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Did Margo suffer from some mental illness?
Shalini Das Shalini Jan 28, 2015 11:04PM
All throughout the novel it has occurred to me that Margo Roth Spigelman had been suffering from some mental illness, something like severe clinical depression. Her severe distaste for the normal day-today world nailed it. What are your views?

Lala (last edited Feb 03, 2015 09:25AM ) Feb 03, 2015 09:24AM   2 votes
I dont want to say that she was spoiled and that is why she was the way she was. In retrospect, a lot of teens who are spoiled, actually suffer from depression. I think she just craved the desire of wanting to actually be loved, and not in a phony way, she wanted some to geniunely care. Depressiom isn't mental and I believe she became depressed because of it.

I'm about a third of the way through the book and she seems like she's craving attention in some sort of way, and she seems quite fed up of life, but I wouldn't say she's mentally ill, she's just a risk taker and basically a thrill-seeker who finds florida very limiting and dull

I thought so. I'm not fond to trying to definitively diagnose fictional characters, but I thought she might have been bipolar. It's so hard to tell though because Quentin is not exactly the most reliable of narrators when it comes to Margo. He had very idealized notions of her. But, yeah, I do think something was off with her that goes far beyond a troubled girl with a crappy home life.

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John Ferreira I think so too. She reminded me of the few diagnosed bipolar people I've been around. The alternative would be of some unrecognized addiction. ...more
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Never got that impression.
She didn't far as we could tell have depressive phases. She just struck me as being a spoiled brat who expects the world to turn around her, and likely feeling suffocated by her parents, who in turn might have been somewhat mental.

But all in all, she never acted much out of the ordinary for a teenager.

After reading about it, I kind of think that Margo suffered from Conduct Disorder. I mean, she's got a ton of the symptoms, which includes running away.

Yeah I guess you could say she had a mental illness.
If you can call teenage REBELLION a mental illness.

I agree that she was very depressed, but she did think through what she was doing carefully.

Shalini wrote: "All throughout the novel it has occurred to me that Margo Roth Spigelman had been suffering from some mental illness, something like severe clinical depression. Her severe distaste for the normal d..."
I never got the impression she was depressed but, I do think she just wanted the attention to be loved. In the beginning, which when she was younger, she was also a little crazy/weird. I think she knew she was different from her parents and that could've led her to be more crazy. When she ran off, Quentin was asked questions along with her parents, they didn't really care that she ran off because it wasn't her first time. If I had a child I would worry where they went every time they left.

she has a personality disorder. The criminal behavior in reaction to her boyfriend cheating on her, the attention seeking and risk taking,, the lack of connection to people and community where she has lived for many years ... There's something wrong there.

i don't think so i just think she was awesome

deleted member Jan 31, 2015 11:08AM   0 votes
No, I don't think she had a mental illness. I think she was super fed up with her life, but I don't think she was mental.

I didn't finish the book because it wasn't worth it to me. However I watched the movie the other night and no I don't think Margo had a mental illness.

Her boyfriend cheated on her, her friends knew, her parents were useless and didn't understand her. She was fed up and didn't want to turn out like a paper person so she left. That's all there is to it.

Dramapuppy Movie Margo isn't at all like end-of-book Margo. (Not that you were wrong to abandon the book; it was very boring). The movie made her a lot more lika ...more
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Eh she was kinda moody :/

She was just the typical teenager girl in a first world nation.

I think the only thing she suffered from was Manic Pixie Dream Girl syndrome.

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