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message 1: by Denver -writes poems drinks wine- (last edited Mar 22, 2015 09:20PM) (new)

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Everyone may apply for/claim one contestant to start.
Mods may claim two. If not enough characters are claimed, this amount may be adjusted. Whomever wins the application for The Bachelor may create one contestant, but his/her contestant will not be the winner of the Bachelor.

The Bachelor:

The Girls:
1. Reserved for Denver
2. Reserved for Milly
3.Reserved for Jenny
4. Reserved for Lacey
5. Reserved for Elle

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- To Claim A Contestant:
To claim one of the girls, please fill out the following form:
Character Name:
Roleplay Example:

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ᴍɪʟʏ Name: Mily
Character Name: Aria Noelle Hart
Roleplay Example: I sat on the edge of the dock, dipping my toes into the salty sea water. I felt broken. My throat felt tight and I knew there was no way I could talk to him. So instead of talking, I just cried. Salty tears streamed down my face and dripped off of my chin. I buried my face into his chest and quietly sobbed into his chest. If I were to cry in front of anyone, he wouldn't be my first choice, but there was nobody else here for me. Jack was all I had.

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Jenni (thefabjenni) | 12 comments Name: Jenni
Character name: Scarlett Young

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Character Name:Unknown But I will let you know.
RP Example:
The air was clear and smelt of fresh lilies. One of Nyielle's favorite flowers. She walked down the path and gazed up at the sky, little cloudss spread out from one place to the other, but none of them were close to each other. She sat down among a bench and crossed her legs thinking about the upcoming events. She needed to get to work, pay the bills, go to school... there was a lot on her plate. She knew that. Sighing softly she ducked her head and played with a strand of her red hair. It had been an extrodinary day. She was offered a new job. Life was getting better. Or so she hoped anyway.

message 6: by Elle (new)

Elle Kay (11inheaven) | 5 comments Name: Elle
Character Name: Seryna Grace Fallrose
Roleplay Example: Seryna had never felt so excited, anxious and confused all at once in her life. Everything around her was extremely different than what she was used to, but in a way that was exhilarating. She was beyond happy to be there, and hopeful that maybe she would make an impression. Seryna wondered what it would be like to live in such a warm climate, having lived in the mountains for almost her entire life. Seryna believed that if the sun was as hot as they said, then she would be happy to escape the chilly winds of winter in Vermont.

message 8: by Kat (new)

Kat (kitty_kat_kit)
Character Name:Lilyan Siri Johnson
Roleplay Example:
Lily wasn't quite sure how she felt about it all. Her brother was moving out and her sister was getting married. Neither thing in itself was bad. It just meant they were moving on with there lives and leaving. Lily was use to living with her siblings and see two of them moving on wasn't something she was sure she was ready for. She felt responsible for them though Nick was older and Arty was old enough to make her own decisions. She sighed and looked around the room that was Nicks. It was empty save for the few boxes that were left that she was suppose to be getting to put in the moving truck. With one last final sigh and glance around the room she finally moved and grabbed the box leaving the room as quickly as she had come.

message 9: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 5 comments Is anyone ever going to look at my Bachelor application?

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