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2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. do not rp here without the owners permission or a mods. if you need the character then know on the door.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "I know that" Ellina says."And yeah,I guess you're right,he would rather us be in public" she says thinking."It doesn't matter anyway." she says waving it off."And of course I trust you" she says looking at him.Ellina walks up to her apartment door and takes out her key to the door.She unlocks the door and looks in.She then steps in and turns on the light,she looks around.Her apartment looked comfortable and perfect for a person like her.She stood there waiting for Seth to come in.

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Seth walks in, closing the door behind him. "Nice place." he says, glancing around. he puts his hands on her waist and gently kisses her lips. "need me to do anything?" he asks.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Ellina smiles."Thanks" she says.Seth's place would most definitely be bigger and more nice since he came first in Initiation.She walks up to one of the doors there and opens it.It was a bedroom.She walks in and puts her bags inside.She then walks out of the room and into the living room area."No,it's fine." she says.She looks around for a few seconds.She can't wait to settle in.

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"You sure?" Seth asks, smiling. "No furniture you have the strange urge to move?"

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He puts his stuff on the ground by the door. "Or need help unpacking or anything?" He asks. He was happy to finally be alone with her.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Ellina shakes her head."No I'll manage myself" she says.She looks around.She sees a sofa in the back of the room and sits on it.She'll move the furniture later.Right now she's exhausted and wants to rest.Afterall,she had to go through all of her worst fears a few minutes ago.She rubs her eyes with her fingers."Sorry,I still have that headache" she says.She still hasn't gotten alot of sleep lately.

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Seth sits next to her and puts his arm around her. "You want Advil or something? I actually have it Cuz of these stupid ribs."

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"Which I don't ever thanked you for. So thanks for making me actually do something about them. They're almost healed." He tells her as an after thought.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((Sorry for not being on,today was really busy :/ ))

"It's fine.All I need is just a little sleep" Ellina says with a half smile,trying to reassure him she's ok.Her head throbbed really badly but she tried to ignore it and show no pain on her face."No problem,and I'm glad they're nearly healed" she smiles as best as she can with sore head.

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Seth nods. Hed expected her to want to check but he didn't care one way or the other. "You can take a nap if you want. I hear my lap and shoulder I very comfortable." He says, a small smile on his face. "Why does your head hurt so bad? I can see it in your eyes."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Sorry,I'm being so uncaring and mean" Ellina says burrowing her face in her hands.She didn't even ask to check his ribs,she would normally check on them but right now with a throbbing head,she totally forgot.She sighs."I'm sorry Seth.Right now isn't one of my best days there is" she says as she removes her hands from her face."I keep having nightmares,but now that Initiation is over,maybe they'll go away" she says.

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Seth pulls her into a hug. "Shh El no. You're the most caring girl in this entire faction, you're allowed to take care of yourself sometimes." He says, worried about her mental wellbeing. "Does it help you when I'm there, I mean while you sleep does it make you less likely to have a nightmare when someone else is with you?" He asks, having an idea.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Ellina lets Seth pull her into a hug."No,I really should of done more" she says.She wanted to cry,to let it all out,but she restrained from it.She didn't want to look like an idiot."Well it does help if someone's there,but it doesn't make the nightmare go away" she says "I still wake up".

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"Like what El? There's nothing more you could have done. I'm fine please don't feel bad." Seth says, rubbing her back. "Would you be okay with me staying here or you staying with me tonight? I want you to sleep and atleast I'll be there to comfort you when you wake up."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "I don't want you to worry about me or waste your time,you don't have to stay over.I'll be fine." Ellina says reassuringly."Initiation has ended,finally,so I think I'll be ok tonight" she smiles."Really" she adds.She is tired after Initiation and thinks that she will be able to sleep soundly tonight after everything.

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"A. I'm always going to worry about you. B. You're never a waste of time. C. I don't mind doing it in the slightest." Seth tells her. "Are you sure you'll be okay?"

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "I will be ok.Don't worry about it Seth.Really." Ellina reassures him."You have to settle in your place anyway.I can't keep you from going home." she says.She doesn't want to keep Seth here and not let him go to his new home and settle in.It wouldn't be fair to him.

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"I've already got all my stuff in there basically anyway. There's like a chain of apartments for the family of the faction head." He tells her. "Princess I just want you to be ok. Please?"

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "I guess you're right" Ellina admits."But I will be ok Seth.Please don't worry." she says looking into his eyes."I'll call you if I have a terrible nightmare if you don't trust me" she says.She wouldn't really call Seth though,because she wouldn't want to disrupt him.But she just wants to make him stop worrying so much right now.

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Seth sighs. "I barely sleep anyway." He tells her. "Hurts too much to lay on my ribs. And you know nightmares of my uncle." Hed never told anyone that and no one noticed since he wasn't a fitfull sleeper. Only Amber really knew, and now Ellina. "I don't want you to be alone if you have a nightmare."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Let's hope your ribs get better soon quickly.I can't imagine how that feels.I haven't really ever broken anything.Rodrick always has" Ellina says thinking about how Rodrick would come home each they with something broken."I have had nightmares of your uncle too.I've had them since Initiation kinda started.That's why I can't sleep." Ellina says biting her lip."I think Kyle has affected us all" she says.She knows for one that Rodrick has had nightmares about their father dying for a while now,but since he found out it was Kyle who killed him,the nightmare occurrence has increased."I'll be fine alone." she says reassuring him.

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"I hate that man." He mutters. "i really wish you didn't have to see that. I'm honestly surprised seeing me that violent didn't scare you away." he tells her honestly not looking up. "are you sure el?" of course as she keeps denying that he should stay with her, roodricks words pop into his head. Seth can't help but think rodrick was right, that he scared ellina or reminded her too much of kyle, probably both.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "It didn't scare me because I knew Rodrick would be even more violent than you if he ever met Kyle" Ellina says.She knew for a fact that that was true.When their father died,Rodrick lost everything.He didn't lose just a father,he lost a best friend.The same for Ellina,but Rodrick was way closer to their father than Ellina was."I'm glad he hasn't actually met him before.That wouldn't end up well" she says."And yes I'm sure.Don't worry" she says,trying to reassure him once more.

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"Yeah I'm not sure about that." Seth mutters. There was so much guilt felt by his whole family about what happened to his mom. Even more for added with every person kyle killed. This was their flesh and blood, killing everyone they loved. His mom was the person he loved more then anyone and he'd lost her, only because she tried to protect him. "Okay I guess." He gives in. "If you want me to not stay then I won't."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Yeah,you're right." Ellina says."It's just that you should of seen what happened to Rodrick after our father died.I was basically watching a person dying.That's all I saw in him.It was like he was...gone.Dead.His eyes were just so blank" she says thinking about Rodrick after their dad's death.Rodrick still feels pain everyday.Waking up with no father."He lost everything" she says.She pulls herself out of her thoughts."Anyway,I do think that you shouldn't stay because,I don't want you to not sleep because of my dumb nightmares.And also you need to settle in aswell." she says.

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"I don't think he'd want me to see that. Ever." Seth points out. He reacted the opposite way. He cried for months but during the day he would train for hours, determined that that would never happen to anyone he loved ever again. He even carried his brother, who was much bigger and older, 5 miles to a hospital so that he wouldn't lose his best friend and big brother, especially right after he lost his mom. "I'll do what you want. But don't worry about my sleeping."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Yeah you're right" Ellina smiles."Basically,he was a mess.And still is really." she says.Only the people closest to him would know that he was still in pain over what happened."You still need to sleep though,somehow." Ellina says with concern."And anyway,it must be annoying when I start panicking and screaming at random points in my sleep." she says.

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"I promise you I don't care." Seth tells her. "Scream all you want, I still want to be here to make sure you're ok."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Ellina smiles."You don't have to do that for me" she says."No one likes screaming and shouting anyway.It will annoy you after a while" she says.

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Seth laughs. "We're talking in circles you know." He points out. "I'm not going to force myself in here but just so you know I honestly would want to be here, okay?" He decides to just let her decide. "Besides you like half carried me back from erudite and delt with this stupid jaw and ribs thing without any complaints, and my ribs looked nasty. I owe you."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "You don't owe me anything." Ellina says."You already had to deal with me waking up from a nightmare already so now we're even" Ellina smiles."And you're ribs weren't that bad,I've dealt with much worse cases" she says with a small smile.

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"And see I still offer to do it again, must not have been that bad." He reasons. "And my ribs beg to differ... Though that's probably because I keep re breaking them." Seth trails off. "Atleast I can actually use my mouth now."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((Sorry,I had to go to be,it was 3am))

"Yeah that's probably it.How do you manage to keep re-breaking them?" Ellina asks in wonder."It's not good to keep re-breaking something that hasn't been healed properly,obviously" she says."Let me take a look at them and see how much they've healed" she says.

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"Let's see. I fought kyle again. Your brother did something to them in our fight. I think I broke them again fighting with Drew." Seth thinks for a moment. "Fine but try not to touch them." He tells her, taking off his tshirt. His ribs were still bruised a lot, his whole chest was purple.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((Sorry,I haven't been on Goodreads today because I've had a really busy day,and week :/))

Ellina rolls her eyes while smiling."You have to be more careful ok?" she asks.Ellina looks at Seth's ribs once he takes his shirt off."Seth!You said they were almost healed!" she exclaims.She looks at his chest,it was all purple.She didn't want to touch his ribs because from the looks of it,if she did,then it would hurt like hell."Why did you lie?" she asks "Because clearly they haven't almost healed" she says looking at him.

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Seth laughs. "They are almost healed, the bones are all good now. The skin is healing." He explains. "I promise it's not as bad as it looks. See I can even laugh like a normal human. And it doesn't hurt to hug you." He says. "Promise princess."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Ok then.If you say so." Ellina says."It looks pretty bad though.But if you say it's healing,then all you need is some rest." she says.It's better if he does rest,because she doesn't want him to keep re-breaking them.

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"I will I promise." He tells her. "Seriously they don't hurt that bad. Don't worry about them."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Ok,if you really say so" Ellina says.She looks around the room,there was alot of furniture to move but she decided that she'll move it the next day,as she just wanted to go to bed now,during Initiation she barely got any sleep.

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"You look tired." He tells her. He pats his lap. "Cmon lay down and take a nap." Seth tells her. "I'll fight away the nightmares."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments ((I have to go to bed,I'm really sorry but it's really late here :/))

"Seth,I don't want you to not get any sleep because of me.It's not fair to you." Ellina says."Please,I want you to get some rest aswell,after Initiation,I think we all need a bit of rest.And you need it extra because of your ribs" she says looking at him.She was worried that he wouldn't get much sleep because of her.

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((Oh no worries, I'm at a friends anyway))

"Just take a nap. I'll sleep tonight. Or I can sleep sitting up, I learned." Seth tells her. "Sleep el, don't worry bout me."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "But it's already getting late.And I know that if I take a nap now,then I'll fall asleep and sleep for hours.So then,because of me,you won't get any sleep." Ellina says.She looks at him."Seth,I'll be fine.I'm just worried you won't get any sleep." she says.

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"Still talking in circles." He notices. "I can sleep just find right here. Princess im promising you I'll get enough sleep. Just lay down, you're clearly exhausted."

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "Fine." she gives in."But I don't want to wake you so it's best if we sleep separately." Ellina says."I really don't want to wake you up Seth.I don't want to be responsible for someone not getting enough sleep" she says biting her her lip.

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"Why are you such a good person?" He questions." He half jokes. "I'll sleep on your floor. That way I'm close enough if something actually happens.

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments "You're not going to sleep on the floor Seth" Ellina laughs."That would be so uncomfortable." she says."I'll sleep on the couch and you can sleep in the bed,how about that?" she asks.

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