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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Interplanetary SF, starts on a fishing/research boat [s]

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message 1: by Clay (new)

Clay (snoweel) | 14 comments I read a sample of this book and intended to buy it, now I can't identify it. It was a science fiction book from the past couple of years, probably reviewed on tor.com. It started out on a fishing boat, I think there was some biology research going on. One of the crewmen was an alien. I want to say they were on a giant planet or perhaps the moon of a gas giant.

message 2: by Shanna_redwind (new)

Shanna_redwind | 859 comments This is one I really enjoyed. It starts at a salmon research station and the main character is a salmon researcher. I think they were on Earth though. Survival

message 3: by Clay (new)

Clay (snoweel) | 14 comments Thanks for the reply. That's a good fit but it's not the one I was looking for. It looks quite interesting, though.

Maybe I should post queries about plots/settings I would like to read and see if they exist!

message 4: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 37804 comments Mod
Clay wrote: "Maybe I should post queries about plots/settings I would like to read and see if they exist..."

Actually you can do that, in the "Requests for books in general" section. E.g. someone might be looking for gay coming of age novels, thrillers taking place during WWII, etc.

Justanotherbiblophile | 1740 comments I think he was being snarktastic, and saying he could imagine up some plotline, and since we're getting closer to infinite monkeys and being able to store/find it all, that someone would come up with a book that fulfills his innermost desires.

message 6: by Clay (new)

Clay (snoweel) | 14 comments Justanotherbiblophile: that's what I was going for.

Figured it out--Cosmonaut Keep, by Ken MacLeod.

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