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CF at BMS i am reading a book called catching fire by Suzanne Collins.I think that this book is very descriptive in many ways here is one way."the woman Seeder,looks almost looks like she could be from the seam,with here olive skin and straight black hair streaked with silver".So if you liked this and action suspense and more i rec emend this book to you.

Mackenzie Yeah, it's a good book. :)

Julian Gonzalez Catching Fire is my favorite book in the trilogy :D Hunger Games was really good, and the third book was okay, but the second managed to maintain the action of book 1 while building intricate relationships unlike that of book 1. Loved it :-)

Izzy My favorite is the first one, I think that Catching Fire is great though. Especially since we meet Finnick and Beetee, and I don't know why but I really enjoyed Wiress

Llama Senpai I really loved this book.

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