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Valancourt Books (valancourt_books) | 832 comments Mod
Michael Talbot's THE DELICATE DEPENDENCY has been one of our most popular releases over the past 6 months, so we're pleased to offer a second Talbot novel, NIGHT THINGS (1988), which we enjoyed a lot. What starts out as a seemingly conventional haunted house story takes a turn for the seriously weird and will keep you guessing till the end. Particularly unexpected were the echoes of Mark Z. Danielewski's HOUSE OF LEAVES. Fans of our modern horror releases should love this one. Talbot's other novel, THE BOG, will be out soon.


Night Things (1988) by Michael Talbot

Book Description

Built by a madwoman during the Victorian era, Lake House is a 160-room mansion in the Adirondacks with stairways that lead nowhere, bizarre rooms designed to distort the senses, endless series of mazelike halls—and a century-long history of violent deaths.

Lauren Montgomery, her son Garrett, and her new rock star husband Stephen Ransom have just arrived at Lake House, anticipating a long and relaxing summer. But what they don’t know is that their rental home is actually a labyrinthine puzzle at whose center lurks something unspeakably evil . . .

An inventive and chilling haunted house story in the vein of Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves, Michael Talbot’s Night Things (1988) is a page-turning mixture of horror and fantasy from the author of The Delicate Dependency.


“[T]he most ingenious haunted house in years . . . a grand puzzle . . . Haunted-house fans will enjoy the inventive architecture of Lake House.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Talbot is a great storyteller . . . Night Things has twists which will pleasantly surprise even jaded horror readers.” — Weird Tales Magazine

Char  | 320 comments This sounds like a blast! Can't wait to start it! :)

message 3: by Randolph (new)

Randolph (us227381) | 58 comments This imprint is phenomenal. Many of these very excellent and genre important books are ultra-difficult to find sometimes on the second hand market and sometimes quite pricey for a nice copy. I can see having an all Valancourt shelf in my library.

Char  | 320 comments I'm almost halfway through it and it's just as much fun as it sounds. :)

Jon Recluse | 64 comments Lovin' it!

Char  | 320 comments Yep. Just came across the title as part of the story.
Then the sh*t hits the fan! :)

Kimberly (kimberly_3238) | 363 comments Okay, I need to get this one now!

message 8: by Karl (new)

Karl Charlene wrote: "Yep. Just came across the title as part of the story.
Then the sh*t hits the fan! :)"

Why don't sticky buns dripped with caramel and pecans ever hit the fan :) ?

Char  | 320 comments It would be unsightly running around with one's mouth open trying to catch flying sticky bun pieces. So we're probably better off that it never happens. :)

Jon Recluse | 64 comments And licking moving fan blades hurts like Hell.

message 11: by Karl (new)

Karl Jon Recluse wrote: "And licking moving fan blades hurts like Hell."

Not speaking from the voice of experience ? :) -- Or are You -- Yikes?

Jon Recluse | 64 comments I've been known to make people do so, yes.

message 13: by Karl (new)

Karl Double Yikes! Now how glad I am that we are friends !

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