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Whitney | 221 comments So I for one am definitely interested in giving this a read because my sister, who never reads, has been nagging me to read this series for months. I think I might start with this one this month.

Taryn (taryngilliland) | 50 comments Bared to You is sitting on my DNF shelf, unfortunately. A friend of mine loved 50 Shades of Grey (reading the trilogy fully at least six times), so for Christmas I bought her this book because all the reviews I read either said "It's better than 50" or "It's worse than 50", which I thought would be a win win for her either way.

I'm on the fence about Sylvia Day; I liked Pride and Pleasure but didn't care for Afterburn & Aftershock. Reading BtY, I recognized her character types, plot, and writing style, so nothing new there. It wasn't until... 65% through, possibly, where it all went downhill for me. (view spoiler) I had to back away from the book and do a lot of thinking. Finally I decided, "Nope, that hit my squick factor a little too hard and I think I just found my line." Stuck it on the DNF shelf and haven't touched it since.

On the plus side, my friend enjoyed it and wants to get the rest of the series. :)

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Michelle (stormfire298) | 52 comments Taryn did you read story of O? I am having trouble starting any of the books this month and am finding myself f very apprehensive. Is this one easier to start than any of the others?

Taryn (taryngilliland) | 50 comments Michelle wrote: "Taryn did you read story of O? I am having trouble starting any of the books this month and am finding myself f very apprehensive. Is this one easier to start than any of the others?"

I have not read Story of O and by the sounds of it, I don't think I want to.

Bared to You will probably be easier to get into; the majority of the book is not about BDSM (I stopped before I got to that point but I hear it's thrown in there closer to the end) and more about two damaged people in a relationship.

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Michelle (stormfire298) | 52 comments Thanks!

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Cindy | 7 comments I read Bared To You after 50 Shades and I found it meh...

It wasn't bad per se, it just felt like a young adult's foray into the dom/sub genre. Some portions were amazing and others were completely dull or worse, completely unbelievable.

I don't shock easily so there was no real "ick" factor for me, just intermittent annoyance.

Same thing can actually be said for 50. It left me feeling like a book snob for not liking it more lol.

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Katie (katie_jones) | 348 comments I thought the writing in this book was much better than 50SoG, or while we're at it, Story of O. I know, I know all the stuff about O being "classic," and "stylistic," etc., but at the end of the day, I'm still reading it like a horrifyingly abusive refrigerator manual.
I also appreciated that everything in this book was consensual (even with the! trope), and that both characters were victims of abuse, but were also seeking treatment and healing, instead of just banging their way into true love. Overall, I found it much more readable than the main pick, and much more passionate as well.

Note: The super-unrealistic sex also had me laughing. A little realism would be nice at some point, but reading about anal fingering causing sharting probably wouldn't be super romantic ;)

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Carolyn Smith | 34 comments I think my favorite thing in this book was that the two of them decided that they needed counseling, both singly and together, to help work through the issues they had. I don't think I've ever seen a romance novel where the idea of couples counseling comes up. It's marvelous to see it put forward as a reasonable thing to do.

Leah | 25 comments Yes, this book is unrealistic but I thought the sexy times were pretty hot and frequent. So I liked it :)

Rebecca | 18 comments I previously read Bared before it was picked for this month. I have to say I thought it was OK but I thought Rush by Maya Banks was slightly better.

Moarbooxpls | 18 comments I kind of marathoned the whole series because I got invested in the characters. I find some of the stuff a bit problematic and there is no way I could ever be in a relationship with a man anything like that but I do care what happens to Eva and Gideon.

One thing I like about this series that I haven't liked about most of the Maya Banks' Breathless series is that there is less of a . . . status imbalance, if that makes sense. Eva has family that cares about her. She is not as wealthy as Gideon, but she is not hard up for cash, either. I like that they are both working through recovering from past abuse instead of it being just Eva. It just seems like a more equal power balance to me.

I also like that Eva sees the need and makes the effort to cultivate female friends.

I'm not thrilled with Gideon being a crazy stalker. But the dynamic of Eva already being sensitive to that because of her mother's issues is interesting.

Steelwhisper It is craft-wise better written than Fifty Shades. The rest is unfortunately too much taking the same line. I didn't find it erotic at all, and the characters were improbable people doing improbable things in a high-gloss world of consumerism.

Whitney | 221 comments Ok everyone, I started this and it's just coming off dull to me, but I've only gotten a couple chapters in. Does it get better? Should I keep going?

Kellios I liked this a little better than 50 Shades of Grey. I found it way more interesting than Story of O, that's for sure. I agree with Katie who called it an abusive refrigerator manual. With Story of O I had to force myself to get through it. There was nothing there for me to relate to and everything was told to me in a dull, rote manner.

With Bared to You I actually could engage with the story and start to care about the characters. I liked seeing the developing relationship between two people who have their own baggage. I liked that couples therapy was introduced and discussed in a realistic and wholesome way.

There were some bits that I found eye-rolling worthy, but it didn't really annoy me all that much. I could ignore it and still enjoy the story.

Whitney | 221 comments So I plowed ahead with this one and even though I really did not like the first few chapters, I found it got better as it went on. By the end I found myself really interested in the relationship between Eva and Gideon and how their past would play into everything.

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