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message 1: by Denise, Manufacturing Director (new)

Denise (destiny_chan) | 5382 comments Mod
V-Nerd, Penni & K-Terror - Mud Vein

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Checking in :)

Penni | 993 comments Hello out there :-)

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Hey there!! Have Mud Vein on audio & can do this one any time. :)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Me too

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Next week - like Monday-ish?
I'm flexible but thought I'd throw a date out there to plan around

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments sounds good to me

Penni | 993 comments Me three!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Fabulous!!!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I started it this morning - Read through Chapter 5

Definitely an easy book to get into and very interesting... I've said lots of "Hmm...."s ~ trying to figure out what's going on and why someone would go to this trouble...

(view spoiler)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments I foot about this, got my Denver boys head on lol.

I'll put Hector to the side for a while and start this one.

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments **foot!! my autocorrect is on a mission today!!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments It's ok if you want to finish your Denver boys first - I can work in others until you're ready. :)

Penni | 993 comments I'm a little behind also.

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Lol no its fine chick, just had to listen to a hot bit **fans self down**

Just plugged in!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Well this is going to be a quick one, up to chapter 4, um this is a bit weird!
Will read your spoiler when the chapter is finished.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Definitely a quick read... :)

I put it aside for awhile and now getting back to it - I'm working and can only listen if I'm doing something that doesn't require much brain power.

On chapter 6 and I'm super curious to know (view spoiler)

message 18: by V_Nerdbooks (last edited Feb 16, 2015 11:50AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Well my hubby has been away for 4 days at the rugby, and decides to come home !!
How selfish!
Had to turn it off for a while hurumfff !

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments WTH?!!! LOL!

No worries! I'm working another one in with this one since Monday caught a lot of us by surprise. I think Penni is finishing up another one too before she can start this one.

I read up until Part II.

message 20: by K~Terror (last edited Feb 16, 2015 05:57PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I'm about half way through Chapter 18
*yea.. that's me 'pacing' myself... lol! Sorry! I just had to know...

(view spoiler)

Penni | 993 comments Don't hold up on me. I had one of my kids come home sick today and my schedule is even more messed up right now. If I can get to it, I'll jump in when I can.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Penni wrote: "Don't hold up on me. I had one of my kids come home sick today and my schedule is even more messed up right now. If I can get to it, I'll jump in when I can."

Awww.... It's been a tough winter for illnesses - hope your kiddo feels better soon!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Okay I hold my hands up, I reached chapter 4 ............and then went back to Hector :○( sorry

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments V Audio Nerd wrote: "Okay I hold my hands up, I reached chapter 4 ............and then went back to Hector :○( sorry"

Haha! You think I didn't know about the pull of Hector?!!! Hubba-Hubba!

It's ok - I have been reading a little Mud Vein and then a little Rachel Morgan & Jenks...

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Lol I am on a monster Rock Chick read!
A couple of hours last night in bed (sleeping at 2am and waking up for work at 6 urghh) an hour to work, an hour home, another hour making dinner, oh and another hour while I "tidied" the bedrooms!!

I only have 6 hour left from 19.5 I've done well on this one lol

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Yes you have!! Very impressive!!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Chapter 25

(view spoiler)

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Chapter 28

(view spoiler)

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I totally understand about hating Lima beans but why knock ravioli??

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Chapter 29

(view spoiler)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments ok I'm back to it :o)

Up to them in the (view spoiler)

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments What?? Before Rock Chick 8??!! :)

I finished it but have no idea how to rate.. My thoughts on this book are all over the place... Interested to see what you think!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments OOhhh I'll let you know!!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments up to chapter 16, I'm not sure what to think of this book!!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I absolutely know what you mean!!

Read faster!!

(Just kidding!!)

It's just a crazy ride.
PS - So is Apartment 6E... Oh geez!!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments I need to read that!!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Am downloading it as we speak ;•)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Just reading Nick's book !?!?!?

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Yea... Weird she never read it before, right?!!

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Yeah it's very odd, they have just (view spoiler).

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments And also I don't think (view spoiler)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Also Florence Welch is amazing, I didn't know you guys knew her over there??

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments V Audio Nerd wrote: "And also I don't think that it is Nick that has locked them up, he sounds like he really liked/loved her.

I think this is going to have a mahoosive twist to it, have you seen Saw???
I have a sus..."

Ugh! I like scary and I like creepy but I hated the gore and brutality if Saw!! My step daughter tried to get me to watch it with her but I mostly watched snippets through my fingers... Or eye kids. Same same. :)

(view spoiler)

BTW - I admire your ability to abolish the "LOL!" I try & I try but I find it's an integral part of me... To ignore it would be like cutting off a limb..

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Eye kids = eye lids


K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments **googles Florence Welch**

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments It's a struggle to kerb my Lol haha!

My suspicion is (view spoiler)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Hmm still weird chapter 39 (view spoiler)

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Crazy ride, right???
Sounds like you are getting close to the end....

I am still noodling this book, so that gives it points - yes?? :)

V_Nerdbooks | 5307 comments Yes definitely, that's why I gave extra points to The Troop.

Okay WTF !!!

Penni | 993 comments And I'm just starting. Chapter 5 or 6 I think. Quite a weird start.

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