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Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 80 comments Can we claim Deadric artifacts and or Deadra artifacts

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I'll definitely think about it. I'm afraid, however, that some of the already made characters have Daedric artifacts, but I'll think about it.

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Ok, this group is very fun!!!!!!! We need more people of course. But I think we should have other prophecy. Like another evil greater then anything we have seen before. Then their be a prophecy about who stops it. Then we can go from their. Idk, just a idea to throw out their. You can change it around to if you would like. Or just say HORRIBLE IDEA.

message 6: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) it's not a bad idea at all. I've been thinking of something for the past few days and kinda came up with something that either everyone could get in on or i would just solo.

the main premise is there are 9 vampire lords that control vampire factions in their own hold and have hidden bases. since Harkon died they're trying to become the top vampire lord so it starts a war between them all. also i thought it up because my character Kalik is a vampire lord that controls Winterhold and is the arch-mage at the college

that's what I've thought up so far, we can run a prophecy thing along with it too or something or have it as the main conflict with the vamp war in the background or something.

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I would say combine both of them. Cuz I know not everybody has a vampire character. So we would have to have like 5-7 people pull out a prophecy that ties in with the vampire thingy.

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Diź (dimal) true, or i can put the vamp war on hold or everyone can agree on a suitable prophecy and i can solo the vam thing with Kalik for a bit or something. i haven't started the vamp war yet so i can put it on hold no problem

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Let's talk to the other mods :)

message 10: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) yeah :)

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I've played skyrim for a while now and my map doesn't have a lot of places on it. Am I just being stupid and not exploring or do I need Xbox live to get all the places?

message 12: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) your not stupid, it just means your not unlocking the places. to unlock them you have to go to them and either enter them or stand at it entrance. if you take a carriage everywhere then you won't unlock anything but the holds they take you too.

how i unlock places is i walk around randomly and watch my compass on the top of my screen and if a new place i haven't searched or unlocked (meaning it's grayed out) is there i run to it and unlock it then move on or clear it out. to do that you'll have to go off the main roads a lot of times which is fun because you can run into countless surprises too, like packs of wild werewolves, witches, wild atronachs, dragons, random npc's that'll give mini quests like hunting a vampire nest they escaped from and it just goes on and on.

personally I say exploring in Skyrim and running into random things is much more fun than the actual story quests.

but yes, just explore literally everywhere and have a blast.

p.s. your not stupid.

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Lol! I meant being stupid like just taking fast travel all the time :) but thanks! I'll go and unlock a bunch of places tonight m.

message 14: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) Awesome :) your very welcome.
as for me it's more monster hunter 4 ultimate XD

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That game is hella fun

message 16: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) damn right it is XD

message 17: by Kendra, Psijic Monk (last edited Mar 10, 2015 12:07PM) (new)

Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
I took a look at the prophecy framework, I hope you don't mind that I've begun editing it. I can expand it to include more members and some of the plot points that you have planned.

If Alduin came and Alduin fell
Skyrim’s only begun its trek through Hel.
A darkness rises from Alduin’s bones
It reduces the strongest castle to stone
Its Thu’um sweeps aside Dalfgar’s might
Its fire engulfs all that is in sight.
Frost and flame serve this great foe
Freezing flames bind the land in woe.
A necromancer with an army of bone
Comes forth to seize the High King's throne
This evil seeks to coat Skyrim in death
But there are some who can take this enemy’s breath.
A werewolf prisoner, trapped and disgraced
A Psijic Mystic who has been debased
Spellbreaker's wielder, a lycan nord
The Archmage and hidden vampire lord.
A dovah following the Way of the Voice
A dunmer healer, who Speaks by choice.
Souls will divide, enemies lurk.
The path to eternity is covered in murk.
Sovengard itself bears this threat
Times are as desperate as they can get.
All must know where their loyalties lie.
If the darkness wins, the Voice will die.

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Diź (dimal) sweet

message 19: by Kendra, Psijic Monk (new)

Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Did I miss anyone important to the plot? A vampire? A nord?

message 20: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) none that i can think of right now

message 21: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) 'Ts so awesome... (O_O)

I like that.

message 22: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) i know right

actually i do plan on involving my characters Aelaine and Kalik in this.
Aelaine is a werewolf companion like Drew and Kalik is the current Arch-mage and is a vampire lord secretly.

message 23: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) Which it reminds me, Serena too, is a Vampire, and I don't know if Legate Casadei may be involved too...
But we don't include the war, or yes?

I mean, it is good as it is now, I don't want to mess it .(^_^)

message 24: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) true, we'll leave it as is :)

message 25: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) No, wait. It mis any of Apex 7 characters! Maybe one?

message 26: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) huh?

message 28: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) hi

message 30: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) nothing much, playing minecraft

message 32: by Kendra, Psijic Monk (new)

Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Aelaine, werewolf.
Kalik, vampire lord mage.
Serena, vampire. I will research these three and see if I can incorporate them without hurting the poem.

message 33: by Kendra, Psijic Monk (new)

Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Spellbreaker's wielder, a lycan nord
The Archmage and hidden vampire lord.

"A dunmer healer, who Speaks by choice."
That was Serena.

message 34: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) You don't need to specify Serena's vampirism

message 35: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) If you don't want to,

message 36: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) looks good.

message 37: by Kendra, Psijic Monk (new)

Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Okay. Editions now made.

message 38: by Diź (new)

Diź (dimal) sweet

message 39: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) Great! How we find it? How we tell it?

message 40: by Kendra, Psijic Monk (new)

Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
I thought you already "knew" it.

message 41: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) Ah... No, Red's Sehqogeyol and mine Serena knows the way to rise and army of bones. But... If you took them to a ruin and they find it there? Or sow thing like that...

message 42: by Kendra, Psijic Monk (new)

Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Okay. Are there any ruins?

message 43: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) If no yet... Alex could help.

message 44: by Kendra, Psijic Monk (new)

Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod

message 45: by Limmy-Sama!! (new)

Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) He means Apex. I could help too ^-^

message 46: by Kendra, Psijic Monk (new)

Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
This prophecy will be the most edited in all of my augerious days.

message 47: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) Right. You are a mod too.

Mr. Mod, we need a cave.

message 48: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) *ruin

message 49: by Limmy-Sama!! (new)

Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Probs, I'm going to be a bit slow for replies for the next few weeks cause I'm a little busy with school and plotting a massive story arc and another group.

message 50: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) Okay, no problem. (^_^)

But we need a ruin or any sort of hidden place were we could find the prophecy... Or somewhere we could find someone who could tell the characters...

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