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This is just a little fun for us to see other peoples characters themes songs. Please pick a song that describes your character. Here is the Form.


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Iris Beckett
[Kingdom] Itola
1.) Mandy Rain - Riot (Theme song)
2.) Mandy Rain, Kenton Duty - Dare To Love (Silas' + Iris' song)

• She hates being a shackled girl
• She will do anything to attempt destroy the kingdom
• Fire is one of her powers.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 437 comments Mod
[Name] Alexandra Roseheart
[Kingdom] Itola
1. Bad Reputation- Joan Jett (general mood about life)
2. Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding (Alexandra & Georg)

-Alexandra has a big mouth and often gets on people's bad sides. But she doesn't care what others think.
-Her relationship with Georg is walking a thin line, dangerous but beautiful

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[Name] Samantha Felton
[Kingdom] Kiloma
1. War of Hearts: Ruelle
(This song is for her future relationship with prince Warren)

2. Killing You: Asking Alexandria
(This represents how Sam feels about her sister's death, and the burden she feels she puts on her brother)

Kakashi ~The Legend~ | 35 comments [Name] Tiberius 'Praetor' Evermore
[Kingdom] Kiloma
[Song/link] Wrong Side of Heaven
-Tiberius does so many good and bad things, he doesn't even know where he belongs
-Tiberius Is also on the good and bad side of many people through out the kingdoms.

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[Name] Killian Underwood
[Kingdom} Itola
[Sonf/link] Carrie Underwood-Cowboy Casanova

"He's a devil in disguise, a snake with blue eyes. And he only comes out at night. Get you feeling that you don't want to fight, you better run for your life"

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[Name] Tallia Marie Greyhound
[Kingdom] Itola
[Song/link] Undo it- Carrie Underwood

"I should have known by the way you passed me by
There was something in your eyes and it wasn't right
I should have walked, but I never had the chance
Everything got out of hand and I let it slide

"You stole my happy, you made me cry
Took the lonely and took me for a ride
And I wanna uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-undo it

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[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass)
[Name] Aurelius Titus Evermore
[Kingdom] Kiloma
[Song/link] Fall Out Boy - Centuries
[Reasons] You'll remember him for centuries.

[Name] Caius Hamilton
[Kingdom] Kiloma
[Song/link] Jamie N Common & X Ambassadors - Jungle
[Reasons] Represents his wolf, how much of a wolf he is.

[Name] Cassius Hamilton
[Kingdom] Kiloma
[Song/link] Eminem - Wicked Ways
[Reasons] Represents his true self.

[Name] Warren Fenris Evermore
[Kingdom] Kiloma
[Song/link] The Black Keys - Howlin' For You
[Reasons] Works for him and his relationship with Samantha

[Name] Giselle Lizette Bellamy
[Kingdom] Kiloma
[Song/link] Florence + The Machine - Breath of Life
[Reasons] Her turning darker.

[Name] Carinara Mira Blackbird
[Kingdom] Kiloma

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass)
[Name] Arthur Clarence Carver
[Kingdom] Itola
[Song/link] Matt Corby - Made of Stone
[Reasons] Summarizes him and his pain.

[Name]Augustus Ernest Breckenridge
[Kingdom] Itola
[Song/link] Naughty Boy - No One's Here To Sleep
What goes on behind these doors
I'll keep mine and you keep yours
We all have our secrets, we all have our secrets
Behind every door is a fall, a fall
And no one's here to sleep

[Name]Ophelia Janie Randolph
[Kingdom] Itola
[Song/link] Young The Giant - Cough Syrup
And so I run now to the things they said could restore me
Restore life the way it should be
I'm waiting for this cough syrup to come down

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) [Name]Cyraeni Arroyo Underwood
[Kingdom] Itola
[Song/link] Ain't no Rest for the Wicked- Cage the Elephant
Every time I hear this song (I listen to it a lot haha) I think of Arroyo. I haven't had much chance to really explain and go into detail all the things that have happened in his long life, but he is by no means a good guy and the chorus suits him well.

'No we can't slow down
We can't hold back
Though you know we wish we could
No there ain't no rest for the wicked
Until we close our eyes for good'

[Name] Demidicus Lestat Vorigan
[Kingdom] Kiloma
[Song/link] Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab
[Reasons] I think it kinda describes his feelings about Carlotta well. He feels like he has to protect her, even though he's not really strong enough to go up against another were or a vamp if they attacked her. He loves her in a sisterly way and would do anything for her.

'I'm an angel with a shotgun,
fighting 'til the war's won,
I don't care if heaven won't take me back.
I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.
Don't you know you're everything I have?
..and I, wanna live, not just survive, tonight.'

I'll do links to songs laterish

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