The Heir (The Selection, #4) The Heir question

Nessa Nessa Jan 28, 2015 07:38PM
What do you think will happen? Eadlyn is holding her Selection? What caste will her choice be from? What kind of parents will America and Maxon be? Which Selection characters will be back? Post your thoughts...

I hope it's like: all these guys show up and then she doesn't like any of them or something like that.

I'm betting that that she will fall in love with Aspens child, (im also betting he would be a soldier)but it wont be allowed because he isn't apart of the selection. It would be fun to see Aspen, America and Maxon finding out their children are in love but the fun would probably only last about a chapter or two. Plus it would probably feel too much like their story rather than Eadlyn's.

Well, Eadlyn is going to have her selection. It's going to be a big thing because she's the first crown princess to have one. I wonder if America and Maxon have disband the caste system, so the issue of he's a five or a three won't matter anymore. I heard that nearly all of the Selection characters will be back. Maybe Eadlyn a secret crush who has been chosen and hopes he's the one.

I'm really excited for this book. I hope that she [Eadlyn] is a unique character that has her own thoughts different from America and Maxon. I hope that Maxon and America are amazing parents for her. I hope that the brotherly and sisterly bond between Eadlyn and her brother Ahren is friendly and not really annoying to read. I have full hope in Kiera Cass to make this her best book yet and I really hope she does. I know I said the word "hope" a lot but I don't really know what to expect. I just HOPE this book is great.

zoot While I agree with you that Eadlyn is a unique character, whilst reading the first two chapters, she she had her head up her ass....I ...more
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Maybe there was a guy Eadlyn knew growing up in the castle and he's like Aspen and then a new "Maxon" comes along???

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Night How so. It would be like mother like daughter. America hardly got a "fairytale" ending. ...more
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WARNING: I've read the first 2 chapters on ibooks (sample), so my opinion is influenced and contains a SPOILER! Eadlyn is resistant to the Selection and the castes have been ABOLISHED!

i swear if somebody else dies....

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