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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Okay hi!

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments So just to make sure, who do you want to be?

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Alrighties, do I need to know anything else?

It's a really cool idea btw :D

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments So your is all dark and mine is all good and fluffy right? So I'm assuming that makes my character a little naive and helpless, right?

No problem :)))

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Okay, that sounds good! So do you want to start?

Brw I'm really excited for this!

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments I'm pretty much the same, so no worries :D

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[image error]Charlotte Rose Covington
[image error]18 ~ Fαє ~ Dινι∂є∂

[image error](view spoiler)

[image error]Cнαяℓσттє, or as she goes by, Lottie, is a regular fae gal from the Divided. She had an almost gold blonde hair that goes down to her mid back, and tends to stay perfectly in place. She's petite and curvaceous, not a single mark on her body. Neither tan nor pale, she seems to fall right in between with fair skin. Accompanied by her striking sky-blue eyes and small stature of 5'3, she makes quite a beauty. A sweet smile is always seen on her face with eyes that have a need for a sense of adventure. She's kind and loves to help people but perhaps is a little too curious for her own good and for some reason, trouble is always seemingly finding her.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Thanks, you too! Alrighties!

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Yeah, it's fine :)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Has her mother died yet, or no?)

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Charlotte Rose Convington, better known as Lottie, was chewing on her lip a bit nervously. Her mother was ahead of her, pulling her by the hand and making sure that she didn't get lost. Even so, the blonde was a little anxious to get back home. She didn't know why they were her and while she did love adventure and the unknown, everyone heard storied of the Boundary and how dangerous it was to be near there. Still, she trusted her mother and followed her, still unsure of their destination. The only thing ahead would be the Boundary but she knew her mother wouldn't be going through there, they couldn't, it was forbidden. Still the secrecy got her curious and excited beneath her nervousness and soon she has a small smile against her lips, wondering where they might be heading towards. She took everything in with a little spring in her step now and her eyes dancing with excitement she couldn't contain, making sure to commit everything to memory. When they get home, she'll make sure to make up some stories for her friends. They would surely be excited to hear them once she told them that she had gotten so near the boundary.

"Mother? Where are we going?" She asked in a hushed whisper, everything was so quiet that she didn't want to disturb the silence of the forest. "Hush Lottie, we don't want to draw any unwanted attention to ourselves, especially now." Her mother reprimanded, and that's when Lottie spotted the Boundary with wide eyes. She, and everyone else in the Divided knew what was being contained on the other side.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (I know, I'm just finishing up some homework beforehand >.< )

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Lottie was in awe of the Boundary, never having seen anything like it. The light magic done at home and taught at school looked nothing like this, it felt nothing like this. Light magic felt calming and nice, as if it was made up of all things sweet. This, this was ancient, powerful, mysterious. It had light, she could feel it, but what scared her was that it felt dark as well. 'Of course it does,' She mentally chastised herself. Everyone knew how the Boundary was made, they were taught the lesson in school and if there was one thing she had, it was intelligence. The blonde, despite her happy and positive attitude, was known to be quite smart. Anyways everyone knew that a long time ago, after the Fae had taken over, it had been crucial to separate the two types of fae's. The light and the dark. And so it was said that the four most powerful fae's stood on one side, two dark fae's on one side, and the two light on the other and together they made the Boundary. Or so it was told, no one had been there besides those fairies. They long outlived anyone, with beauty so warm to look at, the King and Queen of the Divided. The other two were the King and Queen of the Undivided, the four oldest fae's and the four most powerful.

The powerful magic called to her, to the light magic she herself, harvested. It was as if she was memorized by it and couldn't look away. Every inch of her being was telling her to go through and it would have worked; had she not known what laid on the other side. The fae of the Undivided. It was said that they were the cruelest of them all and they never should they venture there. When Lottie finally managed to snap out of her stupor, she was surprised to see that she had lifted a hand to try and touch the boundary. But maybe the magic had called to her, because when she put her hand back down, the soft glow that came with using magic was starting to disappear from her hand.

"It's amazing mama,"She breathed, observing the boundary. But when she got no answer, she turned to look at her mother. Only to find her absolutely memorized by the Boundary, her entire body lighting up with light magic. She stood there for a second, until she realized that her mama was reaching for the barrier, to go through! "Mama, no!" Lottie tried to snap her out of it but nothing worked, eventually the petite girl tried to push her out the way but it was as if the wall had hypnotized her mother. "Mama!"

"Out of my way, you stupid child!" She snapped, not sounding like herself. Lottie had no warning as her mother struck her, sending her crashing into the tree a few feet away, the burn of the light magic stinging her cheek. she knew it wouldn't last long. She wasn't afraid of that, she was afraid for her mama! "Mama, STOP!" She yelled and then it rippled. Before her mama even touched the Boundary, the entire thing rippled, as if someone had thrown a rock in a pound and watched the rippled go from smaller to bigger.

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Charlotte was in awe of the Boundary, the entire thing was amazing. It was like a clear wall, giving off a reflection of the forest but once in a while there was a certain shine to it that was obvious there was something in your way. But as amazing as it was, Lottie was slowly starting to realize that maybe, just maybe, she should listen to the dread starting to fill the bottom of her stomach. There was something about this place that hadn't felt right since the beginning but she had shrugged it off, trusting her mama to lead, and there was her problem. She was too trustworthy but there was never any reason not to be. But seeing the way her mama had become so entranced had left her startled. Her cheek started to throb now and it just reminded her that she wanted to go home. Back home her mama would be fine, smiling and kind as always, and all of this would be put behind them. It was a naive way of thinking but in the Divided there was never anything to worry about. There hadn't been conflict in so long and crime was almost non-existent, everyone was getting along with one another and it was great. What was there to worry about there?

But here in the forest, where not even the sun shined through, and there was only mist, had her worried. She blamed it on her paranoia, they were light fae's and she wasn't used to in a place that was so dreary. The petite blonde felt cutoff from the rest of the Divided at the moment. Fae's were able to sense the aura of other's and the light fairy's were all warm and comforting but here everything felt empty. She had never known how used to it she had been until there nothing there. It was probably effecting her senses and once they were home none of this would matter anymore.

After the Boundary rippled, Charlotte's unease started to grow. "Mama, please, let's just go home!" She begged her but before she could get a reply, a sudden chill found it's way down her back. It was nothing like she's ever felt before ,it was cold and distant, and it gave her a sense of urgency to leave, more than before. The petite fae slowly turned her head towards where the aura were, dreading what she might find. Her head was running away with the ideas of all kinds of monsters but that was just her imagination, right? Nothing ever went wrong here. Nothing. It just couldn't and the second she made sure it was nothing that was there, she could be a little bit more at ease.

Off in the distance were a couple of shadows, regular shadows. Her heart started to relax from it's frantic beating and she was just about to call out for help when they started yelling. She sat there, dazed, and it wasn't until they were getting closer that she snapped out of it. "Mama, let's go!" She scrambled to her feet, trying to pull her mother along who's empty eyes were staring back at her. Her adrenaline started to pump when she realized that cold feeling? It was coming from them. Just like they had appeared as the ripples did. Her tugging got more frantic, eventually she started to try and drag her along but there was no way she was getting far if she wanted to take mama with her. Everything was falling in place but she didn't want to believe it. No one went through the Boundary. No one.

(Sorry I took so long. It slipped my mind >.<)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Okay great! I can't wait :D Good luck with school and homework ^^ )

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Um hello? >.>)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (?)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Are we stopping this one?)

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