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R. Scarlett I am looking for some feedback on my 74,000-word novel, Vein of Love. It's a paranormal romance narrative that tells the complex, demonic relationship of Molly Darling and Tensley Knight.

Molly Darling wants love. Beautiful, deep love. That desire is short-lived when her fiancé since the age of five finally shows up on her Seventeenth birthday. Her ancestors made a contract in blood three hundreds years ago as their bloodline proved to be of an ancient race known as daemons. Although the blood exists in every family member of the Darlings, it is only most powerful when they possess the blessed eyes—the ability to stop a demon in its tracks. Unfortunately for Molly, she possesses those eyes.

Tensley Knight, a ruthless demon, wants power. Chosen to be Molly’s future husband, he agrees only due to the fact she’s a daemon; an ancient race that had thought to have been destroyed centuries before. With her power, he’ll be stronger than the Crown Prince of Hell.

Molly’s Manhattan world is turned upside and she struggles between her own desires for love and the safety of her loved ones. She searches desperately for a way to get rid of Tensley and ends up making a deal with hunters. Tensley struggles with his hidden feelings and the society of demons who see the greatest weakness is love.

The further she gets away from him, the further she enters into other demon’s territory and risks her life, and her family and friends’. But what happens when she begins to realize she’s the real monster? What happens when foe becomes lover?

If interested, please comment or PM me on here.

Thank you,


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R. Scarlett Excerpt from the novel:

Tensley tapped it open. “You’re awake,” he said dryly. A rush went through her when he even muttered words. Oh god, this wasn’t good. He wasn’t smirking or laughing, but once he saw what she was wearing, he swallowed. “You look––” He hesitated, eyes lingering over her bare parts. The towel was short and started just at her chest to mid-thighs. There was lots to see. “Wet.” He cleared his throat. It was the first time she had seen him so flustered. She turned fully to face him.

“I just had a bubble-bath,” she said as soft as possible.

He lightly laughed, more in his chest and wandered into the room. His eyes wouldn’t leave her though. “You’re torturing me.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

He smirked. “You do it all the time.”

She gulped. “I’m sorry for misleading you.” Her voice was as harsh as she could make it. His white smile glimmered in the dimly lit room.


Molly narrowed her eyes. “What?”

“It’s the bath scent you used.” She almost laughed at the fact that he knew it so well. “Maybe we can bathe together.” Molly was glad it was dark; heat came up in waves.

“No,” she said. He paced back and forth.

“Hm. You say that a lot.”

“You ask inappropriate questions a lot.” She couldn’t believe this was the same person from the night before. She noted he was putting back on his demonic form.

He shortly laughed. “It’s in my nature.” Quickly, she looked back at him.

“Bull,” she miffed, glowering. He raised both his brows, astounded.

“The little princess has a foul mouth.”

“Don’t call me that.”

In a flash, he was in front of her and she gasped. If his hands hadn’t snatched her wrists, she would have fallen over. Her heart pounded rapidly in her chest. His dark eyes glowed. “Would you like me to call you something else, princess?” His finger caressed the engagement ring. For once, his expression was serious and gentle. Molly used her other hand to hold up the towel that was already slipping off.

Be strong. “Call me Molly,” she spoke.

He softly grinned. “Molly.” And his free hand grabbed the towel––and wrapped it back around her. “We wouldn’t want to expose you yet.” Her blush grew redder if possible and she could hardly control her breathing. He––he was being nice. He wasn’t pulling off the towel and gawking.

“Thank you,” she whispered, golden lashes dropping and slowly making their way back to his face.

A weak smile formed to his sculptured lips. His finger rubbed across her engagement ring. “Vena amoris.” Molly stared, confused. “It’s Latin for vein of love. Traditionally, people thought a special, powerful vein ran from the fourth finger on the left hand.” His finger traced down her hand and up her arm. “Directly to the heart.” His finger ran down her collarbone and halted above the towel. His smile was light and it caused her to stop breathing. She was boneless. “I can feel your heart. It’s strong.” Her whole body felt red now. She pressed both her hands to his chest, but he didn’t stop leaning forward. Her back hit the wall and her entire body shook in his embrace. He breathed out hotly.

“Tensley,” she began, but his thumb pressed to her bottom lip and gently, he opened it.

“Stop denying me. Start desiring me.”

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