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I'm looking for an Young Adult author
Lannette Lannette Jan 28, 2015 11:04PM
I dont have much to go on but a bulk of her books his based on teanage problems. One of her books starts of with this girls whose bou friend keeps asking her to have sex with till he finally gives up and "excepts" it then this new girl comes in to their school and they befriend her. Her boyfriend work as like a part time gardener or something and she goes to visit him and catches him having sex with the new girl. He tries to sprout some bull about him doing it for her benefit because he really wanted to experience and now that he has or something it's all good and she can stay a virgin. The other one I know less on this girl is in love with her boyfriend forever but since his mother died he has really changed hanging out with the wrong people a heavily drinking. He's staying at a friends house one day and shes goes to pick him up one day because he was suppose to come over her parents for Christmas dinner or something and when she gets there he's drunk. She goes to make coffee to sober him up and the friend he's stayin with tries to rape her and he's to drunk to notice but luckily her little puppy she has was there to help her but gets stab in the pocess. Do any one recognizes these stories and can tell me what they are called and who wrote them.

I'm not sure, but you might want to check the What's the Name of That Book group. Someone there might be able to help.

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