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How did it end?

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Ophelia So confused!

Karla Eureka possessed Atlas' body later joined by Brooks in order to make him cry to reverse the flood. She cried tears of love and brought the dead back to life. Atlas died and joined Delpine in a pearl and completed the prophecy. Eureka and Brooks became disembodied and climbed the rainbow and joined Diana. Hence the "They Died" part.

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Ovidio Perez This is how it should have ended: Eureka was brought back to life by her own tears she shed while inside Atlas body as well as Brooks coming back on the other side as well. Knowing that Eureka was given a second chance at life she embraced Brooks and told him she made her final decision to marry Ander the love of her life. Brooks feeling hurt on the inside gives Eureka her final kiss which was bittersweet moment for the both of them. Brooks looks depressed, but knows deep down Ander is the right guy for her as well while he watches her run away looking for Ander. Eureka rushes to find Ander in a crowd of people coming back to life. She sees him and jumps into his arms and finally admits that she loves Ander more than anyone. Ander gives her with a kiss like no other. Deep and passionate as can be, making Eureka toes curl. Eureka also managed to bring her Dad back as well as her step mother from the dead too. They embrace each other as she watches the twins come in for hugs too. She tells them that she and Ander are a thing now. They cheer with joy as time goes by Ander proposes to Eureka and she says yes to him. They get hitch and have huge wedding with all of their dear friends. They live happily ever after this is how it should have been ended... :')

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