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georgiabread | 214 comments All female hunters are to be pasted here for approval. Characters created by Moderators do not need approval.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Happy {Aye Sir!} :: Nice character :D Just add a personality and she'll be approved :)

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arabella lele emers ⇢ bahij mawt (beautiful death) ; bella
age } 19 ⇢ feb. ii ; algeria
gender } ♀ ⇢ homosexual ; single
sofia boutella{ raven black hair | chocolate brown eyes }

{ drawling alto | 6'6" | 162 lbs | double amputee }
    mong her peers, there may not be one so physically devoted to the sole purpose of hunting down the "savages". She went as far as cutting off a portion of her legs and replacing them with blades--to be faster and that much more deadly. She is, in a word, dangerous. Her lithe frame, already athletically set with the hopes of being a dancer, is too graceful to fear and too defined to be something other than a work of art.

ruthless ━━━━━━━━━━━ { meticulous | quirky | unforgiving }
    erhaps there are other ways that Arabella could go about her job. Perhaps she could be kinder to those around her. Perhaps she could have been something other than what she is. But she isn't kind. She's clearly not a dancer, and she's very much okay with what she does these days. The world is full of bad people, and she might be one of the worst. She doesn't quite care who she cuts through to get to her objective, even if they are on the same side. She cannot recall how many of her own comrades she's injured--usually something worse than that--but that's entirely because she doesn't care. If you get in her way, she will take you out. There are no questions asked; just action.

Though, Bella is still a woman of careful consideration and detail. She likes to see things in their grand scheme, to fully map out every inch of a plan. Because as far as planning goes, it leads to her success. It was the success behind her legs, too--which, she planned out herself. Plans and details are the devils she clings to, though not the ones she holds on to hardest. That's only one of her many quirks, which some people tend to find odd. She's one of the oddities of the world, and that should be just a little expected. While she might seem like something of perfectly concocted evil, she has a soft side for fluffy things and children. Because at one point, that'd been in her grand plan for her life. Dancing, getting married, having children--all of that was what she'd thought would be in her cards. But, life has a way of turning things on their head.

The thing that most people recognize in Arabella is her unforgiving nature. Grudges are like her brain children; many and active. She doesn't let go of an offense, no matter no small it might have been. As a matter of fact, she holds grudges over the smallest things. She could very well want to cut off a finger in place for something like a pencil you took from her some years ago. She tends to jump very quickly to violent reactions, though they work out for her--seeing as she is the one walking on knives.
p r o s }
    · athletic ; blood pudding
    · flexible ; gymnastics
    · diligent ; puzzles
c o n s }
    · merciless ; rain
    · narrow-minded ; "savages"
    · holds grudges ; rushing things
s k i l l s }
    · planning
    · gymnastics
    · athleticism
p o s s e s s i o n s }
    · map
    · compass
    · pack; includes water bottles, a change of clothes, a journal
w e a p o n s }
    · prosthetic blade (2x) ; extremely skilled
    · pistols ; medium level of skill

M E M O I R ; ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ sʜᴀʀᴘᴇɴ ᴜᴘ
    ʜaving been of somewhat low breeding, Arabella's means of escape was in dance. From a young age, she felt that it was her calling. Before her awkward limbs stretched out to the graceful ones they are now, she was twirling and tapping with the intention of being the best there ever was. But, that was ripped away from her not long ago. Dreams are fragile things, she's come to realize, ready to be dashed away at a moment's notice. That would be the point when she changed for the worse.

She had always been a strangely intense child, but her intensity turned into ruthlessness. She became what she is now before she had even hit puberty. Training, bettering her skills to be a rabid killer--those were what her years were spent doing. Instead of gracing a stage with her elegance and grace, she was notching knives into walls and drilling the idea of death to those not like her into her mind. She was numbed to simple pleasures, until she could have them again as she went free to bring genocide to the world.

When she was seventeen, and it had been recorded that she had hit the limit of her growth, she made the decision to become more deadly. She asked--demanded, more like--that they give her prosthesis. They retorted that she had no need for such things, and she answered by sawing off her legs a few inches above her ankles. Right in front of them; they needed a reason, and she gave them one. Sawing into oneself consciously is quite a feat, and to do it without looking is just as impressive. But, Arabella had always been an impressive girl.

Rehabilitation and learning to move with the dangerous things she now used in place of feet took six months--the fastest anyone had ever since, considering. Bella felt it was her mission, then and now, to rid the world of the creatures that robbed her of her dreams. So, why shouldn't she take extreme measures? Why shouldn't she mutilate herself if her dream would never be coming true? Arabella was paired with an older man, Tobias Wych, until she was fully stable on her feet. She didn't really tolerate him as much as she probably should have. Which was what made it easy to kill him when she found him to be a traitor.

From then on, her superiors knew better than to pair her with others. They've learned from that mistake, from watching her bring back the head of her former partner and mentor. Arabella was marked as a solo operative.

However, her latest mission has unfortunately had her paired with another breathing human being. One can only imagine how that will turn out.
relations }
    ▻ aiyanna emers ; unknown · mother
    ▻ ibrahiam emers ; unknown · father
    ▻ tobias wych ; deceased · former partner/mentor
    ▻ name ; alive · partner

o t h e r Let's just say she's a killer with a killer sidekick

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georgiabread | 214 comments Happy {Aye Sir!} :: APPROVED.

sucre'd fiend :: One of best characters I've seen, I love her personality. APPROVED.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments

"No one can tell me what I can do or not do."

Fυℓℓ Nαмє╣Harley Jaclyn Anrep
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : None
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ : HAHR-lee "hare wood for meadow" Jack-lynn "supplanter" An-rep meaning is unknown

Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : April 8
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 7:56pm
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : The Sanctuary

Aρρєαяαηcє╣Analeigh Tipton

Hαιя : Brown
Eуєѕ : Green
Sᴋιη : Tan
Wєιgнᴛ : 127lbs
Hєιgнᴛ : 5'9"
Oᴛнєя :
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)

"Sometimes I want to look good."

Harley is a feisty spitball. She hates orders and rebels a lot with her father, commander, and mentor. She never knew what it meant to grow up around a female. She has anger issues but tries to hide it. She is impatient, rude, as well as stubborn.

Even with all this Harley can be compassionate, caring, humorous. No one see this side of her because she has a trust problem and people have to be patient with her as she's impatient. After you've earned her trust she shows her true colors from under her fake fassade.
Lιᴋєѕ :
»Being alone
»Her mother
»Being ousife the Sanctuary
»Observing things from a distance
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :
»Her father
»The government
Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :
»Hand-to-hand combat
»Survival skills
»Her determination
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :
»Her mother's things

"I don't take orders well"

Harley is born of Russian descenant so in English her last name is very unknown. Both her parents were together before the war as her mother a nurse and her father a military figure. When Gertrud found out she was pregnant it was after the world had been demolished. Ivan and his pregnant wife moves into one of the micshift Sanctuaries where their daughter was born. They baby was born health but they feared for her life in the world so left once hearing about the Sanctuary.

Harley never knew her mother very well since she died when she was three. Her father had gotten into a military position to take care of his child. Once mutants were found he despised them and never allowed Harley to be around other children for fear it was contagious. The girl had learned to hate mutants unknowingly but it didn't stop her. At an appropriate she was sent training to be a Hunter.

After he training she was explain es and sent to hunt down mutants. She's yet to kill one because she dislikes orders and is quite rebellious.
Fαмιℓу :
Mother {Gertrud Ellen Anrep} Deceased {33}
Father {Ivan Alexander Anrep} Alive {48}
Sєxυαℓιту: Pansexual
Cяυѕн : Open
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Single

"I'm not the perfect person but there has to be someone I'm perfect for."

A Doberman Pinscher she found and named Rocky
(view spoiler)
Wєαρσηѕ :
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ :
Breathing Apparatus (has to take deep breaths every hour or when having trouble breathing)
(view spoiler)
Leather Backpack
(view spoiler)
»Sleeping bag
»First aid kit
»Mother's wedding rings
(view spoiler)
»Flask for medicine
(view spoiler)

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 72 comments Mod
dreaмcнιld :: APPROVED.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Hᴏᴘᴇ ● :: Omg she likes Thomas :D APPROVED.

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georgiabread | 214 comments

Fυℓℓ Nαмє╣ Sawyer Rose Clements
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : Known as Clements by her trainer
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαᴛισηѕ :
[SOY-er]-English occupational name-“woodcutter”
[RO-se] American, Scottish-“flower”
[Clem-ents]-Old English, Latin-“merciful”

Agє╣ 18
Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 15th of October
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 3.03 am
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : The Sanctuary

Hαιя : Curly, chocolate brown hair reaching past her shoulders
Eуєѕ : Small and pale, bluey-grey in colour
Sᴋιη : Fair and freckled
Wєιgнᴛ : 58 kg [130 lbs]
Hєιgнᴛ : 174 cm [5’8]
Fαcє Cℓαιм : Anna Popplewell

• hostile [kills without mercy, has a furious temper, easily offended]
• manipulative [gains peoples' trust, tricks people in doing what she wants]
• passionate [doesn't lose sight of what she wants, loves the things she does-not so much killing, however]
• dedicated [doesn't give up easily, stays faithful, is trustworthy to her friends and work partners]
• unforgiving [merciless, holds grudges, not willing to excuse others' offences or wrongdoings]
Lιᴋєѕ : music • swimming • using weapons • hunting mutants
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ : those who get in her way • mutants • naivety • those who underestimate her
Sᴛяєηgᴛнѕ : deception • a ruthless killer • doesn't lose sight of what she wants • gaining someone's trust
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ : gets attached easily • remembering her past • heights • getting her hopes up

Hιѕтσяу╣ Sawyer was born and brought up in a life of luxury in the Sanctuary. Her parents were celebrated doctors, treating those whose came to the Sanctuary, sick or dying. They were known for saving the most lives-those mutated by radiation or sick with cancer and other illnesses-and recieved a great award for their work. Sawyer, on the other hand, was bathed in fame and wealth, being a child of the doctors' of course. Although she went to the same one school in the Sanctuary, she and her siblings were treated like royalty. As expected, they recieved top marks in all their studies and were the most popular students in the school. Although the family was rich, the parents never spoilt their children. They taught them to work for what they wanted.

Sawyer's life, seen by a regular person, would be one of the utmost luxury and prominence. But all was not as it seemed. Although Sawyer adored her life, she never had any true friends-all she had a school were her 'followers' and fans-and was given little opportunity to choose or express her opinions. Her parents laid out hers and her siblings' lives. They assumed the children would want to follow in their footsteps, and so planned to send them to one of the most prestigeous medical schools in the Sanctuary. Sawyer, however, really disliked the idea of having a career in medicine. She was a rather muscial child, and wanted to continue a career in singing. She was a gifted vocalist, and also love to play the piano.

Being brought up learning to work for what she wanted, Sawyer turned into a very ruthless girl. She soon did anything she could to get her way, although it wasn't too extreme. She knew how to manipulate others, trick them and lie to them. But she never used violence to get her way, knowing it would damage her reputation and the trust people had in her.

For 15 years, Sawyer lived a phenomenal life. But then that life took a disasterous turn. Sawyer's parents had begun work in experimenting on mutants. They were often away in the prison underground, or in the Sanctuary HQ, running immense tests or reporting to the government. They had dedicated their lives to eradicating the mutants; they loathed them. And the mutants loathed them back.

When Sawyer was still 15, when the mutants first escaped from the prison, a mob of around 40 mutants managed to break into the Sanctuary from underground. They wreaked havoc in a wealthier part of the city, disrupting the order and security among the people. Several were killed, but most were left injured after the guards eventually overwhelmed them. But not before around 10 of them invaded Sawyer's home, after realizing who lived there.

They swarmed upon the family in their sleep. They torched bedrooms, destroyed furniture and ravaged the walls. Sawyer's brother Noah was trapped in his room, surrounded by fire, but Sawyer managed to rescue him. But that was in vain; three mutants shot him in the head, but Sawyer escaped. Meanwhile, her parents were snatched from their beds, their throats slit and their bodies riddled with bullets. Sawyer's older sister Freya desperately tried to protect her only relative left as the remaining mob attacked them (by then, guards had begun to run to the family's aid), but there wasn't much she could do for herself. Although she forced Sawyer out the window into the yard, two mutants grabbed her, but Sawyer never found out what happened to her. All she knew of was Freya's strangled screams for help.

Sawyer would be scarred for life. Until then she hadn't really thought about the mutants, but now she loathed them with every part of her body. She saw them as mindless monsters, and they were monsters, really. Some of them were. She was adopted by the Headquarters, placed under the eye of her only remaining relative who worked there-her uncle Jaron. Sawyer wasted no time in planning revenge. She started training to be a Hunter, and it only took her two years to complete most of her training. She was sent out in the ravaged world at age 18, and will stop at nothing to get revenge on every mutant in Mortus Ora.
Fαмιℓу :
• Emberly Clements [mother-49-deceased]
• Rowan Clements [father-50-deceased]
• Freya Clements [sister-19-deceased]
• Noah Clements [brother-14-deceased]
• Jaron Clements [uncle-46-alive]
Sєxυαℓιᴛу : Heterosexual
Cяυѕн : None
Rєℓαᴛισηѕнιρ Sᴛαᴛυѕ : Single

Oᴛнєя╣ The only memory Sawyer has of her family is one photograph, which she stores in the lid of her compass.
Wєαρσηѕ : A thin sabre and a bow, complete with a quiver of arrows
(view spoiler)
Pσѕѕєѕѕισηѕ : sack of nutritional rations • water canteen • compass • night-vision goggles • torches x2 • coil of rope • sleeping bag • tent • extra set of clothes • first aid kit


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