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How are you using Scrivener? > I use Scrivener for script writing my comic book story.

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Just started to write my comic book story. I'm writing it in a movie script format so I really enjoy the corkboard feature where it allows you to write all your scenes on index cards. You can move them arround as much as you want and it really works well for me.

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Jay Artale (rovingjay) | 23 comments Mod
Feel free to share print screen images to show how you're using Scrivener.

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cool I'll do that for sure later on. :)

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Jay Artale (rovingjay) | 23 comments Mod
Great .. I love seeing how others lay out their binders

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Jay Artale (rovingjay) | 23 comments Mod
Click on the link (some html is ok)to see how you add an image. It'll need it's own url so you can add the link to the line of code.

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