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The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain
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Ashley (ashleydz) | 43 comments This book first comes across as more like a textbook. Fallon is a scientist first and foremost and so his discussions on what creates or constitutes a psychopath (gene-wise, environmentally, socially) is quite detailed and sometimes difficult to understand. My eyes honestly glazed over when he was discussing the different genes and hormones that can create a psychopath.

It wasn't until nearer the end of the novel that you got to see a glimpse of the real Fallon, the one with the psychopathic personality. This is the part that I found most interesting. His discussion about his partying, and his treatment of his friends and family, and finally realizing that it was more like a psychopath than he thought, was very interesting to read. This is a man who truly, accidentally discovered that he was a psychopath. It's a good read just for that.

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Natália Lopes (silkcaramel) This seems really interesting, I might give it a try since I don't have a book planned out for this category.

Ashley (ashleydz) | 43 comments It was quite good. Especially interesting is reading about what a psychopath thinks about psychopaths.

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