Eνєяуσηє'ѕ Lιттℓє Sιѕ: Mιηι Gσℓєм :: Kk, APPROVED.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 17 commentsFυℓℓ Nαмє╣ Johnathan Anthony Nomak
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : Rarely people will call him Johnny

Agє╣ 18
Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : June Seventh
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 9: 32 P.M.
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : Unknown

Mαנσя Aвιℓιту╣ Flyrokinesis
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 : Mnemokinesis (He hasn't discovered it yet)
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2 : Pathokinesis (He can't do it very well)


Hαιя : Black
Eуєѕ : Green
Sᴋιη : A pale white
Wєιgнᴛ : 5'8"
Hєιgнᴛ : 130 Pounds

Pєяѕσηαℓιту╣ Johnathan is fun to be around. He never takes anything seriously and half the time he looks like an idiot, but he doesn't really care. A lot of people take him for some dude who is punk rock and heavy metal, but then most of the time they are surprised when they actually meet him. Like really surprised. Anyways, even though he is good at heart he hates responsibility with a burning passion and will do anything to avoid it. Around people who he doesn't know he mostly stays quiet and is really awkward. But soon enough they can get him talking and then it's like a switch is flipped. He turne=s back into that fun loving guy. Do you understand yet? He's practically a giant five year old.
Lιᴋєѕ :
~Baby seals
~Cute things
~People he knows
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :
-Babies (Whiny people)
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :
~His powers
~He is likable. This makes it hard for people to kill him.
~He loves to make people laugh
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :
-He's overly trusting
-He's naive
-He doesn't like hurting people even if they try to hurt him

Hιѕтσяу╣ Johnathan was an interesting id.He wasn't like he is now at all; he was depressed and was mute. This was due to on the trip over to the Sanctuary his parents suffered diseases and died right before they made it there. It was a warm and humid night when Johnathan woke up to the sounds of death. When he saw his parents, he ran for his life. the small seven year old him actually thought that he had the disease too, but surprisingly he never did. He finally got in and soon after was put with a family. He hated everything there. And after a year with the new family he freaked out. Johnathan began to scream at them in the middle of dinner, throwing his knife at his step mom. Fortunately he missed by a couple feet; his little eight year old knife throwing skills weren't very good. People thought that he was insane and sent him to an asylum. He sucked up to everyone and due to his good behavior they let him go after five years claiming that he was cured. They gave him to the only family that wanted him, a couple with a daughter a couple years older than him. Something about him changed as soon as he walked into the door. After being put with them he seemed happier. Him and his sister soon became best friends and he loved that family with all his heart. When they discovered that he had gifts they immediately told him to control it and they helped hide his powers from the government.
Fαмιℓу :
~Margret Janice Nomak, Step mother, Thirty Eight
~Peter Harley Nomak, Step Father, Thirty Seven
~Kelly Elanor Nomak, Step Sister, Twenty Four
Sєxυαℓιту: Bisexual, leans more towards guys
Cяυѕн : Open
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Single

Wєαρσηѕ : None

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georgiabread | 214 comments Lizzie {Tнє gιяℓ ωнσ'∂ яαтнєя ѕιт αт нσмє ωιтн нєя мυѕιc тнαη ѕηєαк συт} :: Just add a few more strengths if you can and Johnathan will be approved :)

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georgiabread | 214 comments Lizzie {Tнє gιяℓ ωнσ'∂ яαтнєя ѕιт αт нσмє ωιтн нєя мυѕιc тнαη ѕηєαк συт} :: Yep, that's fine. APPROVED.

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Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments
If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■ ♬ ■

Theme Song: Animal I Have Become, by Three Days Grace

■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■

First Name: Kane

Middle Name: Unknown

Last Name: "Savage"

■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■

Age: 19

■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■ ♥ ■

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: none

Relationship Status: single

■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■ ♋ ■

Allignment: True Chaotic

Major: Blink (teleportation)
Minor 1: Perfect sight (in any light)
Minor 2: Enhanced reflexes

■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■


Full Physical Description: Often wears blood stained clothing looted from the slain bodies of his foes, with PLF spray painted across his chest in black. Pistols of all makes and models are strapped all over his body, some in holsters some actually tied on with straps or duct tape, and a sawed-off shotgun is strapped to his back on the right side of a black canvas backpack, but he drops the backpack before a battle. When a pistol runs out of ammo during combat, he simply throws it down and draws another. The numbers "013" and "Savage" are tattooed on the underside of his right wrist. Apache war paint is painted on his face in blood. Wears a pair of goggles with glowing red lenses that can be switched on or off.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 184lb

Eye color: Red, unnaturally bright. Reflect light like those of an animal.

Hair color: black

Hair style: Short, messy

Vocal Characteristics: Very deep voice that always sounds disturbingly quiet no matter how close he is

Distinguishing characteristics: Bright red eyes, extremely thin but with the physical strength that often comes with insanity

■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■

Personality: Pleasant enough, but paranoid. Slow to trust.

■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■

History: Kane's augmented sight and reflexes were put down to simple gifts with nothing supernatural about them. His tendency to spontaneously teleport, however, drew attention. He was one of the first Mutants taken into custody for 'treatment'. His parents let him go willingly, believing as many others did that the mutations were dangerous and had to be studied and cured. The government's motives, as it turned out, were not so pure. Twenty mutants who had been brought in and whose powers were deemed "desirable", including Kane, were put into a special program. The "studies" they performed on the mutants were brutal. In attempting to understand what they were up against and further advance the mutant's abilities in the hopes of creating super soldiers, the project leaders ordered the children drugged and exposed to progressively larger doses of radiation along with other stimuli that they hoped would augment their natural abilities. The nineteen other test subjects died from radiation poisoning and other causes and although Kane had survived, the tests had rendered him mentally unstable and "unfit for further testing". The project was scrapped and, not knowing what to do with him, they threw the mutant into an underground cell like the rest. Unfortunately for them, the tests had in fact been successful and Kane's Blink ability had been drastically augmented by the tests he had been put through as he was able to teleport out of his cell and escape, leaving a trail of carnage through the facility on his way out. He escaped outside of the dome and has dedicated himself to eradicating the Humans as they try to do to the Mutants. Whether because he abandoned it or simply can't remember, he doesn't use his last name. Instead he refers to himself as "Kane Savage", going by the word tattooed on his wrist. He believes that Mutants should be in charge and to this end he formed the "People's Liberation Front". Currently he is the only member, but that doesn't stop him from causing massive damage in its name.

■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■ ❈ ■

Family: Unknown

Friends: None

■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■ ✞ ■

Religion: None

■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■

Likes: Darkness, killing, silence

Dislikes: Humans, the government, bright light, loud noise

■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■ § ■

Strengths: Fighting, psychological warfare, survival

Weaknesses: Communication, trust, paranoia

■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■ ✦ ■

Residence: lives in a cave partway up the side of a cliff in which he stores everything he scavenges

Weapon[s]: Pistols of all kinds, two combat knives of the style used by many of the hunters

Other: Criminally insane. He enjoys nothing so much as killing Humans and enjoys doing it in the slowest and most painful way possible.

■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■ ¤ ■

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georgiabread | 214 comments Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] :: I remember this guy, nice job! APPROVED.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 4 comments

"Ёvёи їп тїмё₴ оf тяaцмa, щё тяу то мaїптaїп a ₴єп$є оf поґмalїту цптїl шё ио lоиgєґ caи. Tнaт, му fяїёиd$, ї₴ callєd ₴цґvїvїиg. Йот нєalїпg. Щё иёvёя Ьёcомё шноlє agaїп ... щє aяё ₴цяvїvоя₴. Їf уоц aґё нёґє тоdaу... уоц aяє a $цяvїvоя. Бцт тно$ё оf ц₴ шно нavё мadє їт тнґц нєll aиd aґє ₴тїll $тaиdїпg? Щє Ьaяё a dїffєґёпт иaмё: шaґґюя₴."

{||||•Jacob Eric Pierce•||||}



Jacob- \Jay- cup\ In the Old Testament, Jacob (later called Israel) is the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the father of the twelve founders of the twelve tribes of Israel. He was born holding his twin brother Esau's heel, and his name is explained as meaning "holder of the heel" or "supplanter".

Eric - \Air- Rick\ From the Old Norse name Eiríkr, derived from the elements ei "ever, always" and ríkr "ruler". A notable bearer was Eiríkr inn Rauda (Eric the Red in English), a 10th-century navigator and explorer who discovered Greenland. This was also the name of several early kings of Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Pierce-\pi(er)-ce\ as a boy's name is pronounced peerz. It is of English origin. Variant of Piers from Peter (Greek) "rock". Actor Pierce Brosnan.

“Tяaцмaтїc єvёит$, ву dєfїпїтюп, оvєяшнёlм оця aыlїту то cоpё. Щнёи тнё мїпd Ьёcомє$ flооdєd щїтн ёмотюи, a cїяcцїт вяєaкёя ї$ тняощп тнaт allош₴ ц$ то ₴цґvїvє тнё єжpєяїёпcё faїяlу їптacт, тнaт ї₴, шїтноцт Ьєcомїпg p₴уcнотїc оґ fґуїпg оцт опё оf тнє вяaїп cёитёґ$. Tнє cо₴т оf тнї₴ вlошп cїґcцїт ї$ ёмотюи fяоzєи щїтнїи тнє воdу. Їи отнєя щояd₴, щё оfтёи циcоп₴cюц₴lу ₴тоp fєёlїпg оцґ тяaцмa paятщaу їито їт, lїкё a моvїє тнaт ї$ $тїll gоїиg afтєя тнё $оциd нa₴ Ьёёп тцяпёd оff. Шє caииот нєal цптїl щє моvє fцllу тняоцgн тнaт тяaцмa, їпclцdїпg all тнє fёёlїпg₴ оf тнё ёvёпт.”

20 years old

{||||•Zodiac Sign•||||} Taurus

{||||•Date of Birth•||||} April 29

{||||•Place of Birth•||||} Aurora, Colorado

{||||•Time of Birth•||||} 1:00 a.m. {In the Morning}

{||||•Gender•||||} Male

{||||•Relationship Status•||||} Open

{||||•Sexuality•||||} Bi-Sexual {Attraction to both Genders}

“Hёґё, fяом нёя a$нё₴ уоц laу. A Ьяокёи boy $о lо$т їи dє$pоиdєпcу тнaт уоц киош тнaт єvёи їf ₴нё dоё$ fїпd нёґ шaу оцт оf тнї₴ laвуґїптн їи нєll, тнaт ₴нё щїll пёvёґ $ёє, fєєl, тa$тє, оґ тоцcн lїfё тнє $aмё agaїп.”


(view spoiler)

{||||•Face Claim•||||} Unknown

{||||•Distinguished Markings/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings/Etc...•||||}
Jacob is a fighter and because of that he's got some things to remind him of that. He has a scar on her lower back where he was once stabbed by a HHS member. He doesn't have tattoos, cause he doesn't have the money, yet. He has no piercing, knowing if he did they could rip it out or something painful for it. He has another scar on his stomach, where a knife went through. Theses two scars were life threatening, but he didn't die cause he was rushed to the hospital.

{||||•Dressing Style•||||}
(view spoiler)


{||||Weather Manipulation {Also called Mertokinesis}||||}

Jacob can sense, create, shape and manipulate weather, i.e. the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental) areas.

There are four main factors of Weather manipulation:

- Air Manipulation - for wind and related effects.
- Electricity Manipulation - lightning in all variations.
- Thermal Manipulation - make it cold or hot.
- Water Manipulation - rain, snow, fog etc.


{||||•Early Ages•||||}

Jacob was the first of Pierce family, born on quite the stormy day he would later get two siblings Marion and Adam. He was there first little boy and would be spoiled rotten at times. But, they told him that they loved them equally. He was always aware that he was different. Especially during one day at school where he got angry and a freak thunderstorm came from seemingly out of nowhere. But, pushed it away as an innocent nature or something like that. Even as he turned six years old. He was obeying orders and sometimes even telling what his siblings what to do and not what to do. He even repremended the teacher for not being fair about something, he never really remembered. He had to have detantion, because of this he had a rebellious nature added onto his traits. Jacob wasn't really the one to allow the bullies to get to him and was a father to them more then a kid. He had many friends because of his nice personality, . In reality, well it could hurt at times. He tried to let it go, but it always seemed to dishearten him. He didn't know why they were getting uptight of what he ordered them to do. Some of it was just to help them not be idiots to kill or hurt themselves. Stupid shits! He always came back from school asking his parents if he was what they said. Hhe would always get the same answer, 'No Jacob, your special and stronger than them." And with that his parents went off to cook them dinner or seperate things like laundry or whatever.


Aww, the teen years. He was still his defiant, reprimanding self. He was in detentions a lot from contradicting the teachers. He would sometimes call them dumbasses, which didn't really fly with the teachers. He usually at times listened to orders, but at times he would be rebellious and follow his orders. When he turned seventeen, he learned of his true nature. He was different then most. He had the power of weather, better known as Atmokinesis. He found himself in a group of people with the same thing, they were different and they had powers. Especially his siblings, they made a group called the Equinox and this set a flame that they could never stamp out. The HHS, they were evil and they even had a war with each other.

"Nothing. Nothing could prepare Jacob for war, dead bodies lay around him and some were just unconscious kids. He couldn't believe what was happening, bile threatened to surface her throat. But, he swallowed feeling disgusted. A man started running at him, she was slammed by an invisible force. He hit the ground on her back, he blinked his vision in as he scrambled up as best he could. He used his powers, a lightning bolt struck him head on killing him. He stared at him blankly, before someone grabbed him. He blinked meeting an ocean blue orbs, Caleb. He let him lead him away still a little stunned from everything. He was always by his side trying to find the others. To his dismay, they found Marion unconscious on the floor. He hadn't thought that it could have been a trap. He just ran and this was a big mistake, Caleb had been the one to scream his name when he fought someone away from his unconscious sister. Peter emerged and stabbed him in the small of his back by Samantha. That looked identical and he collapsed to the ground. Darkness started creeping around his vision when Caleb ran up to him after killing Peter. He kept saying his name and he was so worried, then Adam came into his view. He almost looked like he was going to start crying. Then blackness enveloped him.


Jacob is the maturest of his siblings. His nature is an almost fatherly trait ,he is always worrying over others lifes then his own. Which as you can see in his past is a fatal flaw to his own life diminishing. He is quite reckless like his brother Adam, he rarely stops and thinks. But, if its a life and death situation well he is running to you without hesitation. Jacob can be a teaser to his close friends, he laughs and he can be a big flirt even though he doesn't notice. He is one for his adventures from either trip or in relationship wise. He has a crush one of his group members, he wont say who, he will tease them a lot.

From his PTSD, insomnia and slightly paranoid personality disorder, he sometimes is looking behind him. Always feeling watched even with other people. Is it true or is it his mind playing tricks on him? He is rarely gloomy and non talkative which is only if he is in a really bad mood. He speaks the truth at points that are necessary, but he does lie at times. He is blunt, which is one thing that siblings are trying to get him to stop cause he can sometimes really piss people off. Him rebellious? Well, he thinks he is at times, but real he's just good boy ad never trying to do anything bad. His bluntness always is with sarcasm, he can be rolling his eyes when he believes their being stupid.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 4 comments


√ Writing
√ Staying Strong
√ Being More Mature {Then his Sister}
√ Working harder then the gang
√ Acting
√ Being a leader


X Cute Animals
X Cute/Hot Boys
X Losing any of his boys
X Losing his anger


√ Weather
√ Pizza
√ Writing
√ Reading
√ Soda
√ Romance/Love


X Broccoli
X Being Stressed
X Annoying People
X Stupid People
X People who talk back to him

{||||•Pet Peeves•||||} Jacob hates that people can be so ignorant or stupid around him. He sometimes loses anger about this, because he doesnt have a lot of patience for being childish or mean to any people around him.


√ Achlyophobia - fear of darkness
√ Kakorrhaphiophobia - fear of failure or defeat
√ Philophobia - fear of falling in love or being in love
√ Autophobia - fear of being alone or of oneself
√ Cleithrophobia - fear of being locked in enclosed place

{||||•Disorders/Health Conditions•||||}

√ Paranoid Personality Disorder - Individuals with this disorder assume that other people will exploit, harm, or deceive them, even if no evidence exists to support this expectation. While it is fairly normal for everyone to have some degree of paranoia about certain situations in their lives (such as worry about an impending set of layoffs at work), people with paranoid personality disorder take this to an extreme — it pervades virtually every professional and personal relationship they have.

√ Insomnia - Insomnia is a persistent disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep or both, despite the opportunity for adequate sleep. With insomnia, you usually awaken feeling unrefreshed, which takes a toll on your ability to function during the day. Insomnia can sap not only your energy level and mood but also your health, work performance and quality of life.

√ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder {PTSD} - Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

Many people who go through traumatic events have difficulty adjusting and coping for a while, but they don't have PTSD — with time and good self-care, they usually get better. But if the symptoms get worse or last for months or even years and interfere with your functioning, you may have PTSD.


√ Pollen


||||°Ryder Pierce°|||| {Jacobs Puppy}


{||||•Characters Theme Song•||||} This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars


||||°Adam Pierce°|||| {Brother}
||||°Marion Pierce°|||| {Sister}
||||°Sara Pierce°|||| {Mother}
||||°Allen Pierce°|||| {Father}

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There are hearts that will never be tamed and events that will never be forgotten.

On the Surface

Full Name: Quinn Alexander Walker
Nickname: Quinn
Country or Origin: unknown
Gender: Male
Weight: 165 pounds.
Height: 6'2" (74inches)
Age: 16 years old
D.O.B: December 14th

Father: James Walker (Deceased)
Mother: Melissa Walker (Deceased)
Siblings- Alice Walker (Missing)

Shape Shifting
Enhanced Strength

Face Claim: Unknown
Eye Color- Dark Brown
Hair Color- Blonde
Tattoo's or Markings- (view spoiler)
Style: (view spoiler)

Beneath the Surface

Childhood: Quinn's family never made it to the sanctuary. All of his family but his sister died out in the wilds around it. When his parents died he was barely over ten years old, his sister a bit younger than him. Despite his young age he had already began small changes as his instincts became more animalistic. He was able to use his shape shifting abilities to provide for both him and his sister however, even though it was immensely difficult to change back to his human shape. His sister was always able to bring him back to his true form, despite what he happened to be at the time. When he does shape shift he will sometimes loose himself, only his sister has been able to reach him when he is like that. Living out in the wilds he has never known the cruelty of the government inside the sanctuary but he has known the cruelties of the outside world.

The Now: When Quinn got older he started to hear things from people passing by where his sister and him would be hiding. When he heard the possibility of others like them he decided to search for them, while he was however him and his sister got separated. For fear of loosing himself he hasn't shape shifted at all since then even though his powers sometimes try and choose a form for itself to take, trying to force him into it. He has been looking for her now, both because he is scared of himself, and because he fears for her well being. He is sure she is still alive but he hasn't yet found her.

Description: Quinn happens to be one of the most laid back people you will probably ever meet, if you get to meet him that is. Despite being a bit of a people person he is also very cautious and tries not to draw attention to himself. Quinn usually will try to sneak around someone that comes close, not knowing really how an encounter will turn out. He is kind however to everyone he does meet but he does have a rather perverse since of humor. No matter who you are, you will probably get some kind of remark from him targeted toward the more sexual innuendos. He is very flirtatious to anyone he meets, highly over excessive even; though he does try not to be rude about it. Despite his loud sexual sometimes very rude and demeaning comments he is a very nice charming guy, trying to see the better side of the harsh world he lives in. He is rather protective over his sister but with her being his only sibling and real family he has left you can't really blame him. If any one where to target her in any type of harassment at all he would go ballistic, and if he lost her some how he would no longer be Quinn but something much darker.

*The Outdoors

*Being touched when he is Shape Shifted into something else
*Being an Outcast
*Being separated from his sister
*Not being able to go outdoors

*Flexible of Mind

*Bad Tempered
*Dirty Mouthed(Bad Comments)

Orientation: Bisexual
Past Relationships: no


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georgiabread | 214 comments Jay :: APPROVED. I love his his likes/dislikes, etc.

Silverhood :: APPROVED. Nice history :)

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"I wish my life to be like my dreams."

Fυℓℓ Nαмє╣Christopher Alex Craven
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : Chris
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ : KRIS-tə-fər "bearing Christ" A-liks "defender or helper of mankind c-ra-ven "garlic place"

Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : January 4
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 4:46am
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : The Sanctuary

Mαנσя Aвιℓιту╣Teleportion
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 : Night Vision
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2 : Mimicking Voices

Aρρєαяαηcє╣Greyson Chance

Hαιя : Dark chocolate browm
Eуєѕ : Deep brown with a red ring around them
Sᴋιη : Pale
Wєιgнᴛ : 126lbs
Hєιgнᴛ : 5'10"
Oᴛнєя :
(view spoiler)

"Sometimes you just got to laugh it off."

Christopher is different then his sister. He's more talkative and easy going. They're mostly complete opposites unless Andrea feels like there is no danger. He's caring, kind generous, and charming. He uses these to his advantage because he likes to persuade people to help him. He'll do anything to keep alive even if it meant killing though he dislikes it.

Chris is overly intelligent and loves to learn, he's also hardworking since he love mechanics. He is adventurous which sometimes leads him yo take unwanted risks. He also has a bad temper which is easily trigged. Eventually in times of stress he is stubborn.
Lιᴋєѕ :
»Seeing new places
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :
»The government
»Having to look over his shoulder
»Not being able to see
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :
»Making friends
»Persuading people
»Seeing during night
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :
»His sister
»Spiders {arachnophobia}
»Sensitive emotions
»Easily angered
»Not being able to see without sunglasses during the day
»Being generous

"No one can keep me in one place.

Christopher was born three years after his older sister Andrea, on January 4. He was in the hospital for about two years after he was born because of being premature and having a rare skin disease. After several test, a biopsy, and a skin treatment he was released to his parents. At the age of five he was taken for more testing. He didn't understand why because he was okay and then Andrea told him what the test were for.

As he conitued to grew he showed no signs of any kind of mutation. He didn't know what would happen if someone was mutated until he was hanging out with his friend, Derek. The ten year old hoy was amazed at what his friend could do, levitation. His parents had walked in and saw what was happen and turned him in. Chris watched as his best friend was dragged away by officials.

When Christopher was twelve and his sister fifteen their parents died in a car crash. This was also around the time he found out he had night vision. Soon him and Adrea was put in a home. He was doing homework when he heard the smoke alarm go off. Since Andi was his only living family he went yo see if she got out. When he didn't see her outside, he went back in the house yo find her.

Seeing her in the kitchen he grabbed her and pulled her out. Their foster mother saw what Andi had done and turned her in. He couldn't let Hus sister be taken from him like Derek was. He quickly grabbed his sister and though of only keeping her safe. He teleported to the park.

After that they left the Sanctuary since they weren't normal. They stole for their needs and even killed but have learned control. Christopher also found out he could mimic peoples voices, by once doing it to his sister.
Fαмιℓу :
Mother {Eloise Grace Craven} Deceased {38}
Father {Frederick Johan Craven} Deceased {42}
Sister {Andrea Luana Craven} Alive {17}

Sєxυαℓιту: Heterosexual
Cяυѕн : Open
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Single


Has basic fighting skills but prefers not to fight.
Wєαρσηѕ :
»A butterfly knife
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ :
Sunglasses and a bag full of tools and a survival kit including a swiss army knife.

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georgiabread | 214 comments dreaмcнιld :: Nice character, but he just doesn't seem to have too many flaws other than the inability to control his power and a little temper. Just add a few more flaws if you can, whether it be in his history, personality or likes/dislikes/strengths/weaknesses. Also, could their be some info on how skilled he is at fighting? Cause you know he can't really be an expert straight away. Sorry if I sound mean :P I don't mean to be.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Its okay and I added more weakness and put how well he can fight but he dislikes fighting so he usually tries to avoid it

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georgiabread | 214 comments dreaмcнιld :: Yeah ok that's good, nice job :) APPROVED.

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Quemares | 46 comments Full Name: Felipe Ignacio Menares Somorrostro
Nickname/Alias: Menares
Meaning and pronunciation: Felipe (feh-LEE-pay): from the Greek "Philippos" which means "Lover of Horse"

Age: 17
Date of Birth: 22nd of September
Time of Birth: 1:24 P.M
Place of Birth: Chile

Major Ability: Metallokinesis
Minor Ability 1: Enhanced Durability (Metal Second-Skin)
Minor Ability 2 : Contaminant Immunity (Metal Second-Skin)

Hair: Medium-sized black hair.
Eyes: Dark brown eyes
Weight: Should be 51 kg (112 pounds)…It's 98 kg (216 pounds) because of his metal second-skin.
Height: 1.74 m (5' 8.5")
Other: Beneath his human skin is a second layer of "skin" made out of metal, which can be seen by people if he's injured.

Felipe is a smart and kind person. He prefers to not shed blood and when he fights he does it in a defensive manner, to disarm rather than injure. Sometimes, his intelligence gets in the way of his feelings and he thinks when he should feel instead. He loves to think things through first which is why he is sometimes quiet, as he is thinking a lot before making up his mind. He is a loyal person who will stand by his friends no matter what and will even put their interest first in front of his own. He believes in that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and that makes him trust people more than he should. He easily trust people although if his trust is betrayed, or taken advantage of, it's not easy to regain it. He's cautious with his enemies and he never underestimate them. He is very persistent and won't give up easily.
-Thinking things through
-Running/Doing Parkour
-People underestimating others
-Being forced to kill
-People that believe that "the end justifies the means"
-Inability to swim/float
-Unwillingness to kill
-Easily trust people
-Good electric conductor

Living outside The Sanctuary was hard. Felipe and his parents survived outside for who knows how long before they reached The Sanctuary although, Felipe has to admit that he was getting used to the outside. Despite all the dangers, or maybe because of them, it was a pretty exciting life. Besides, Felipe was already used to scavenge and hunt for food, search for water and other useful things. The only thing that actually frighten him was his mutation. Somewhere along the way, Felipe's body decided that he needed a second skin made out of metal and somehow, he got it. Beneath his thinner than average appearance, a metal skin protects his internal organs and almost doubles his weight. The first few days with this mutation, Felipe couldn't move because of the weight of it. He had to do everything as if he was carrying another Felipe on his back. But it did have its perks. Falls, cuts, and hits didn't hurt as much. He became immune to various diseases and very resistance to radiation. And when he learned to control metal, his metal mutation didn't weigh as much. He spend his days, learning how to, subconsciously, use his power over metal to contradict the disadvantage of having a metal protection beneath all his body. Eventually, he did. That was a few days before reaching The Sanctuary. In there, the only inconvenience that he and his family ran into was getting through metal detectors…but they were smart enough to hide Felipe's mutation. It was only when he was taken away to the underground labs that other people noticed something strange. It was only then that they found out that they couldn't get through his skin without special tools. They couldn't tattoo him as the needles always broke. They couldn't take blood samples as the syringes couldn't get past his skin. His veins didn't show through his skin. They would have found out more, if the so called "savages" hadn't made an escape. Felipe escaped with them but got separated once they got out. On the way, Felipe grabbed a metal bar from the facility and using his powers he morphed it into a staff. When he got out of the underground lab, he went straight home, sneaked in and grabbed his backpack. The backpack that he has carried around all the time he survived outside The Sanctuary…and now he was going back out there…
Family: The whereabouts of his family are unknown. Before he was taken away, both his parents were alive. He hasn't seen them since.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: A 1.5 m (aprox 4 feet and 11 inches) metal staff.
Possessions: A backpack to hold the items which he carries around to survive.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Quemares :: Nice job, just maybe list a little more likes and dislikes? Then he'll be approved.

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Quemares | 46 comments What about now?

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georgiabread | 214 comments Quemares :: Yep, that's fine. APPROVED.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Rinji :: Alright, I think you're good. Thanks for fixing up that stuff. APPROVED.

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"Sometimes its best to just walk away."

Fυℓℓ Nαмє╣Tyler Benjamin Jacob Jr.
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : Ty, Ben, Junior
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ : TIE-lər "tiler of roofs" BEN-jə-min "son of the south" JAY-kəbs "son of Jacob"

Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : September 16
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 1:04pm
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : Washington DC, Maryland

Mαנσя Aвιℓιту╣Photokinesis
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 :Enhanced Memory
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2 :Enhanced Endurance

Aρρєαяαηcє╣Anthony Gastelier

Hαιя : Dark brown almost black
Eуєѕ : Deep dark brown
Sᴋιη : Pale slightly tanned
Wєιgнᴛ : 212lbs
Hєιgнᴛ : 6'3"
Oᴛнєя :

"Tell me, do you find me funny?"

Tyler is quite a laid back person but isn't afraid to speak his mind. He's been independent most of his life and protective over people close to him. He likes to think things through but if someone has a better idea then him he will go with it. Ty is also a caring, generous, fun loving, and humorous person.

When Tyler was growing up he was very studious. He wasn't stubborn but rather blunt and straightforward with people. He wasn't shy but never really seemed to fit into just one group as well as being sports minded. Since bing the oldest of his siblings he's been responsible and courageous.
Lιᴋєѕ :
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :
»The Sanctuary
»Being used
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :
»His generousity
»Fear of the complete dark

"I'm like a becon of light yet I just don't know it yet."

Tyler was the first born of five children. He was two when his younger twin brothers were born. His parents like most others went to the Sanctuary but only after Rhonda's second pregnancy. Both Ty's parents knew that having five mouths to feed was almost impossible to do. Upon arriving they were checked and then sent to a house.

At the age of four his next brother was born and they had settled into the community. He played around with most the neighboring kids and helped them out. By the time he was six and his little sister was born he had been given enhanced memory which was useful in school. He continued to grow up as normal as he could and no one questioned his memory. As time went he did develop enhanced endurance when playing soccer.

Nothing wrong had gone on until he was twelve, that's when he was put into hiding. As a young child he was scared of the dark and so he made an orab of light. His parents was scared and hid him in the basement. He learned how to control his powers but he longed for the sun. He did one day leave his safety and accidentally used his powers which got him caught.

He was when he was eighteen at the time and was taken to be studied. He and a few others had escaped the week when he blinded the guard. He went home say goodbye but took a solar powered device that looked like a phone made by his bother. He was about to leave when the police came and that was when Joel died, and he left only to call his parents every so often.
Fαмιℓу :
Mother {Rhonda Jean Jacobs} Alive {49}
Father {Tyler Benjamin Jacobs Sr.} Alive {52}
Brother {Barnard Gareth Jacobs} Alive {17}
Brother {Joel Micale Jacobs} Deceased {17}
Brother {Richard Quincy Jacobs} Alive {15}
Sister {Susan Doanahoe Jacobs} Alive {13}
Sєxυαℓιту: Heterosexual
Cяυѕн : N/A may be added
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Single

"I can't always look at you with that face."

Wєαρσηѕ :
»A dagger
»A pistol
»A crossbow(micshift arrows)
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ :
»A camping bag
»Sleeping bag
»First aid kit
»Survival kit
»Cellular device

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georgiabread | 214 comments dreaмcнιld :: APPROVED.

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg)Fυℓℓ Nαмє
Benjamin Alejandro Martins The Fifth

Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн :
Unknown. It was lost and all family members are dead
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн :
Some place in the old Latin America

Mαנσя Aвιℓιту
Elemental regeneraton and absorption (Which allows to control the element he is made of)
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 :
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2 :
Enhanced Intelligence


Hαιя :
Eуєѕ :
Sᴋιη :
white Latin
Wєιgнᴛ :
Hєιgнᴛ :
Oᴛнєя :

He don't have a lot of friends, he have been lonely most of the time and is always trining. He have always want to feel love, but he havent. He tries to be happy most of the times and enjoy life the most he can, but, WARNING: Don´t Mess With Him.
Lιᴋєѕ :
Be lonely
Be with people
His thoughts- Imagination- Intelligence
Fighting Hunters
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :
Be lonely to much time
Be with people he dont like
Not being able to found an animal to came back to normal
fighting hunters
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :
His powers, his inteligence, combat (fighting).
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :
His powers (when someone is able to manipulate his regeneration o the weakness of it), the time it gets him to regenerate, soul controlers.

He was taken away when he was 11, just after his family died by misterious circustances... Yes, it was him who killed them, apparently, as he is made of blood and bones, he was ablo to control them, he was just getting fun, he was just a kid playing, he take out all the blood, broke all there bones, made them suffer until the pain was to much to survive and killed them, he killed his family, Does he remember? No, don't remembers anything more later than when he was taken away. He was taken by a misterious person, a person that is able to control one element: Water. That person killed Benjamin, ot that was at the beggining, he regenerates with the same water, he learnt how to use his powers and how to get back to normal, but that was only posible if you kill an animal. Who was this guy? He asked himself sometimes... Well, years later, the hunters found them and they defeated his trainer, Benjamin got mad, his rage controlled his body and all he was able to kill the killer of his trainer, while the other hunters got away. Now he is alone, fighting for him life, fighting fot whatever he need to survive and running away from the hunters that killed his family= his trainer.
Fαмιℓу :
Cяυѕн :
None, he don't know a lot of people
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ:

Wєαρσηѕ :
He usually held two knives made of white Silver and black Gold and a bow and arrows made of bones, but it takes time for it to appear again after he is regenerate.

Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ :
He owns 3 things, apart from the weapons:
A hologram map of the world, that can zoom and show anything, that he created:

A necklace with a teeth from the first animal he hunt:

An egg

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georgiabread | 214 comments Daniel :: His history's a bit vague, as is his personality (although his personality should be fine if you're gonna roleplay it more and reveal it that way) so just add a bit more to history and he'll be approved.

message 29: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Yeah, the personality is going to be RPlayed more deeply
The history is done!

message 30: by georgiabread (new)

georgiabread | 214 comments Daniel :: APPROVED.

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) FIXED)

Fυℓℓ Nαмє
Sebastian Lasair Caede
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ :
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ :
Lasair-Irish for flame

Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн :
November 22nd
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн :
8:13 PM
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн :
London, England

Mαנσя Aвιℓιту
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 :
Enhanced speed/strength
Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2 :
Contaminant Immunity


Hαιя :
A white, almost with a blueish tint, mohawk with shaved brown sides.
Eуєѕ :
A grey color.
Sᴋιη :
Tan, marked with a few tattoos.
Wєιgнᴛ :
Hєιgнᴛ :
Oᴛнєя :
He has piercings in his nose, lip, and eyebrow and also has a British accent.

Lasair is an independant guy, focusing more on what is the best way to avoid a situation rather than how many friends he's going to make. He has a bit of a smart mouth and his rather sarcastic, harsh towards people most of the time. He has never really been one to make close bonds with people, so he is a bit of a loner. His cold attitude and overall harsh nature give him a mean look and makes him seem tough. Lasair doesn't appreciate people getting in his personal space and prefers to be left alone. Not a good guy with kids, even though they attract to him, he's not the best babysitting type either. He hides his feelings and emotions, so you never know what he's feeling other than the mask he's put up.
Lιᴋєѕ :
Music, Drawing, Being alone, Fire, Quiet places, Bravery, Alcohol, Cigarettes.
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :
People, Preppy/Annoying/Know-it-all attitudes, Good guys, Swimming, Kids, The color blue, Flavored water.
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :
Intellegence, Quick acting skills, Hiding emotions, Isolation, His accent, Smart remarks.
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :
Blood, Water, Lack of emotional understanding (Knowing how others feel), Harsh actions and words, Bitterness. Needles.

Lasair was young when he was sought out, around the age of 6 when they discovered this "disease" they called mutations. Taken from his mother and baby sister, he was sent on a train ride what seemed to be hell.
Large groups of young children were rounded into an area separate from the teenagers, him stuck in the middle of the crowds, lost without knowledge of anyone or anything, scared. Then came the testing.
There were different lines for different people, different ages and races, genders and what was called 'Breeds'. He didn't understand at the time.
Since he didn't fit under a certain category, he went to the Miscellaneous line, standing and waiting for hours upon hours to get examined. It was late at night when he did finally get in, sitting on a cold metal table and trying to calm down his heart, trying to relax from the whirlwind of fear he'd been thrown into. That's when the doctor entered, and things went downhill from there.
It had been 6 years. It was his 12th birthday that day, the only day he could recognize. Test after test had been applied to him, so many needles, blood taken and then shoved back down his throat. Trial upon trial he had to do. Trying to figure out what he was because it had been clarified that he wasn't human, but they wanted to see if he could be reliable to them. If they could USE him for whatever they needed. More tests. Training other patients. Etc. And one day, he just snapped.
All he could remember from that day were flames. Blood and flames.
Travelling solo for 7 years wasn't hard for him, never fitting in anywhere was normal. Until he came to learn that there were others like him. Other mutants.
Fαмιℓу :
His mother, Serena (Deceased) and Younger sister, Theodora (Unknown)
Open-minded Heterosexual
Cяυѕн :
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ:
Single, always have been.


Wєαρσηѕ :
A M48 Tactical Tomahawk
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ :

His Pocket watch

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Look at the stars, look how they shine

{First} Dusk
{Middle} Frost
{Last} Racer

▪ █ ▌ ᴇᴛʏᴍᴏʟᴏɢʏ:

☁ Dusk's current definition is relatively new, it was originally a color word. It's from the Old English dox meaning, "dark haired" or "absence of light." It wasn't used in reference to twilight until the 1620s

☁People named Dusk find themselves to be more of an aggressor than most. They lean more towards being leaders with their bold attitude and sense of individuality. They tend to be a little more selfish then some but usually rise up when the world is falling apart.

☁Astraeus was the second generation of Titan gods and was worshipped as the god of the dusk, the time when the stars come out. He was one of the extraordinary number of gods and goddesses worshipped by the Ancient Greeks and worshipped as an he was an astrological deity. His Greek name, Astraios, translates as “dawn of the stars” (from astra meaning “stars” and eos meaning “dawn”).

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.

Personal Information
{Age} 22
{Birthday} May 2nd
{Time of Birth} 8:14 PM (Dusk)
{Zodiac Sign} Taurus ♉
{Gender} Male ♂
{Sexuality} Heterosexual
{Relationship Status} Single

{Personality} Dusk has never been the "nice guy." He's every girl's dream bad boy and then some. He's quick tempered, hardheaded, and overly protective. He can be narcissistic, selfish, arrogant, rude and as cold as ice but why linger on the foul traits? Deep down he's as sweet as honey, humorous and curious. His smile is rare unless his sister is around. He is more of an introvert and has a shell of stone around his tender heart. Like his sister his anger is never thought out or planned, he's more of the "walk right up and punch your face" type of guy. He has had plenty of training working through chaotic situations as he has assumed the role of his little sisters guardian. Truthfully without her he would be a lost soul looking for cause. He may not look it up Dusk is very artsy. His creativity has improved his resourcefulness and his ability to haggle and persuade.

{Mother} Missy Janice Racer (Dead)
{Father} Oliver Lee Racer (Dead)
{Sister} Dawn Bloom Racer (Alive and well)

{Major Power} User can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows, etc. Depending of the level of strength, one can blanket an entire city, country or world in eternal darkness. User can learn to store stuff into darkness/shadow, user may be able to enter their own pocket dimension. When the user realizes from where they draw their power, they can enter there and summon beings/tools from there.

{Minor Powers}
{#1} Power Detection- The ability to sense the presence of supernatural powers within others.
{#2} Enhanced Strength

Day by day our world is getting colder and all we can do is endure


{Height} 6'3
{Hair Color} Black
{Hair Length Mediumish
{Eye Color} Blue
{Weight} 170


My art is my way of remembering, its my weapon against time.

Dusk was born at the very moment the sun sunk below the horizon. He was his parents first child, three years later his little sister Dawn was born. Despite his mother and fathers constant affection Dusk turned into the rebellious child. His constant aggression grew when his sister was born so his mother decided she would quit her job to homeschool them. Dusk was introduced to the beauty of art when he was six years old. His mother had brought him to a little art museum beside a coffee shop on a cold winter day. Just that morning Dusk had gotten into a fight he just couldn't win. His battle wounds weren't too severe but his pride was bruised. "Its okay dear," his mother had cooed, "why don't we go look at some paintings?" "No! Paintings are dumb, art is dumb!" Dusk has yelled with hot tears streaming down his face. "Give it a try sweetie, for mommy?" Eventually Dusk reluctantly agreed.

The museum was small but very homey. The walls were painted a creamy white color, the floors were polished wood. A few potted plants bordered the entrance, giving the room a more modern and welcoming atmosphere. The art featured within the museum ranged from artists such as Jeff Koons, Romare Bearden, Jackson Pollack, Andy Warhol, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. The pieces captured Dusk's heart to such an extent that he wanted nothing more than to become just like them. At first he began doodling on anything he could doodle on: the wall, paper, his sister, ect. before his mother finally purchased him a sketchbook and art supplies. His drawings looked terrible at first, but with constant support from his loving parents and an endless stream of inspiration from the beauty of a world he lived in it gradually improved.

One sunny morning Dusk had been busy relaxing on his lovely leather couch when his little sister burst through the door, sobbing and distressed. He jumped to his feet ready to grill her for information but she already flew into her story. Dusk didn't catch all of it, just something about "boys", "touching", "light", "I killed them".

Dusk hadn't noticed his parents until they both launched into a flurry of movement. His mother and father had predicted something like this happening after Dusk discovered his powers, but they were shocked that Dawn had been the first to use her newly discovered powers as a weapon. The two parents retrieved their emergency suitcases but security officers were already at their door. The Racer family's peaceful life was now at an end. A family of mutants could only stay in hiding for so long.

Dawn and Dusk's parents sent their children to escape through the secret passage found in a grand oak wardrobe that was bolted to the wall. Dusk knew what doomed fate his parents faces and could only watch as the linked hands, ready to face the guards and buy their children some time. To this day Dawn is still sure that her parents are alive and refuses to believe anything but.

That was a year ago. Dawn and Dusk, a unique duo have been on the run ever since, slipping in and out of the walls of Sanctuary.

○ Dusk continues to create art.
○ Dusk made it his sword duty to protect his younger sister with his life.
○ When married Dusk's father took up his Mother's last name.
○ Dusk's girlfriend was executed after the sibling fled Sanctuary for 'harboring a mutant'. He blames himself.

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