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Fangs sister (fangssister) Here we go.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) So what do you usually like to do?

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Fantasy mostly.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) Me too. Do you have any ideas? I think I might have one, but I'd like to hear yours first if you do.

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None I'm just bored. Let's hear your idea.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) Alright one moment and I'll put it up.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) Earth has been practically destroyed by pollution and everything else. In the future the governments find another planet that is habitable for humans. So they evacuate all humans from earth except two. Two scientists who are left behind, tasked with finding a way to possibly save earth. But they know they were only left behind to say something is being done to help earth, when nothing can really be done. They are not without problems, the small compound they stay in is attacked nightly by mutants and crazed animals. They either must decide to try and survive it or find a way to leave.

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Cool idea, I think we could do that.

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I'm falling asleep mind if we continue tomorrow?

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I'm falling asleep mind if we continue tomorrow?

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Fangs sister (fangssister) Cool.
Oh and yeah, sorry I got caught up with some other RPS. But yeah we can continued tomorrow.

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Morning.( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

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Fangs sister (fangssister) So do you want to be the guy or the girl?

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Can i be the girl?

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Fangs sister (fangssister) Yeah of course.

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Thanks so much. Everyone wants me to be the boy I haven't gotten the chance to play a girl in forever.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) I've just gotten use to playing the guy so it's no biggy. Alright I'll put mine up in a moment.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) Name: London Anderson
Age: 26
Gender: Male

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Name: lucy jane

Age 21

appearance: short coper colored hair, two different colored eyes one blue one green. Hight: 5'4

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Fangs sister (fangssister) Cool. Do you want me to start off?

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Fangs sister (fangssister) London sat at the work bench, looking into the microscope at a sample of dirt from outside. Compared against a sample they had tried to cure. He sighed when he saw that they still looked exactly identical to each other. No change in the sample what so ever. When they had first started there work, he was certain they could do it. But they had been at it for so long, he was starting to lose hope.

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"You don't look so happy. I take it that the samples are still the same?" Lucy said as she walked towards him. She leaned over to look in the microscope. "Just when we were thinking we made some progress this happens." She said with a sigh.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) "I have a feeling were not going to make any progress anytime soon." He said taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. "Why are we even here?" He asked turning around and looking up at her. "We're fighting a losing battle, one we never even had a chance of winning."

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"Well you're not wrong. But I think we should at least try to help the earth. It was once a beautiful place. I think if we work hard enough we may be able to make it like that again." She replied taking the samples and putting them away. "We should have taken steps to prevent this from happening instead of dealing with the problem after it's gotten this bad."

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Fangs sister (fangssister) "I agree." He said getting to his feet and putting the microscope away into it's case. "They're were always people trying, but not enough listening." He shrugged and leaned back against the table crossing his arms. "Well....if there is a solution we need to find it. "Even if we are here just for show, with stone age equipment."

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"This equipment is old but what can we do about it they won't send any new stuff. We could always make the new equipment but that would take a very long time. We don't have time for that right now though. The planet is crumbling around us." She said leaning against the table. "Hay do you want to take a brake to eat, I'm hungry."

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Fangs sister (fangssister) "Yeah, sounds good." He said with a sigh. "Anything to get my mind off of this for awhile." It was a bad situation, but he knew that if he had to choose again he would do it the same. He looked out the small window and saw the sun was just about to go down. Another bad situation, night time was the worse part of the day. "I'll meet you in there. "I'll make sure all the defenses and such are up."

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"Ok. What do you want me to get you?" She asked as he walked away.

((Sorry this is short))

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((Sorry but I'll fall asleep any minute I will respond to you in the morning, if that's okay?))

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Fangs sister (fangssister) ((No worries.))

"Whatever your getting is fine." He said as he slipped on one of the two hazard suit. "I'll be right back." He gave her a small smile and headed for the door. He hated going outside, not knowing what to expect, but it was the only way they could safe at night.

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"Okay be safe." She said smiling and walking away towards the kitchen. She went into the and took two plates of spaghetti. She brought them into the dining room and set them on the table. She sat down and waited for him to come back.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) London opened the door to the air lock and took in a deep breath as he closed it behind him. He waited a few moments for it to decompress before he opened the door to the outside. Even with the suit on he could feel how hot it was. He looked around before he headed to the side of the small compound and found the lever to put up the shields.

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Lucy was feeling a bit anxious as she waited. She stood and stared to pace in front of the window, as she did she watched out side for movement. She caught a glimpse of something moving. She stopped to get a better look. "I hope that was just my imagination." She said worried.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) London found the console and quickly put in his key then pulled the lever. He heard the sound of the second generator coming on and pulled out his key. He then very quickly made his way back toward the air lock. Before he could open the door he heard a low growl from behind him. He didn't turn around only quickly opened the door and ran in. Before he could close it all the way his suit was scratched. He let out a hard breath as the door closed and he fell backwards.

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Lucy was worried that what she saw was not her imagination so she left the dining room and headed for the door to the out side. When she got there she saw London on the ground. He looked a little scared. She ran over to the door and asked him if he was okay.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) London got to his feet when he heard her and brushed himself off. "Yeah I think so. "Something attacked me... not sure what though." He shook it off the best he could and opened the door. He started taking off the suit and saw the claw marks on the side. "Well that was close." He tried to joke.

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"From the looks of the scratch it may have been some kind of canine. Did it hurt you?" She asked worried.

((Sorry short one))

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Fangs sister (fangssister) "Maybe just a small scratch." He pulled up the side of his shirt a bit. There was a rather long red scratch mark going up his side. "I'll be fine." He put his shirt back down. "Let's go and eat."

((No worries.))

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"You are not fine! That scratch could get infected. We have know idea what was on that things claws." She grabbed his wrist and dragged him in to the bathroom. "Lift up your shirt I'm going to disinfect it." She took the medical kit of the shelf.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) He sighed as she drug him to the small bathroom. Though he knew she was right. He didn't know which animal it was, but he knew he shouldn't take a chance with all of the new bacteria and other viruses that had presently started forming.
"Okay okay..." He said as he pulled up his shirt again.

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She took out a few cotton balls and dipped then in alcohol. "This is going to sting." She said as she dabbed the cotton balls across the cut. "Do you have any idea what that was?" She threw away the cotton balls and covered the scratch with a few big bands.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) He winced slightly as she put the disinfectant on. Watching as she cleaned it out.
"No I didn't get a look at it." He looked down at the scratch again. " But by the look of the wound, I'd say is was some sort of feline."

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"I say canine. At home I had many different kinds of canines this looks like one of their scratches. Mine made these when they played with their food. Plus I think I saw another one of them when I was in the dining room. Feline don't usually hunt in packs." She said as she put the medical kit away

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Fangs sister (fangssister) "Well that's just great." He said with a sigh as he pulled his shir back down. "All we need is a pack of vicious dogs roving about while we are trying to work." He shook his head then smiled slightly. "Thanks for patching me up. "Let's go and eat."

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"Ya, I'm even hungrier now. After we eat we should talk about how to get rid of those dogs." She said leaving the bathroom heading towards the dining room.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) "Yeah I'm starving." He said softly. He glanced at himself in the mirror for a moment. He was slightly pale but other then that he felt okay. He knew his color would very soon come back. He let out a breath and followed after her to the dinning room\ kitchen. It would be a job in itself to try and get rid of them.

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Once in the dining room she took the seat closest to the window. She looked out the window than jumped out if her seat in surprise. "Oh my god get in here!" She yelled to London. There was a vary big and ugly creature siting a few feet from the window.

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