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georgiabread | 214 comments All male hunters are to be pasted here for approval. Characters created by Moderators do not need approval.

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Fυℓℓ Nαмє╣Thomas Parker Winslow
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : Tom (by his friends), Tommy (by his mother), Winslow (by his trainer)
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ :
[TOM-ahss]-English, Aramaic-“twin”
[PAR-ker]-Old English-“park keeper”
[Wins-low]-English-“a town in Buckinghamshire, England”

Agє╣Eighteen [18]
Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 27th of February
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 11.04 am
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : A hospital in city now lost, Mortus Ora

Hαιя : Wavy, dark brown hair with a small quiff at the front
Eуєѕ : Bright, chocolate brown in colour
Sᴋιη : Tanned, slightly olive
Wєιgнᴛ : 176 cm (5’9)
Hєιgнᴛ :75 kg (166 lbs)
Oᴛнєя : This is Thomas’ attire. The 6 tubes poking from the helmet below suck in radiated air, filter it and turn it into proper, breathable air:
(view spoiler)

Pєяѕσηαℓιту╣ Ever since Thomas was 4 years old, he was always adventurous. He loved to explore, to discover and try new things. He’s always a risk taker, and sometimes doesn’t really consider the consequences unless it’s important. And he, like all teenage boys, is a bit cocky. He does like to show off a little and prove himself, especially to his father who never really took notice of him he was so busy. Thomas is also compassionate, though. He has a great soft stop for children, especially his younger sister. He cares for people, and would help a homeless person rather than walk by them. But this compassion can also lead to trusting people quickly. He always sees the good side of people, and doesn’t consider a possible bad side. He normally just trusts them, having no experience with proper betrayal. And this can be bad for him; who knows when a newly found friend might kill him?

Thomas can be stubborn sometimes. He doesn’t mind obeying rules, but if they’re strict and unreasonable he’ll refuse to obey them. He likes to do things his own way, but when authority gets involved he’ll often back down. He is sort of shy, and likes to be on his own but not completely, or for a long period of time. And he’s jealous. He can’t help it. Whether someone gets a higher grade than him or a crush falls for another guy, he’ll be jealous.

Lιᴋєѕ : exploring • his sister • history • stargazing
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ : combat • death • storms • the Sanctuary HQ
Sтяєηgтнѕ : adapts to surroundings • combat • stealth • thinks outside the box
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ : can’t say no • easily jealous • too trusting • unable to kill

Hιѕтσяу╣ Thomas was born in the years before the great war ended. His father was a wealthy war general, who, rather than engaging in battle, remained safe and sound behind the front line, planning and commanding his army. His mother had worked as a nurse caring for injured soldiers, but retired when Thomas was born and worked part-time at an ammunitions factory. When the war ceased with death and destruction, Thomas’ family retreated to a miniature Sanctuary that had just been constructed. It would only house the wealthy ones who could afford it. The family lived there for a few years, before getting wind of the legitimate Sanctuary.

Thomas and his parents were one of the first to arrive. They were cleared of any diseases, and Thomas’ father instantly told the officials of his importance and wealth. He offered them a large wad of cash, and the family was provided with a wealthy house in the middle of Home, the Sanctuary’s capital. Thomas’ father went straight to the Sanctuary HQ, demanding an occupation of great importance. His friends and colleagues, or those that had survived, providing evidence of his work as an army general, and eventually he was granted a position in the Sanctuary’s military. The family moved to the Sanctuary HQ but Thomas soon found he disliked it greatly. He was seven years old at the time, his life filled with fun and frivolous pursuits, toys and exciting sports, and playtimes with friends. He was used to cheeriness, colour and vibrancy, but the Sanctuary took all of that away. The only colour used was grey, grey walls and grey floors. Everyone had strict schedules to abide by. Thomas was not permitted to leave the HQ. He spent most of his time five days a week with a tutor, who taught him the necessary things boys of his age were to know of. Meal times, exercise times and sleep times were very specific. Either you went to the dining hall for meals or missed them, you were severely punished if you skip exercise times, and if Thomas was not asleep by 8.30pm he had to make up the time by running tedious errands. Of course, he was given four hours a day of recreation of his choice, but he did not enjoy those. He was lonely. He desperately missed his days in the Sanctuary, free to play with friends whenever he wanted, able to go to school and actually enjoy it, and go to sleep late if he was lucky. The HQ was far too strict and boring, and he hated it.

However, when his younger sister Mara was born, he finally had a friend. He spent most of his free time with her, teaching her simple words and playing with her and her educational toys. Thomas became very protective of Mara, and was jealous when others spent time with her. As they grew up, Thomas and Mara’s relationship as siblings grew. They laughed together, explored the HQ together, and worked together during the tutoring. As they were the only children around in the HQ, they had no choice but to enjoy each other’s company.

But when Thomas turned 13, he was abruptly ordered away to begin training as a soldier. He father was a general after all, so it was expected of him. But Thomas wanted to become a carer of children, so his parents had no choice but to force him into training. In truth, they would not have actually done this. They would have at least considered Thomas’ opinions first. But what they had hidden from him was that children around his age, younger and older were being discovered with supernatural abilities that the HQ had become afraid of. In fact, they were panicking. And so was Thomas’ father. He was always away somewhere in the HQ, discussing the new mutations. What they had decided to do was remove them from the Sanctuary, but in a way that would not evoke panic or anger. But they needed more authority to do this. Thomas’ parents enrolled him in training to provide their own support (it was expected, after all).

Thomas grew further and further away from Mara, spending endless hours in a training centre. His personal trainer, Mr Beckett as Thomas was commanded to call him, pushed Thomas’ training to the limit. He ran him through unbearable exercises, forced him through almost impossible obstacle courses and spent endless hours training him with brutal weapons. Mr Beckett referred to him always as ‘Winslow’, whether calling him over calmly or screeching at him to push further.

By the time Thomas was 16, all innocence and happiness had been squeezed out of him. He was an expert with guns, knives, bows, axes, spears and hand-to-hand combat. He was a hardened soldier, but Mr Beckett hadn’t managed to totally brainwash him. Thomas was obviously still capable of affection and compassion. He continued to love his younger sister and spent any time he could with her. He still had the trace of his career as a child carer in his mind, still pitied people, still loved his parents. And (he hadn’t told anyone at all of this) he still dreamed of living a normal life again. In truth, inside he loathed what he could do. Thomas had learned all that was possible about combat, but that didn’t stop him from hating it. He feared ever having to injure or kill someone; he feared ever having to use his skills at any point in time.

But when Thomas was 18, he heard of the mutants escaping their prison. Of course, in the past years, he had realized children were constantly being discovered with supernatural abilities, but he was never ordered to round some up or become a guard in their prison. In fact, he was quite jealous of their abilities, and wished he had one. But he hadn’t received one at all, nor had Mara or his parents. Anyway, when the mutants escaped and became fugitives, Thomas was given the title of a Hunter. He was commanded to join a band of them, and venture into a world of destruction to kill every last one of them. He was allowed to choose his weapons and clothes, but was given a backpack containing necessary supplies of survival. Thomas dreaded having to leave, but he went along with it, saying he wouldn’t kill anyone. Maybe he could join them even…but he wouldn’t abandon his family. Then he was ordered to never return until all the mutants were dead. And believe me, Thomas yearned to stay, so really, he had no choice. And thus Thomas was released into the world to become a murderer and end innocent lives.
Fαмιℓу :
Phillipa Winslow [mother, 48, deceased]
William Winslow [father, 51, alive]
Mara Winslow [sister, 12, alive]
Sєxυαℓιту: Heterosexual
Cяυѕн : None
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Single

Oᴛнєя╣ Thomas hunts with a rather vicious dog physically mutated by the radiation. The dog, named Rusty, only trusts Thomas and his family and obeys Thomas’s every command.
(view spoiler)
Wєαρσηѕ : Thomas’ weapons include a curved knife, a crossbow and a large pistol:
(view spoiler)
Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ : Thomas carries a large khaki canvas rucksack containing the following items:
-a photo of his family in a small, silver locket
-small sack containing rations like tins of beef, (wheat) biscuits, tuna, granola/chocolate bars, trail mix and canteens of water
-night-vision goggles
-two torches
-coil of rope
-sleeping bag
-extra set of clothes

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{ name }
Blake tanner

{ age }

{ gender }

{ original nationality }

{ sexuality }

{ appearance }

He has high cheek bones and dark menacing eyes, thin lips, a straight nose and jaw line, he is taller than most and also likes to keep to himself.

{ hair }
Short, stubby and raven black.
{ eyes }
A deep dark piercing marine green with small flecks of light green outside of the pupil and a thin line of dark blue around the outside.
{ height }
He is very tall being the height of 6'4" he towers over most people.
{ skin tone }
A not too dark tan that makes him look a good colour with the darkness of his hair.

{ Personality }
On the inside Blake is numb, he doesn't feel much of anything anymore no sympathy, no empathy and no happiness but Blake sometimes feels an overwhelming sadness and regret, most of the time he ignores it or brushes it off as something else besides emotion.

{ history }
The reason that Blake has taught himself to be the way he is, is because his parents were killed in front of his eyes ever since then he hasn't cried, he hasn't yelled or screamed, he hasn't let out any of his anger or sadness. He never found the killer but he thought that it might have been one of the hunters gone made trying to get to his brother ever since then he has joined the hunters in hopes of finding the murderer or his brother, he blames his brother beck for what happened and thinks that killing beck would be just as good as the murderer. a piece of his heart chipped away as the years went by until there was a big empty dark hole and after that he taught him self not to get attached to anyone that way nothing would ever hurt him, but now he feels as if his life is meaningless. He also is not really on either side he just has his one goal that will complete his life. In reality he is just a living rock that doesn't feel much at all about anything or at least he hides it extremely well.
Beck's whereabouts and what happened to him are unknown to Blake but Blake hunts the mutants in hopes that one of them will be him. Blake has always had mixed feelings about when he finds his brother will he be able to kill him?

{ family }
Claudia tanner [mother: deceased]
Julian tanner [father: deceased]
Beck tanner [younger brother: alive]

{ strengths }
Whether he likes to hurt people is blind to the eye but he is skilled at using weapons like knives and hand to hand combat because his father used to teach him how to protect himself.
Not letting people in
Being a loner

{ weaknesses }
Talking to people
Feeling emotion on the outside
Seeing anything related to his family

{ likes }
Being by himself
Admiring good views
Not talking
Observing people from a distance

{ dislikes }
Long conversations
Talking to people in general
Other hunters

{ other }
If anyone wants to play beck please tell me ^.^

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georgiabread | 214 comments Monique :: Great job so far :) my only suggestions are adding a few weapons and possessions, and a bit more on his personality. It's a bit vague O.o but if you wanted it that way, just add a tiny bit more about him and everything'll be fine :)

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 4 commentsFυℓℓ Nαмє╣ Sergei Nicholas Kravinoff
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : The Hunter
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαтισηѕ : N/A

Agє╣ 55
Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 12/14/1946
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 11:23
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Mαנσя Aвιℓιту╣ Animal Mimicry- Due to the Serum he got from A.C.E Chemical Labs, he now has the ability to mimic numerous different animals and lock into their strongest ablites such as the speed of a Cheetah, The Strength of a Bear, The Agility of a Leopard, The bite of a Crocodile and so much more)

Mιησя Aвιℓιту 1 : Hunting Master- Sergei is probably the worlds most deadliest hunter as he is a master in Weapons of all kind, Toxins with numerous of lasting and devastating effects. And unlike a lot of Hunters, this is not some money game... you are his pray and he will study everything about you.

Mιησя Aвιℓιту 2 :Hand to Hand Expert- Sergei is also amazing at fighting. Begin the champion boxer he can fight any opponent and it even comes in handy to when fighting the mutants, espacilly his surprise moves that none ever see coming.


Hαιя :Black
Eуєѕ : So dark they are almost black
Sᴋιη :Slightly Pale
Wєιgнᴛ :220
Hєιgнᴛ :6'4
Oᴛнєя : Is Russian


Sergei like his home country is cold and merciless. He says this mutant kind is like rabid wolf. Dangerous and viscous monsters that will just kill and kill and need to be put down like the sick dogs they are. Sergei is a man that lives in the past, a time where Russia had a golden empire and the name Kravinoff was once revered and celebrated throughout the land. But now in this time his family name is now like ash in the ruins of his mansion. A glory he will reclaim, no matter how many mutants have to die to achieve it. Sergei lives and breathes for the hunt, when he’s not eating or sleeping he is preparing and training for the hunt. He is a very driven man who will stop at nothing and I repeat nothing till his goal of bringing the glory back to the Kravinoff family.

Though he is quite ruthless he does have his honorable side such as he will not hunt something that is already wounded or is sick and dying. Even though he will hunt women, children under the age of four are strictly off limits for him to kill but if he finds a nursery of mutant babies then he will report it to the Agency. He will always give his pray a chance to run, but if they get away and he catches them again, he will spare no mercy and skin them alive. Very determined he will not stop, and you are not safe and won’t ever be until he is in the ground like his family.

Lιᴋєѕ :

*The Hunt

*Cooking and eating wild game

*Learning to be a better hunter

*Killing Mutants

*Ballroom Dancing

*Looking at old photos

Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ :



-Smart Allikes

-Remembering his Families disgrace

Sᴛяєηgтнѕ :

-Amazing Hunter




Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ :


-Haterd for Mutants

-His Stubbornness

-Slightly blind in his left eye

Fαмιℓу :All Dead
Sєxυαℓιту: Heterosexual
Cяυѕн : None
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ: Not Looking

Wєαρσηѕ :
* Two Large Bowie Knives

* Numerous bags of Toxins

* Electric Nets

* Sniper Rifle

* Crossbow

Pσѕѕєѕѕтισηѕ :

*Necklace of Animal Teeth from all of his kills

*Special bag of hair from his Mutant kills

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georgiabread | 214 comments Jay :: A bag of mutant hair wtf? This guy is frickin scary, but I love him. This roleplay's about to get interesting. APPROVED.

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Lyndsey ● ɴᴀᴍᴇ ● Vlad Xavian

● ᴀɢᴇ ● 30
● ᴅᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ ʙɪʀᴛʜ ● October, 10th
● ʟᴏᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ᴏғ ʙɪʀᴛʜ ● California, USA

● ɢᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ● Male
● sᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ ● Heterosexual
● ʀᴇʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴsʜɪᴘ sᴛᴀᴛᴜs ● Single

● ᴀᴘᴘᴇᴀʀᴀɴᴄᴇ ●

● ғᴀᴄᴇ ᴄʟᴀɪᴍ ● Luke Evans
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 158lbs
Hair colour: ebony black; with a dusty sheen to it
Skin colour: beige; with a baked caramel tan
Eyes: pale grey; with a hint of violet
Body type: muscular, yet compact; his strength is one of the most notable features of his appearance
Pitch of voice: husky, with a gravely accent to it
Distinguishable markings: his body is a war ground of scars, bruises, and faded markings; the most notable is a scar running up his torso, and ringing his right arm.

● ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ ● Vlad hides an anger, not many know of until they see him fight. In complete control of his emotions, and expression, Vlad has the ability to suppress the passion and wield it in battle like one would a weapon.
Outside of killing, Vlad is a logical---no nonsense sort of person. He was born to lead, and yet shuns the prospect of that. His intensity often alarms people, and his sarcastic wit only furthers that.

Trait 1: Intense
Trait 2: Reserved
Trait 3: Conceited
Trait 4: Intelligent
Trait 5: Impulsive
Trait 6: Sarcastic

● ᴅᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ ●
"He isn't all he pretends to be, this Vlad. If I didn't know better, I'd say this all was a front to throw us off of a monster lurking inside him. Sometimes, his guise is so well crafted I worry that maybe, just maybe, he's even fooled himself into thinking he's only human."

Vlad is many things, but most of all work-oriented. Some think it's a show to hide a more sinister possession of his thoughts.

● Likes|Dislikes ●
+ Killing things, art, and survival.
+ His victims showing signs of humanity, it brings up feelings he'd rather do without.

● Strengths|Weaknesses ●
+ To say Vlad doesn't care about the people around him, would be a farce. The fact is, he cares very much---only, he is able to master those feelings and only express them at his choosing.
+ Tapping into his anger, is one of the only things that Vlad often will lose control of. He becomes brash, deafened to the world, and often puts himself in harms way during his rages.

● ʜɪsᴛᴏʀʏ ●
Vlad was an orphan, taken in by the government at a young age and trained for the purpose of hunting down mutants. He quickly became a decorated officer amongst his peers, and by the age of 19 was revered by most of his colleagues. At 20, things changed. To this day, Vlad claims he has no idea what occurred the night three mutants crawled into his apartment for revenge. Only, it was after this time that Vlad began to have episodes of extreme rage. A doctor once attribute this to PTSD, but as Vlad wasn't interested in perusing it further, the presumption never came into being.

● Weapons|Possessions●
+ Vlad pretty much carries an arsenal in his backpack. Anything from guns, poison, drugs, knives, to emergency flares, toxic chemicals, and ammo.
+ A backpack, filled with his weapons. Doesn't carry basic provisions like most, as he doesn't see the need for them.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Lʏɴᴅsᴇʏ :: APPROVED.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Monique :: Hey, I just realised I never officially approved your character, and I'm so sorry! You were probably approved but anyway, APPROVED.

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