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emma (lilyscalloways) | 5 comments My characters for this roleplay:

Waverly Evermore~face claim: Alexi Blue
Age: 76 Species: werewolf Rank: princess
Kingdom: Kiloma

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emma (lilyscalloways) | 5 comments "A girl has to be nice sometimes."

Name: Waverly Evermore
Age: 76
Apparent age: 18
Face claim: Alexi Blue

Personality: Waverly is a wild thing. She likes to be around hot guys and wear nice dresses to balls. She despises the vampires, mostly the princesses because they are trying to make the guys their shackled and fall in love with them. She is seductive and manipulative but sometime if she really likes someone, she will be compassionate to them.

Mysterious: Waverly is around every corner and willing to known your secrets.

Secretive: Waverly holds and keeps secrets.

Manipulative: Waverly can promise you things, but you can easily be let down.

Seductive: Waverly will get her hands on any guy.

Compassionate: A girl has to nice sometimes.

Waverly was born in the kingdom of Kiloma to the werewolf family and was preparing for the day she would pick a slave. Waverly as a girl was kind-hearted and very compassionate but when she got older she became more of a young adult than a little girl. Waverly is known for her beauty that attracts the guys and makes the girls and vampire princesses jealous.

When Waverly was born, her parents knew she would make a great Queen someday and that her beauty would attract many men to be her slaves. When Waverly was six years, she grew up with a kind-heart and would help anyone she met. When she was ten years old, she disliked the vampire princess because she would try and steal Waverly's chance at meeting a boy.

On Waverly's 16th birthday, the vampire princess broke into Kiloma Castle and toppled over Waverly getting into a huge fight and she proclaimed that Waverly will never get a chance at meeting a man and falling in love. Waverly after the incident swore an eternity of misery to the vampire princess.

When she turned 18, she hoped she would meet a guy before the vampire princess did.

Species: werewolf

Rank: princess

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Slaves: none until roleplay starts

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ash. | 0 comments
Please bold your outline.
ex: Name: Waverly Evermore
(<.b>Name<./b> delete the dots)

Please make your image be noticeable and not a link.
<.img src=LINK.> you need an image not a link to a website.

Please add more to her personality. And just click "edit" under your comment so you don't need to make a new post.

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