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Diź (dimal)


First Name: Kalik
Last Name: Briar-Blood

Age: 28
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Breton
· Vampire lord
· Archmage

I'll see you burn!

Time to feed.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5"12
Weight: 188 lbs.
Build: Slim muscular but not too muscular.

He is a very quiet person, he hardly talks, not because he doesn't like most people because he just never has anything to say. He's really rude when he's annoyed and doesn't like being around big groups of people. He doesn't trust people easily either and has yet to find someone he really trusts. He doesn't chose sides and doesn't play favorites, he does however like to start problems and fights between people. especially organizations and such and sit back and watch all the madness from the background.

Kalik was born in High Rock like most Bretons are and spent most of his childhood there, he was also a prodigy in magic like his father was but only in the specific areas he focused mostly on. Once he was 11 he was reading an old forgotten book on dragon's and he was hooked on the lore and knowledge of dragons, he continued reading up for another few years. once he was halfway into 14 years of age he found out he could learn more in Skyrim and with his father's help was sent there to train in the way of the voice, as well as keep up his magic training.

Fast forward a decade and a half and Kalik had finished the big part of his training and was released from his training after mastering fire breath and having a grasp on the only other shouts he knew as a kind of special training to learn more words.

After a year of traveling he found the College of Winterhold and joined it, studying and climbing the student ranks as he honed his skills and used their libraries to locate more shouts. He is still in the college but now as the Archmage and as a tutor and teacher to newer students, and whenever he's not teaching he's searching ruins for secrets and potential shouts to master.

He later came across the vampire lords and was taken hostage, after a few months of torture he finally tried to escape by killing his way out. He ran into Harkin on the way and fought him, it was when Kalik was beaten near death that Harkin decided to make him a new vampire lord as a way of respect for his power. He is now a Vampire Lord in secret and was put in control of the Winterhold vampires by Harkin while he lives his life as a Circle teacher.

> Vampire lord abilities
> All Destruction magic (besides ice spells)
> All Conjuration Magic
> Shouts ( only a few if them)

> Ice magic
> Has no fighting skills outside of his magic
> Hot temper


·Fire breath- YOL TOOL SHUL
· Bind will- GOL HAH DOV
·Drain Vitality- GAAN LAH HAAS
· Dragon Aspect- MUH QAH DIIV

· Ebony Dagger
· Staff of Magnus
· Eye of Melka
· Staff of Thunderbolts

· All Destruction magic besides ice
· All Alteration spells
· Weak Restoration healing spells and wards

· Vampire lord form
· All Vampire lord abilities

* Other: He hates ice magic but loves the snow.

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My sword. Your heart. Connecting.

First Name: Jorund
Last Name: Eriksson
Nickname: The Daedric Warrior

Age: 29
Birthday: 29th of Last Seed, 4E 173
Birthsign: The Warrior
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Nord

Oh … whatever.

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6' 1"
Weight (Without Armor): 162 pounds
Build: Fit

Personality: Jorund doesn't like to mess around. He is a cold, calculating, anti-hero that only finds killing people funny. He is known as the Daedric Warrior, and lives up to that calling, making deals with those he spares and killing anyone who goes against him, much like a Daedra would. He has even met a few Daedra in the flesh and conversed with them. He is the closest with Mehrunes Dagon, and in fact, serves him by performing mass executions on towns and villages.

History: Born in the month of Last Seed in the city of Vivec in Morrowind, he was endowed with extreme strength due to the sign of The Warrior. This has helped him through countless battles, and has also made him more capable than most in lugging around heavy Daedric armor. He moved to Skyrim when he was seventeen and has been there ever since. When he was ten, Mehrunes Dagon temporarily blessed him with enough strength to kill an entire village. Mehrunes Dagon then helped him decieve Akatosh into gifting Jorund with The Voice. Mehrunes Dagon regards him as his most loyal and favorite servant.

> Sword-fighting
> The Voice
> Strong

> Arrogant
> Quick to kill others
> Hateful

> Unrelenting Force - Fus Ro Dah
> Clear Skies - Lok Vah Koor
> Soul Tear - Rii Vaaz Zol
> Whirlwind Sprint - Wuld Nah Kest
> Fire Breath - Yol Toor Shul

Weapons/Abilities: Daedric sword and dagger, The Voice, Mehrunes Razor

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Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 80 comments History is done, will update For pics, quotes, and such later.
Watch your Tounge or have it cut from your head

First Name: Moonlight
* Middle Name:De Avori
Last Name:Shadivakin

Keep your life by keeping whispers unsaid

Age: Unknown appears to be I'm mid twenties
* Birthday:Unkown,Second Seed
Birthsign: The Shadow
Race: Unkown Nordic or Imperial

Children roam the streets now orphans of war.

Hair: Black, with white speckles
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'3"
Weight:180 lbs

Bodies hanging from the streets to Adore!.

Personality: Dark and Moody,often more concerned with winning each battle than the war. I have been described as blood thirsty, perhaps that is true but only to my enemies.

Royal Flames will carve a path through Chaos, Bringing Daylight to the Night!

History: My Name in the common tounge is Moonlight, My name by birth is IilahPaagoliik Or Moon shadow. I have watched Tamreil for centuries, I am no Vampire or other demon perhaps I'm cursed to live. My strengths are my weaknesses once a very long time ago I was a Hero. Perhaps I still am in some ways, ah but I'm getting ahead of myself let's go back, to my beginning.

Death is riding to town with Armor, Come to take all your rights

I was Born in what is now called Akavir, my people are now what is called the Ka'Po'Tun Tiger like people,however it wasn't always so, we where once more Dragonic than Tiger, and much more Man than Dragonic, Many of my people have become Dragons themselves through our seceret arts, perhaps one day I too will give up m human and Tiger selves to become Dragon. In my time, our leaders where the Red Dragons of Akavir I had no parents to speak of so the The Great Dragon Lord Dovah Drog Loki Took me in as is hatchling, why I couldn't not say Prehaps it was because my Mother was a sort of mate of his.

Hail to the King! Hail to the One! Kneel to the Crown!Stand in the Sun!, Hail to the King....

As a young child I learned to master the Thu'um for the first few centuries of my life I only spoke in the Dragon tounge, learning to shape the world with my voice. As is custom for my people at the age we considered adulthood I would choose my path,the paths are binding once choosen, and only Dovah Drog and the Seer know of all the paths. They are sort of kin to destiny, the ones chosen most often are The Warrior, Mage, And Titian paths. The way we decide is through a journey through our land to visit the other races. In this time there was peace amongst us so it was safe for a young Ka'Po'Tun such as myself to make it on my own.

Blood is spilt while holing keys to the throne, Born again but it's too late to be saved.

My Journey took me nearly two winters, and three summers. I learned in my travels how to coexist with others as well as battle skills. I learned to survive in the wilderness by the monkey people,How to make potions from the serpants, and how to speak like the Dragons. I mastered every skill set before me through hard work, perseverance and no small amount of luck. I came back from my people stronger, Wiser, and knowing my Path.

No Mercy from the Edge of the Blade, Dare Escape and Learn the price to be Paid!

My Path was not to be one of the common ones, but it was to be the Path of the Walker. This is the rarest of paths due to the complexity of its meaning, in in essence it means I would Travel Nirn in search of Somthing, of what only time would tell.

Let the Waters Flow shades of red now... The Arrows Black out all the night!

Soon the Serpentine People grew envious of our growing power because of our connections with the Dragons, My Sire warned me of this bade me farewell and gave his essence to myself and the Black Dragons while ordering our Fighting dragons to prepare themselves, as the Walker my people thought it best to send me away to tamriel.

Death is ridding in the Tail With armor, Come To Grant you your Rights!

It was here I found my Blade, a Massive Two handed sword. It was stuck in a stone in a vast cavern, in Morrowind. Soon I was attacked by some sort of Assassin bearing a five fingered symbol, I used my new blade and with it I easily deafeted him. After that I spent years with the Dark bother hood. Adapting to the rules, Killing the enemies of our order. In those days we were not sellswords. We where Honorable. I became Death. Time lost meaning to me, I only ever wondered about how much time had passed when new "Era's" have come and gone.

There's a Taste of Fear, When the Henchmen Call

I left my Order in peace, with full acceptance of this due to the fact I had slain every last one of my brothers ad sisters. They broke the rules you see. Later I visited the Snow Elves, with whom I perfected my Magic skills. It was from them I earned my other weapon, Moonshrine.

Iron Fist to Tame the Land, Iron Fist to Claim It All

The next years of my life where somewhat uneventful. It was when the Dragon Wars first began that I found a Cause. While myself not being Dragon Born,With my ancestry and the powers from Dovah Drog I too could slay Dragons, With the help of the Blades, Three heros, and more than a few Dragon born we turned the Tide in our Favor. It was I who Found the Elder Scroll.

Hail To the King

The Scroll was in a place the After call "The Isle Of Truths" it's Guardian was a being who to me appeared to be a Dragon. Although I won the Debate, he also had a predisposed Rule, I could no longer tell Lies or speak a Mortal language. This limited my languages to that of the Elven Races, Thu'um, As well as one Similar to the common tounge, but spoken in Magic,so I could not lie. Years and Years passed, I watched civilizations rise and Fall. I do believe it is time for another Adventure. Perhaps Skyrim

Hail to the One

> Warrior skill set
> Archery
> Magic

Stand in the Sun

>Sworn to only tell the truth
> Unable to speak Mortal language


Weapons/Abilities: MoonShrine, a Bow coveted by the Ancient Elven Race, said to be the opposite of Auriel's bow. Shadiva, A Two handed Sword said to made by the Dread Father, The blade itself has no attributes except for making its user live a life that of the Immortals live.


Able to see through Deception, can only speak in immortal languages.


Shouts: Unrelenting Force, whirlwind Sprint, Storm Call,

The King...

Hail To the King, Hail to the One... Kneel to his Crown! Stand In the SUN!

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Avenged Sevenfold! Hail tot he king!!!

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Quote: Don't let your limits push you, you need to push past your limits.

First name: Drew
Middle name: Argos
Last name: Nightshade
Nickname: ShadowHunter

Age: 20
Birthday: Unknown
Birthsign: The Shadow
Sexuality: heterosexual
Race: Nord

Hair: blonde
Eyes: green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: ( without armor) 135
Build: fit

Personality: I have been known to be a friend to no one, only caring about myself, slaying anyone who gets in my way. I am here to put those rumors at rest. It may seem like that at first, but I have been told I can be very kind, loving, and funny when the time is in need for it. I like to hold my orders out to the end, no matter the consequences. I do not have a ice cold heart who think of only selfish ordeals. I like to help others in quests or personal matters. Come and make your own opinion on who I am.

History: Some say I am Dragonborn, some say I am a Orc, some say I am a wild beast, or others say I was sent by the gods to bein peace among Skyrim. Truth is, I am none of these, ecept maybe the beast part. When I was born into this world all seemed to be good and just. Now all I see is hatred and war, I have joined a fellow group known as the Companions. They understand my life and are able to relate to my problems. When I proved my worthiness and loyalty to only them I was selected personally by the leader of the companions to return a ancient weapon known as Wuthrad. I completed what I was asked, when I got back though. My life changed forever, I like to think it is a blessing but some call it a curse. I have drunk of the wolves blood and now share it within myself. The beast fills my body and its blood runs through me. I went to receive a weapon of greatness from the Skyforge when another surprise was in store for me. I was given the weapon of A Nightingale as a gift, they said nobody was ever more worthy then me to hold such a legendary weapon. All I want is to bring peace to skyrim by my hand or helping he that does. Although I may be youn and maybe not as experienced but I have the courage of a wolf and a heart of a lion. Will we see this succeed?

> Nightingale bow
> Werewolf
> Killing Ice Trolls

> Loyalty
> Trusting
> Ruahing into a fight

Weapon: Nightingale bow, some magic, Werewolf.

Other: has a blue marking across his right eye. Control over his turnings.

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Diź (dimal) Drew is approved

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Moonlight is approved.

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Diź (dimal)

Title: The Void Walker
First Name: Cyren
Last Name: Loraethan

Age: 29
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Altmer
· Ex-Thalmor

Hair: Silver
Eyes: Emerald Green
Height: 6'2
Weight: 167 lbs.
Build: Slim slightly muscular

He's a Altmer with a slightly over active psychopathic nature and split personality that talks to him. He has no understanding for the value of human life besides his own and barley cares for other people, he'll kill anyone that becomes a threat to him and he'll make it as painful as he possibly can. He has a hunger for knowledge, wanting to learn and know more to advance his own personal gains. He's always calm and rarely shows any emotions.

Cyren was born and breed to a soldier in the Aldmeri Dominion, His parents where powerful mages and highly privileged, the Altmer version of high nobility, giving their only son every opportunity to be great. He was born with a gift for magic and a slight psychopathic nature, gaining pleasure and enjoyment from giving others pain at an early age. When he was 8 he learned and mastered magical skills and abilities in a matter of months that adults couldn't master in years, because of this he was considered a prodigy and a natural genius.

He became a soldier and quickly became a member of the Thalmor Justiciars, a group of the Thalmors finest members. He made a name for himself in the group as a murderous psychopath that shows no mercy and loves to kill. He stayed in this group for 5 years before he killed a member of the Aldmeri Dominions council because he almost got him killed on a mission, now Cyren is on the run from the Thalmor in Skyrim.

He found a place in Blackreach to call a home and base of operations, living in the underworld along with the Falmer.

> Lightning spells
> Conjuring spells
> Alteration spells

> Close range fighting
> When he runs out of magic
> short tempered

· Elven Dagger

· All magic spells

* Other:

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Both A P P R O V E D

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "The difference between doing what is Right or doing what is Wrong is the moment you pay your debt with destiny,"

First name: Caesar
Middle name: Ihbaith
Last name: Casadei
Title: The Crusader of Cyrodiil

Age: 36 years
Birthday: 21st of Sun's Dusk
Birth sign: The Lord
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Imperial (also Nord descent)

"I will see you being dragged to the gates of Oblivion before you manage to destroy anything in what I believe,"
-Ihbaith Casadei-

Appearance: Taller than a normal man. He is physically and mentally strong. He has a dark hair and a beard.
Eyes: Dark green eyes.
Height: 2.10 meters (Sorry, I only know that system)
Weight: 75 kilograms (heh, that too...)
Build: Muscular.

Personality: He is proud, patriotic, arrogant, yet sweet-hearted, emphatic, and pious. He is also stubborn and tenacious. He has a personal concept of what is right that he follows without hesitation. He is good with speech.

His parents fought in the Great War against the Aldmeri Dominion, in which his mother died. When he was old enough he joined the legion and little by little he ascended in the army until the rank of a Legate, soon, a General.

He is convinced that the Thalmor is the enemy of the Empire and all Men and Mer peoples and he, little by little, is preparing a plan to overthrow them from power and restore the glory of the once mighty Septim Empire. He keeps it in secret. Also, having sworn to see the fall of the Thalmor and the Aldmeri Dominion, he is open to find the way to increase his own lifespan. If this mean to become a Vampire, so will be it. He earned his nickname because of his quest of a longer lifespan.

The quest for the secret of his goal eventually led him to Hermaeus Mora, whom he follows in secret. He keeps worshipping Talos, though, even if it isn't allowed.

Ihbaith also makes everything he cans to help the Empire and to keep it unified. Reason he is now Skyrim in a campaign to help the Imperial legion regain the control they have lost in the northern province.

Occupation: Imperial Legate, Hermaeus Mora worshipper.

>Sword and Longsword fight.
>Heavy armor and blocking.
>Fire magic.
>His pride.
>Treacherous people.

He carries a long and superior Imperial Sword, an enchanted Champion's Cudgel, and an Hermaeus Mora Staff (similar to Miraak's). He uses his special round imperial shield. He only knows the Sparks spell, the healing spell, and the bound sword.

One handed
Two handed
Heavy armor

Other: He wears a slightly personalized Heavy imperial armor set, which covers all his skin and uses a closed imperial helmet. He ports a cape with it too.

That's all (^_^) if there is any problem or anything wrong let me know.

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Diź (dimal) approved

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Diź (dimal) First Name: Thaenz
Last Name: Red-Heart

Age: 21
Birthsign: Warrior
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Nord

(He wears the outfit in the picture)

Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 200 lbs. (Mostly all muscle)
Build: Muscular, slightly slim and fit.

He's your typical hero guy, he doesn't make enemies and enjoys making friends. He's overly sweet and polite to everyone he meets and sees only the good in people, nobody who they are or what anything and everything they've ever done. He may come of as a complete blockhead but he is well versed and educated so he isn't easily tricked.

Thaenz was born as a simple Nord on a simple farm right on the out skirts of Whiterun, he worked the farm for most of his life and even though most days were hell with a drunk father and strict mother he always found a way to smile. He joined up with the Whiterun guard for a year when he turned eighteen and learned how to use a sword and other varieties of weapons, he left a few months after turning nineteen so he could travel the world helping others and finding his true calling. He's now well into his twenties and have been traveling for close to three years.

> One-handed swords
> Two-handed swords
> Shields

> Magic
> Arrows
> He's not a great swimmer.

· Two Steel Swords
· One Steel Great Sword
· Max sword skills
· Max speech skill

* Other

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Diź (dimal) self APPROVED

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Diź (dimal)

First Name: Briarus
Last Name: Harvur
Title: Shadows Gale

Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Dunmer

Hair: Brownish
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'8
Weight: 177 lbs.
Build: Slim muscular but not like a warrior body builder

He a typical no bard loving dagger swinging shadow stalking assassin for hire that'll kill any target... well besides other Dunmer. He's flirty with women when he's not on a job and likes to drink, he's a devout follower of Sithis and the Night mother, the brotherhood is his life and treats his members with respect.

Briar has always lived with a dagger in one hand and blood on the others, he grew up as a troubled child, teen and even adult as he lived in Morrowind for the first part of his life, he even joined the brotherhood Morrowind faction in his late teens.

He was destined for great things in the life as a professionally paid killer, he was given the title and responsibilities of leading his own little faction outside of the main faction in Morrowind. Years later he and his faction was moved to Skyrim after the faction lead by Aster were all killed, his factions first mission was to finish their assignment to kill the emperor, but they only succeeded in killing his double before he left Skyrim.

They now are rebuilding the reputation in Skyrim and they are building it fast, one body at a time.

> Highly skilled in assassin tactics
> Illusion magic
> sword skills

> Fighting more than three people at once
> He isn't physically the strongest
> Has a creed about not killing other Dunmer

· Dragonbone sword
· Blade of Woe
· Destruction magic
· Illusion magic
· Stealth skills

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Diź (dimal) Self APPROVED

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) APPROVED!

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Name: Sihirli

*Gender: Male

*Preferred Pronouns: He pays no attention to pronouns.

Race: Altmer

Class: Mage

Birthsign: The Mage


History: Sihirli was raised in Artaeum under the care of the Psijic order. When the dragonborn came to Skyrim, the Psijics sent him to find the dovahkiin. While there, Sihirli encountered several Thalmor and realized how distanced from his other kin he had become. He adventured as a mage with the dovahkiin for a time. He was disgusted with the Dragonborn's propensity to imprison the souls of not just dragons, but virtually EVERYTHING they came across, to the point that he gathered an ultimate soul gem from a Daedra to absorb limitless souls. Sihirli, disgusted by the Dovahkiin's murder of Paarthunax at the behest of the Blades, finally awaited his chance. When the Dragonborn was facing the Ebony Warrior, the only warrior whom Sihirli thought could match him, the mage used Paralysis. Not on the Ebony Warrior. Sihirli has since then been roaming the world as a wandering adventurer, waiting for a message from the Order, commanding him to return to Artaeum.

*Family: Sihirli was raised by the Psijic

*Personality: Sihirli had a rather sheltered childhood, and knows little of the outside world. He is nothing if not curious, but he also has a different system of beliefs and moralities from most people. For example, he views conjuration as a morally reprehensible action.

*Items of significance: His robes offer a 15% reduction on all spells cast, +50 Magicka and +100% Magicka regeneration, much like the Archmage robes in Skyrim.
He has on him an enchanted dagger, since Conjuration is his barred school.

Powers: Sihirli practices all magic excepting Conjuration. Enchantments are also difficult, as he refuses to use trapped souls. The Psijics have found other means of enchantment, however, though Sihirli has not yet learned of them. He specializes in the use of fire in Destruction, but his true calling is Mysticism. The Psijic order invented it, and he made it his main school.

*Other: He hates necromancers more than he hates ANYTHING ELSE.

> Mysticism
> Fire with destruction magic
> Calming and encouraging buffs with illusion.

> He is barely competent with his dagger, it is a just in case weapon.
> He is horrendous in conjuration and enchanting.
> As he places little value in money, he has not learned transmute mineral ore.

· Alteration
· Restoration
· Destruction
· Illusion
· Mysticism

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Diź (dimal) APPROVED

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
"Empires fall, regimes rise and crumble. But the Hist have deep roots and they will remain in the marsh for many moons to come!"

Name: Hal-Hem

Age: 36
Birthsign: The Lady
Sexuality: Asexual
Race: Agacephs Argonian (Saxheel)

[image error]

"You worship your ancestors? You worship the gods? I worship the Hist, for they are my ancestors, my gods, and my brothers."
Horns: Hal-hem's horns jut backward in a sleight downward curve. They seem almost vestigial, but to him they are a source of pride (sexual selection).
Eyes: His eyes are bright yellow.
Scales: His scales are bright green.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 172 lbs. 2% of it is fat.
Build: He is lathered in muscle from a previous enslavement.

Personality: Hal-hem is distrusting toward elves in general and dunmer in particular. He is close to the hist and worships them. The Daedra and, indeed, all other gods, he sees as foolishness. He views the Stormcloaks as racist monsters causing endless conflict against elves and imperials because of some long-dead warlord from an age long past. He believes that, since the Empire has left Argonia alone, they are the lesser of two evils, though he cares little for such politics, for the Thalmor could never penetrate his beloved swamp.

History: Hal-hem was born in the inner areas of the Black Marsh, regularly drinking Hist sap, receiving many visions from the ancient trees. Eventually they told him to head to a border town and tell them to take a pilgrimage in which they all drank Hist sap. The village hadn't done this in some time. While there, Dunmer slavers attacked and Hal-hem was captured. He worked as a slave in Morrowind only a month before the Accession War began there. He incited a slave revolt and soon his forces of 140 Argonians joined the main Saxheel Army and conquered sections of Morrowind. In the ensuing chaos, he headed northeast to Skyrim, with the intent of resupplying before his journey back to his homeland. From there he was captured by Imperials with a group of Stormcloaks and escaped Helgen due to a "lucky" dragon attack. Caught up in a mission to warn all nine holds of the coming of dragons, Hal-hem was contacted by the Theives' Guild and Dark Brotherhood, both of whom he rejected the invitations of. He was, however, eventually hooked into a mission by the Dawnguard, and was involved in defeating vampires. Nowadays he trawls Dwemer ruins, ridding them of feral Falmer. He sells out his services to go clear out forts, which is how he came into contact with the Imperials, whom he had by then forgiven for the whole "execution" thing.

> Sneak
> Illusion
> Alchemy
> One-Handed
> Light Armor
> Lockpicking
Ultimately, tactics.

> Pick-pocketing
> Fighting without ambush
> Facing strong warriors alone

Orcish bow, glass arrows.
Two nordic swords which he dual-wields.

* Other: At the end of the plotline, he will become my "main" character. Until then I may not use him at all. Haven't decided yet.

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Diź (dimal) sorry but the blade of woe and auriel's bow are already taken

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Okay. Give me twenty seconds.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments "Light is passing, darkness is everlasting."

Name: Imador
Middle name: Harth
Last name: none

Age: 60
Birthday: unknown
Birthsign: the serpent
Sexuality: straight
Race: Dumner

"Life is long... Death is longer."

Hair: black
Eyes: black
Height: 1,90 (metric)
Weight: 70 Kilos
Build: skinny

Personality: Imagine a dark room, no sounds nor glimmers of light. Such is him. He show nothing and says nothing unless necessary. He dislikes company more than anything, and he hates all living creatures on the land.

History: born in falkreath. A poor family he lived on the streets. His parents died after a plague hit the city, leaving him and his brother to fend for themselves. He was the big one so he took in himself the task to protect his brother. Being dunmers he had a lot of trouble, being hated by most in the city.

He joined a band of thieves to survive, and to keep his brother with food to feed. He learned sword fighting and stealth during those times. After some time, his band was trapped by guards, him being the sole survivor for the rest were hung. He escaped with his brother and departed for whiterun. They were ambushed by a group of thieves and taken to their lair. There, they killed his brother in front of him. When they were about to kill him, a strange cloaked man appeared and killed the thieves, saving him. He later learned it was a necromancer. He asked him to each him necromancy, since with that he had been saved. He wanted to avenge his brother's death since the leader of the thieves had escaped. The necromancer agreed and showed him. With contact with darkness he grew taller than normal dunmers... His hatred grew as well as his heart turned to stone.

Imador then thanked and killed the old necromancer, using his soul to enchant a staff. He took his black cloak and departed to kill the last thief. The thief by that time had become an imperial soldier and rose in rank to become a legate. He killed him in front of all with undead and then faded away. Since yen he became a public menace and a reward awaits to whomever gets him to the imperial authorities. After that he hated all and despised all. He lived with the dead, he talked with the dead.

He then met someone... Someone that could help him get rid of all he hated.


Through lies and deceptions he convinced him that all creatures where evil. He showed him his views and... a world for dragons. Dragons would be recognized as the gods they were. He gave him the way.. And and ancient prophecy he had heard once... Ahminsusatiik got convinced and agreed to help him...

His dark age would soon begin...

Strengths: Necormancy, Destruction y conjuration. Magic in general.
Weaknesses: weapons, light makes him weaker (though not much)
Weapons, abilities: Magic, staffs
Other: he ignores everything and tries to kill you first if you mention his brother.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
This could be a villain... I can't be sure.
Does he have a goatee?
Also, I've updated Hal-hem. He should be good now.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) He has my consent. Also, yes. I also imagine him with a a goatee (^_^)

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AutreMoi (candlehome) What is the lizard for?

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Well, I do plan of him being... Bad *evil laugh*

message 28: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) Also, Kotu, You once asked if he could had some thing to do with Serena's past? I mean, the raid to her settlement by Argonians. Answer: yes.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Like I said, I'm killing off Sihirli at the end, and I assume that Olumsuz will have to be defeated by the heroes at some point, so I need a character for after that in case we decide to do anything else.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Perfect. I am gonna miss Sihirli...

But I am going to miss Toldfir more. So if I have the chance I will kill Olum. And to be fair, Ahmiinsusaatiik is planned to die also.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
I think all the villain characters are. Now we should stop clogging the character thread with chat.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) (True... Goodbye... Approve this character.... Bye)

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Diź (dimal) both characters are APPROVED

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Thanks!!

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Name: Connor Shade
Age: 19
Birthday: August 1
Birth sign: Wolf
Sexuality: straight
Race: Nightingale

" don't pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a hard one"

Hair: Unknown
Eyes: blue
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 155
Build: very toned


Personality: Unknown, doesn't talk to people.

History: Unknown, never talks about his past

> built for muscle
> best with a bow and arrow
> some magic
> communication with animals

> some swords
> talking
> having feelings
> loving


Other: none

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
First Name: Mauzonk
Last Name: Boghug

Age: 32
Birthsign: The Warrior
Sexuality: Gay
Race: Orismer

"There is no warrior alive who can face me."
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 330 lbs
Build: That of a bodybuilder and warrior.

Personality: He believes himself to be the ultimate unbeatable warrior. He is a mercenary much like one you might meet on the roads, always willing to have a good fight no matter how low the pay. He greatly enjoys berserking and annihilating every bandit within a mile radius. He finds he makes more than an entire bandit camp, so why bother with banditry on his own? He knows the value of magic, though is a bit miffed that his kind were basically locked away from this gift. He has decided to circumvent most of the troubles of low magical power.

History: Born in an Orismer Fort, Bog was trained in smithing and fighting from an early age. As a boy, he would carry excess weapons whenever the Orismer fought off any nearby threat, such as a necromancer or a crazy mage. He would notice that, against magic, the orcs struggled the most. Sometimes the magic could even make the orcs switch sides and turn on their brothers! He decided that magic would never take him. He studied enchanting and enchanted all of his orcish armor with Absorb Magicka once he reached his full size. Just as he was about to try it on, a mad Draugr Deathlord attacked and he grabbed the nearest weapon, a bow. He had only a few arrows, and the Deathlord was not defeated by his hand. It was only from the intervention of the rest of the tribe that Bog managed to live at all. He was already something of an outcast for his fascination with enchanting, and the failure to face an opponent meant he was excised. Rejected from Orc society, Bog sought to further strengthen himself so that he would never be defenseless again. He delved into conjuration of bound weapons. Never again would he run out of arrows, for they were ethereal. He began hunting down rogue mages, using his armor to be unperturbed by their magic and defeating them easily. Soon he adopted a simple title: The Mage Hunter.
Bog eventually diversified, fighting numerous opponents. He found his racial abilities paired with his insane resistance to magic combined rather well. He believed himself to be the ultimate perfection any warrior could achieve.
He is wrong about that.

> Melee combat (one-handed, two-handed)
> Archery
> Smithing and Enchanting.
> Lots of health and stamina.
> Immunity to direct damage from magical attacks.
> Heavy Armor

> His immunity to magic also extends to restoration and illusion (spells such as Healing Hands and Courage), meaning that he cannot be buffed or healed with magic. Not even potions work. That means that he has to heal the hard way every time he takes damage.
> Low magicka, he has only just enough to summon any one bound weapon at a time. If he were to somehow lose his bound weapon, it would take him several moments to build up enough magicka to conjure another, as magicka potions will not help him.
> His bound weapons cannot be enchanted in any way.
> While immune to direct damage from magical attacks, he is not immune to forest fires started with a Flame spell, or a punch from a Frost Atronach summoned via magic. A mage can still put up a good fight against him, especially if said mage used mostly conjuration and alteration with no real emphasis on illusion or destruction.
> Sneak
> All magic other than summoning bound weapons

Weapons/Abilities: He has all orcish armor, enchanted with absorb magicka throughout.
In case he loses his bound weapons, he does carry an orcish sword, though he has no ranged substitute for his bound bow.

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First Name: Malikia
Last Name: Duvenblade

Age: 19
Birthsign: Shadow
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Agonian

Hair: Horns
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145
Build: skinny but toned

Personality: He can be shady and selfish but at the same time can be quite nice and hospitable. He prides himself on his speed and stealth, as well as smarts. His main thing is He is smart that is obviouse.

History: HE was born and raised as a shadow scale. Mastering the arts of stealth and assassination, he never really cared for others lives. HE has always wanted to kill an emporer so he joined the Dark Brootherhood. HE nearly succeded with it untill that damned dragonborn did. After that he has searched and plotted how he was going to kill him.

> Assassanation
> Archery
> Close range combat
> Arrow deflection
> Lock picking
> pick pocketing

> He isnt very strong
> He Is Stubborn
> HE isnt very good at dealing with magic in open fighting

Weapons: A Glass bow, Glass daggers
Abilities: Invisability. Runes (Fire, Ice, Lightning)
Armor: Dark Brotherhood Armor (Legendary) (All)

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The Legionary | 194 comments First Name: Aeroth
* Middle Name: Aeron
Last Name: Ebony-Arm

Birthsign: Shadow
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Dark-Elf

Hair: Black, short.
Eyes: Blue
Height: Above-average
Weight: 70 kilo's
Build: Slightly buff.

Personality: Likes to joke and likes it when the odds are against him. He is easily aggrivated and annoyed, and will step into combat whenever possible. He likes the idea of honorable combat, yet he does not follow it. Banditry and robbery are things he despises, and he has said that he will do his best to wipe it out.
In combat, he goes silent and focuses.

History: As a young boy, he was sitting in his house reading a book when he heard loud shrieks coming from outside. He came to look outside and saw his father stabbed to the wall with an ebony shortsword. He saw his attackers run at his house. He ran back and hid in the loose floorboards.
After that, he exitted and pulled the dagger out of his father's chest. He cremated his father, vowing to end robbery once and for all. As he grew, he cleared many hideouts and it is said that when he found the bandits that murdered his father, he dropped his weapons and ripped one of their heads clean off with his right arm.
His mother left him at a young age, and when he found her in a hut, he freaked out. He looked at her and knew it was her, but when she saw him, she pulled out a dagger. He couldn't fight his mother, and she stabbed him in the side of the body, leaving him for dead. He woke up in a dark room bleeding quickly.
As he escaped it, he realises a bandit saved him from death. He leaves the place, saying that he will never return to it and shall leave it as the only place where banditry may preside freely.

>Strong right arm
>He is good with healing spells
>Is skilled in combat
>Quick swing and movement
>Easily aggrivated
>A wound makes him easily woundable on the side.
>His ebony armour is old and can be damaged more easily.
>Misses occasionally due to swinging too fast.
Weapons/Abilities: Blood-tinted ebony shortsword.

*note: I didn't know how to post images so i just skipped them.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Meh... Not many post images.


The emperor rise its thumb for both.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
How about my orc?

message 42: by AutreMoi (new)

AutreMoi (candlehome) I don't know... He is too physically strong but also immune to magic... That doesn't sounds good to me, and actually, his only real weakness is being forced to fight clean. Maybe another weakness? Or less... Immunity? Or we could try it and tell if it is a problem.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Because of only enchanting against magic, his damage output is terrible, since you can't improve Bound Weapons with enchantments or smithing. He also can't absorb health as he goes and his armor isn't that good against non-magical damage. He's really only effective against mages due to crippling overspecializations. A dragon or fellow warrior could end him easily. That's the point of the character. Against magic, he wins easily, but against anyone else he will struggle or lose.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) As long as it is true, approved.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
And, by Skyrim's system, it is true. Look up "arcane warrior" build. It's really only effective if most of your enchantments boost your damage output.

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The Legionary | 194 comments [insert gif/image]
* [insert quote]

First Name: Emerigon
Last Name: Doureth

Age: 19
Birthsign: The Warrior
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Imperial

[insert gif/image]
* [insert quote]
Hair: Dark/Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: Tall
Weight: 130 kilo's
Build: Skinny, yet muscular

Personality: Enjoys annoying people, yet can be a kind soul to people who are nice to him. Will not stand for disrespect or any racism, but likes to make sarcastic jokes about it. Never fully serious, and hard to read.

History: He attended the college of Skyrim, but left if to study Conjuration, Restoration and Destruction on his own. He has mastered Conjuration, but is an expert at Restoration and Destruction. He actually came up with his own spell, which combines the aspects of a fireball with a thunderbolt. Creatively, he named it ''Thunderball''


>Can be damaged quite easily
>Enjoys annoying people
>Touchy about his time in the college.

Chain Lightning
Ash Guardian
Flame Atronach
Ice Atronach
Storm Atronach

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Approved (^_^)

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The Legionary | 194 comments Thanks :)

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Frank (SebastianVanDracul) | 63 comments  photo jhirro__comission_by_ti_r-d5zwglk_zpse24fljxa.jpg

 photo werewolf_khajiit_by_ti_r-d4uipdk_zpsqyncliu6.jpg
"To live is but a dream to the Dead."

First Name: Nyx
Middle Name: Dar
Last Name: Shadowmane

Age: 26
Birthday: Second Seed - The Shadow -Fredas - Era unknown
Birthsign: Shadow Star
Sexuality: Male
Race: Khajiit/Werecat

Hair: Black Fur
Eyes: Green (blue when in were form)
Height: 6'2
Weight: 180
Build: Muscular, trained for long senious muscle mass rather than bulk.

Nyx is a prodigy, with that comes a large ego and arogance. Impulsive, quick tempered, and rather quiet, Nyx only speaks when he needs to. Smart, intuative, and cunning, he likes to keep as much of himslef shrouded in mystery as he can. Loyal, devoted, brave, with a slight hero complex, Nyx hides behind a wall of shadow and stealth to hide his kindness, which he sees as a weakness.

Nyx was going to be the next Mane, yet being born under The Shadow, his fate was partly sealed to end in blackness. Taken from his parents at birth due to the month he was born in, with no record of his birth being documented, Nyx new neither the love of a father or the warmth of a mother. The Shadow Mane, a Mane that no one knew about publicaly, was responsible for the care of any young Khajiit children born in that month, as it was said that they were cursed. The younglings were taken to a Sanctuary deep in the middle of Elsweyr, near the Tenmar Forest. There they were raised up by the clan mothers in the worship and education of Namiira. A training regimine was also implemented that included extreme physical endurance and fighting skills, as well as aclhemy and apothecaryc skill sets. The young were schooled in the traditional Khajiiti martial arts like Goutfang, Whispering Fang and Rawlith Khaj, as well as the use of the sabre, scimitar, dagger, sword, and longbow.
The sanctuary was a school created for one purpose, to train these "Shadowborn" in the ways of the shadow. Stealth, theivery, poisoning, comoflage, pick locking and pocketing, all these skills were taught to the younglings. From the start Nyx proved to be better than his peers. The Mane treated him harsher than anyone else, The Clan Mothers labelled him a "cursed beast" and his instructors grilled him constantly, trying to break him. Ostracized by his peers, Nyx became a loner, and a shadow that odly enough lived in the limelight. Graduates of the Sanctuary were used as elit gaurds, mercinaries, or sometimes even sent to the Dark Brotherhood as new recruits, but for Nyx, none of these would be his fate. Nyx dreamed of being the next "Shadow Mane," but knew that the only way to do that was to kill the current one in a fair duel. Nyx challenged the shadowmane the day he was to leave the sanctuary, when he was 16. In a bout so fierce and primal it was writen in the sanctuaries history books as, "The Duel Of Shadows."
Soon after becoming the Shadowmane he left to join the Dark Brotherhood, he stayed and honed his skills with them for three years. During that time he was on a contract to wipe out a werewolf clan and during the operation he was bitten by an alfa three times, thus receiving the curse. Accept in his case he turned into a werecat rather than a wolf. After becomming a were creature he had a falling out with the Dark Brotherhood and left, not on good terms, he was 19 years old. With no friends and no help, desolate and alone in the wild realm of Skyrim, Nyx found himself in Riften working as a bodygaurd for a Kahjiit caravan. It was there that a member of the Theives Guild tried to rob him, and he killed him. This got his attention, and when he started to inquire about the guild all he got was cryptic hushed answers. He decided he wanted to join this guild, yet didn't know how. He came to the conclusion that he could gain their attention by robbing everyone blind, and this he did. Within a week the Theives Guild were dying to know who this, "shadow" thief was, Nyx left a calling card on his last heighst stateing his intention of joining the guild and requesting a meeting. Soon after he met with a representative of the Theives Guild and was inducted in. He stayed with them for four years, even gaining the attention and interest of the Nightengales. Nyx however was bored of the life and decided to leave, and he did, on good terms. He was 23 years old when he departed the guild, however now he wasn't broke and poor. For the past 3 years he has been wandering Skyrim, seeking adventure.
> Night Vision
> Hightened Hearing
> Heightened Smell
> Abnormaly fast Reflexes and Agility
> Perfect Balance
> Razor sharp claws and teeth
> Increased Stamina
> Silver
> Magic (Primarily Fire)
> Water (mild)
> Goutfang
>Whispering Fang
> Rawlith Khaj
> Picklocking
> Pickpocketing
> Sneaking
> Archery
> Camoflage
> Two Daidrick daggers
> Poison darts
> Daedrick Bow
>Daedrick Arrows
> Smoke bombs
> Lockpicks
> Short Katana
> spiked gloves
> Claws
> Tail spike
Other: Above is a basic weapon loadout, also uses staffs, spears, knives, great swords, warhammers, etc. As a werecat every natural sense he has gets hightened twofold and his eyes change color from green to ice blue, but go back to normal when he isn't turned. He is mortal, thus can be killed using regular means. Dislikes other animals, doesnt get along well with females (due to his past), prone to self sabotage, enjoys drinking, secretly looking for a home and family.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Cool. (^_^) approved.

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