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This is a shrine/temple to Persephone. Mortals come here to pray to her, make sacrifices, etc.

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Athena entered the temple. She mostly wanted to see the architecture of it, how well it was built.

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"Hello Persephone!" Athena said cheerily as she noticed Persephone.

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"Oh, just checking out the temple. I hang out at other gods' temples sometimes. How are you doing today?" Athena asked.

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"Oh. Why were they yelling?" Athena queried.

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"That's extremely false. " Athena said, also rolling her eyes.

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"I haven't seen Hades lately, how is he?" Athena asked.

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"I doubt they are good company." Athena said, smiling back.

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"Oh. I prefer Mount Olympus, or a quiet place to read." Athena shrugged.

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"Oh, there's hundreds! I couldn't begin to name them all! But I'll try!" Athena sighed happily.

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"Throne of Glass, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, although I don't like how I'm portrayed in that. The Five Kingdoms series, Divergent. There's so many!" Athena rambled.

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"Cool! I have to leave too." Athena said brightly, waving at Persephone. And then Athena disappeared.

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