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Queen of The Moon Hello

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Hey! So I wanted to do a brother and his sisters best friend.

Queen of The Moon Which character would you like to be? the brother or the friend.

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Doesn't matter to me, you choose.

Queen of The Moon I'll be the girl then. I'm assuming its the girls older brother?

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Yes the brother is older. So characters?

Queen of The Moon I'm in my lab and I'll be done hopefully in an hour. I'll post then

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Queen of The Moon Sorry I have another class in an hour and have to hurry up and eat.

Queen of The Moon Name: Mary
Age: 18
High school senior
Plays Volleyball, Softball, Runs Track, is President of Beta Club and President of FCCLA.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 167
Skin Tone: Tan from all the time she spends outside
Hair color: Brown with streaks of natural blonde from the sun
Eyes: Blue/Green

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Name: Josh
Age: 20
College Frat Boy
Plays Basketball, Football, Runs Track, Swims, Makes Music and Sings.
Height: 6'4
Weight: 194
Skin Tone: Tan from swimming without a shirt
Hair color: Dirty blond
Eyes: Dark brown

Queen of The Moon Who starts?

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You can

Queen of The Moon Mary stepped into her friends house with a sigh. "I'm so hungry. I swear coach is doing this on purpose." she muttered

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Josh heard Mary come in and smiled, he liked to torment her because he sort of thought she was cute. "Mary?! Liz isn't here!"
((Elizabeth is his sisters name, that okay?))

Queen of The Moon "Wait, she's not home yet?" she asked frowning as she walked to where he had called from.

((Yeah of course.))

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He was sitting on the couch in the living room watching Jaws when she came in. He motioned to the seat beside him. "Yeah, she came home for a little bit but then she left a little while ago. She didn't say where to." He shrugs. "But if you want you can watch Jaws with me. And if you get to scared just come to me, you can snuggle up real close." He says teasingly, with a smirk.

Queen of The Moon She was tired physically mentally and tired of all his shit all the time. So she dropped her bag and did just what she had said, snuggled up against him with a smirk. "You mean like this?" she asked

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He was taken back by this. But he didn't want her to feel like she had him backed in a corner. "Yeah, just like that." He still had a smirk on his face. "But know this if you do that this is gonna happen." He starts to tickle her.

Queen of The Moon "To bad I'm not ticklish." she rolled her eyes at his attempts.

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"Oh really? Well..." He thinks back to his cousin who was like Mary who wasn't ticklish but he found she had one spot where she was, in her ribs. So Josh tickles her in the ribs to see if that works.

Queen of The Moon Mary squealed and nearly jumped into his lap in surprise.

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He smiled and laughed. "Haha, and you say you're not ticklish, Mary." He continued to tickle her.

Queen of The Moon "Josh stop!" she panted trying to catch her breath

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He smiled, and continued to tickle her. "Nope!" He laughed mischievously.

Queen of The Moon "Please." she glanced up at him, putting on the purposeful look she gave gives when she was initiating intimate things.

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He smirks. "What's in it for me?" He asks her still tickling her.

Queen of The Moon "Anything you want." she offered without thinking.

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"Hmm." He smiles at her. "I'll stop, but you owe me. Got it?" He leans on her not tickling her but his hand hovering over the spot where he can tickle her.

Queen of The Moon She nodded

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"Alright." He says with a smile. He pushes himself up so that he can get off from the top of her.

Queen of The Moon She watched him cautiously

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"What?" He says as he turns back to the tv.

Queen of The Moon "I'm trying to figure out what you are going to think up." she told him

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He smiles. "You'll just have to wait and see, now won't ya, Mary?" He puts an arm around her shoulders and his smile turns into a smirk.

Queen of The Moon She rolled her eyes at him. "You realize your sister will murder you if you do anything to me right?" she asked him

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"Who said I was gonna do anything to you?" He said flirtatiously. He laughs. "Come on Mary. Relax." He kisses her cheek before getting up and going to his room.

Queen of The Moon She sighed and changed the channel, the kiss on the cheek was normal for them.

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He laughed again than went up to his room and started working on his music. He strummed his guitar and sang a little bit. He knew that Mary hated the song 'Creep' by Radiohead. So he turned up his amp and started singing.
But I'm a creep,
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here....

Queen of The Moon ((That's a lie, and god modding.))

Mary smiled to herself as he started playing one of her favorite songs.

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As he sang the song the thought to himself was it Mary who hated that song or Elizabeth? He wanted Mary to come up and yell at him for playing so loud, or just come up in general.

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Queen of The Moon Mary got up and stretched, grabbing her bag she headed upstairs to shower. She stayed here so much that she had her own room, which was nice. She stepped into the shower in her room, which was attached to his room as well. Forgetting to lock the door she started her shower, humming to herself.

Queen of The Moon Mary got up and stretched, grabbing her bag she headed upstairs to shower. She stayed here so much that she had her own room, which was nice. She stepped into the shower in her room, which was attached to his room as well. Forgetting to lock the door she started her shower, humming to herself.

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Josh had on his headphones so he didn't hear the shower running and he had to go pee. He started to unzip his pants when the shower shrieked. He glanced at the shower startled, but then he saw Mary.

Queen of The Moon "What in the hell are you doing!" Mary yelled, her back to him so he only saw her naked back.

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"Oh, sorry Mary. I didn't hear. Umm..." He quickly zips up his pants, and runs out of the room totally forgetting his phone in there.

Queen of The Moon Mary stormed into his room with a towel wrapped tightly around herself. "You are a sick pervert!" she yelled and threw his phone at him and slammed every door shit between herself and him on the way back to her room

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He caught his phone as she threw it at him. He stared at the doors she slammed wide-eyed. He gulped and knocked on her door. "Mary? It was on accident I swear to God. I had on my Bose headphones, you know how loud they are."

Queen of The Moon She got up from her bed and went to the door. Opening it she looked up at him with a tired expression. "I know. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have blown up on you. Some stuff with my parents is happening and I just kind of freaked." she apologized

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