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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 31 comments Mod
Choose a question from your bookmark that you understand and write a reading response.

Remember to make sure that your topic sentence:
-includes important text info
-restates the key words of the question
-contains your specific answer to the question

Please consult your rubric and models to ensure that you are doing your best work!

For a “4”: Did I….
• Write a topic sentence that provided the claim and important text information, such as the title, author, and genre of my text?
• Provide background of what is happening in the text so my reader understands what I’m talking about? Did I say what was happening at the time of the quote/evidence?
• Find evidence from the text that proves that the change was important?
• Paraphrase (This shows....) and then analyze how my quote proves my claim ("This proves that ____________________was an important moment because.../This interested me because..../I disliked this because..../This changed my point of view because.....)?
• Write a conclusion sentence that restates your claim in a different way?

message 2: by Sammy (new)

Sammy | 26 comments In Dan Gutman's historical non-fiction novel, Mickey & Me, the author wanted me to appreciate how the father of Joe Stoshack, a boy who lives in Kentucky, got in a car accident. In the beginning of the story, Joe's mom told Joe that his dad got in a car accident. he was shocked and scared about the news. He rushed to The University of Louisville Hospital to check on his father. The author included this part in the beginning to to make readers feel bad for Joe and appreciate the painful situation he is dealing with. Joe was worried as well, as he states "For the first time in my life, the thought seriously crossed my mind that he could die and I would have no father." (4). This shows that Joe was worried that his father died in the accident and was terrified. This proves that he cares about his father and he wants nothing dangerous to happen to him. Overall, Joe is currently going through a tough time. The author included this part of the story to teach readers to always be with their loved ones. Nobody knows what may occur in the future, whether it is positive or negative.

message 3: by Farhanali (new)

Farhanali | 35 comments In the book Touching The Void a realistic fiction novel by Joe Simson what I dislike about this book is that it isn't very interesting and it keeps talking about the conditions of the mountain they are climbing. For example it said "by the end of the second day, Richard was feeling the effects of altitude."(17) This shows that the author wasn't making the book really interesting for the readers and that it usually talk about the conditions of the mountain and not on the character. This proves that I'm not into the book and dislike it. Overall the author didn't get my attention and that I didn't really like anything about the book.

message 4: by Adam (new)

Adam K | 8 comments In the fictional novel "Scorpia" by Anthony Horowitz the most important conflict of the story is the my protagonist has to take out one of the most prestigious assassins in the world. He was threatened by the assassin that he will bomb the burj khalifa if he did not give the person 150 million dollars. But right then the boss of scorpia tells my protagonist he has 8 days to get the kill or else they will frame him. But right then he responds, " I will take him out but if you try and bring me down you are coming with me" (118). This shows that Alex has an objective and he is determined to kill anyone who is in his way. This proves that Alex has to take out the most prestigious assassin in the world because rather than having nothing to do the boss has something for Alex to achieve and he knows that he is ready and realizes that he is like the older ones in the scorpia organization. Therefore because the boss of scorpia told Alex that he will take him down if he does not kill the assassin an important conflict is Alex has to take out the most prestigious assassin.

message 5: by Brooke (last edited Jan 29, 2015 07:13PM) (new)

Brooke Christina | 30 comments In the fictional novel "Miles To Go" by Miley Cyrus, I like how Miley is so open and not ashamed of the things she has been through. Miley Cyrus has been describing a moment in her life where she was on stage and she ran off stage everyday for 3 days because she felt sick. The doctor said that she has a hole in her heart but when she started performing on stage was when she started feeling sick. She feels that ever since her normal life changed into this celebrity life, its been so stressing but fun. Miley describes how she felt about that exact moment not in just one word but a paragraph so I understand better. Miley states." I always thought that working as hard as I possibly could was the path toward achieving my dreams. But my body has no limits that I have to respect."(110) This shows that what she is saying could be put into one word to describe how she's feeling but instead she shows how she's really feeling by not just putting a word. This proves that she likes to put all in her feelings and summarize it into a little paragraph. Overall, I like how Miley is really open about her feelings.

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Amaya | 4 comments In "smile for the camera" a memoir written by Kelle James, the author made the text interesting when Kelle had written her past about her father like, telling me bits of him and how he is, leading me more into the story to find out whats really happening. Kelle is a young 16 year old girl living in Maryland, she is a country girl that now left her home in Maryland for modeling in New York and is not used to how different things are there. As she settles down she talks about how she doesn't ever wanna go back home in Maryland cause of how her father is and told a little flash back of him. Kelle said "He's standing close to my bed. A street lamp shines behind him, through my window. The light flares around his dark form like a halo. He's got his gun in his hand. I cant stand that gun". This text shows that there is more to her dad that is keeping her away from home not wanting to go back to Maryland from the little bits of her flashbacks that she writes. This means that as she talks about her flashbacks and why she wont want to go back home is leading me more into the story to better understand whats happening. Therefor, Kelle makes the text interesting by leading me on in the story to figure things out by her little bits of stories about her dad.

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