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Is this a science fiction book to you or a survival, almost horror?
Joel Smith Joel Jan 28, 2015 06:17PM
Have you ever noticed that this book is more survival-horror than science fiction?

Good science fiction usually involves social commentary of some sort. Wells wrote War of the Worlds as a commentary on the warring nature of the imperial European powers. The Martians represented imperial Britain. He was trying to show his readers how Britain was viewed by the people in the colonies it ruled over.

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I believe that when Wells wrote War of the Worlds, the entire notion of viruses was itself cutting-edge science, and for most readers, that idea alone would have seemed like science fiction.

I never thought of it as horror because it didn't really frighten me the first time I read it. But now that I think back, it's because I listened to the Jeff Wayne concept album as a small child, and that scared me so much that I was desensitized by the time I read the book at 12ish. Just reading the words "Ullah! Ullah!" doesn't have the same effect as hearing it in a pair of clunky headphones in stereo at top volume.
I think that intent-wise it's equal parts science fiction and social commentary. If you notice, it doesn't really have much plot; he's just traveling back and forth and observing the Martians. And occasionally comparing them in his head to European colonists, hmmm. I think the survival-horror aspect is something we see now because of all the zombie apocalypse fiction currently flooding the market.

Dawn Napier I just grabbed the 30th anniversary edition on CD. That oil change can wait another week. :P
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Science fiction can often also fall under survival-horror. In many books where a character struggles to survive in a horrifying circumstance, he/she got to that circumstance because of technology.

So, I'd say that "War of the Worlds" is both survival-horror and science fiction.

Konna Actually yes, it's both a science fiction and a survival-horror novel. ...more
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