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Nichola I'm a little tired of waiting for Rothfuss to release the last book in this trilogy. I was hoping someone can recommend a similar series which is not game of thrones. I tried that series and really couldn't get into it. Also, I've read lord of the rings and didn't love that either I found it really dry. Any recommendations welcome.

Renée Mistborn from Brandon Sanderson (and the rest of his series. But Mistborn (the first trilogy atleast) is finished)

Great Magic system

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Poul Try any of these, they might entertain you:
Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson
Soldiers Son trilogy by Robin Hobb
Crossroads trilogy by Kate Elliott
Coldfire trilogy by C.S.Friedman

Lots of others but those 4 are very good reads imo and they have the benefit of being completed series.

TheBohemianBookworm Nichola wrote: "I'm a little tired of waiting for Rothfuss to release the last book in this trilogy. I was hoping someone can recommend a similar series which is not game of thrones. I tried that series and real..."

When is he going to? I haven't heard anything about the release and am curious as well.

TheBohemianBookworm Also I know Harry Potter is nothing like this but it's excellent if you haven't already read it. Also don't be fooled about it being too easy for an older person to enjoy. I didn't read it until I was older and I think I appreciated it more because of that.

Kyle I agree with the first posts that Mistborn is your best bet and I would also recommend The Blood Song by Anthony Ryan.

Asad This book isn't much like The Kingkiller Chronicles, but from what you've said you seem to have a taste similar to mine so I'd recommend The Warded Man (Demon Cycle #1) Just so there's something other than Mistborn to look into :P

Nichola Thank you all. Hanna I believe the release has been postponed yet again so I'm not sure. He originally said he'd written all three at the same time (it was one book with too much detail so split into three) he then said he didn't like the last book and was re writing pretty much all of it. I do see a lot of reviews being written for books he's been reading and comic cons he's been to and I admit I can't help but think, "you're taking advantage of your fans." It would be nice if he just sat down and got on with it. In saying that it's not like I know the ins and outs of his day but other authors manage it.

I've read Harry Potter I do like them but was looking for something more akin to the ones mentioned.

Fernando Wielandt I agree with the Mistborn, Demon cycle and Blood Song.
Also i can add Furies of Calderon. I've just started the second one and it seems a good series.

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Poul Furies is a great series as well

Kevin Try The Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. The first book is The Black Prism. Very good!

Fernando Fitch Demon Cycle, Blood Song, and Lightbringer are all awesome but I'm not sure any of them have the feel of Kingkiller.

Fernando Wielandt Yeah the feel of the Kingkiller is really hard to achieve. I was wondering if you have read Ursula Le Guin "A wizard of earthsea". It's kind of old but i enjoyed it and some of the magic sistem is similar.

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Erin The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch! (Its better than Kingkiller anyway.)

Kamila Assassin´s Apprentice by Robin Hobb is very similar (1st person narrative, the main character is looking back on his life and retelling it). It is really easy to read and very engaging (which was the main thing I noticed about The Name of the Wind ). There are two trilogies with the same main character and the third trilogy is in the making (if I understood it correctly :))

Austin Payne Most of the suggestions already posted are really good. One more I would add though would be The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. It doesn't have a similar prose to Rothfuss but I haven't found anything that does. However I'd say it has a similar feel to the Kingkiller Chronicles. It is a fast paced and enjoyable read that really draws you in, and as an added bonus its completed.

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