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Queen of The Moon Hello

Queen of The Moon I don't know what you mean

Queen of The Moon Ahh!! okay. So I was thinking incubus/human relationship. if you are okay with that

Queen of The Moon Yeah no prob :) since an incubus is a girl and a succubus is a girl

Queen of The Moon I got that backwards *facepalm*

Queen of The Moon I'll be the female succubus

Queen of The Moon ((lol why would she be in a swamp? I still need to make her as well))

Queen of The Moon Yeah no prob :) let me just finish making her

Queen of The Moon Name: Beth
Age: 327
Appearance: 5'5"
Black hair, light blue eyes, strikingly beautiful, well rounded body

Queen of The Moon Beth stepped into the club and glanced around. She wasn't starving yet but her glow was wearing off and she needed a new fix, so a little hunting would do just fine. She walked over to the bar and could already feel eyes on her, course her skin tight dress with a v to her bellybutton helped draw eyes, or maybe it was her chest, she wasn't to sure nor did she care.

Queen of The Moon Beth glanced over him, pursing her lips for a moment. He was good looking, fit, and his life force was literally pulsing around him. "Sure why not." she nodded. Now comes the fun part, finding out if he was a worthy target or not, tempting one to sell their soul was always a bit tedious, even when you had her chest.

Queen of The Moon "They are real, and yes I'm new." she had grown accustomed to the look that preceded that question.

Queen of The Moon ((Lol slow down bud. Play it out, it works a lot better that way.))

Queen of The Moon "Here and there, I travel a lot." she smiled, she needed to ask about him though. "So what are you doing here?"

Queen of The Moon Damn, he wasn't married then, time to move on. "That's nice." she nodded, letting the corner of her mouth turn down in a frown.

Queen of The Moon Of course that piqued her interest, maybe she was going to be getting her fill. "That's a shame, she must have been to tired. I wouldn't have passed up an opportunity to come dancing with you." she gave him a sultry smile, her fingers lightly brushing his arm

Queen of The Moon ((Seriously, slow down))

Queen of The Moon "So I guess I couldn't tempt you to dance then?" she asked her tone still flirty.

((Just think of this like two people writing a book, you want all the details there. And this part is just like a normal date, think of Beth as just a normal flirty girl.))

Queen of The Moon ((Lol its cool. Just stop skipping. Write everything out.)))

Queen of The Moon ((Have you been on a date before?))

Queen of The Moon ((Yeah.))

Queen of The Moon (((Would you like to keep going?))

Queen of The Moon ((Why don't you pick something you are comfortable with?))

Queen of The Moon ((Why would you ask the second one? I thought you were a guy.))

Queen of The Moon ((Mkay well m/f is fine with me :) ))

Queen of The Moon ((Coffee shop? On a college campus? I font know what age range you are comfortable with))

Queen of The Moon ((Do you know about god modding?))

Queen of The Moon ((Mkay. Its where you try to control or give actions or back story to a character that is not your own. A lot of people get angry about it, but I'm okay as long as its nothing major. But like you putting her on the soccer team is god modding. I like the idea though so I'm keeping it :p ))

Queen of The Moon ((Its cool. You are new so its no big deal. Besides I'm happy to impart my wisdom upon you.))

Kara grunted and looked up at the score board with a frustrated sigh. They had one point to go or they would tie the game. They were already in over time and her and the rest of the girls were pretty tired. She had even just gotten a break but her body still felt sluggish. She kicked the ball to her captain and sprinted ahead to block, then regain the ball to go for the shot. She took it and nearly collapsed just from sheer happiness as the ball bounced off the goalies hands and straight into the net.

Queen of The Moon Kara looked up at him, pulling a smile on as best as her tired self allowed. "Thanks." she regarded him curiously wondering 1) why he had picked now of all times to say something and 2) why he seemed so nervous. "Don't we have professor Berry together?" she asked wondering if that was why his fave seemed familiar.

Queen of The Moon "Oh I'd that her name?" Kara hadn't ever needed to know any of her classmates names so she didn't learn them. With soccer and studying she didn't have time for friends, so it was easier not to try. "Look its late and everyone else is gone. My dorms across campus, would you mind walking ms there with everything that's going on?" she asked thinking of the kidnapped girls in the news

Queen of The Moon She chuckled thrown off and then amused by his question. "I'm from a small town, cities male me feel sick. This school has an amazing psychology program and I get to play a sport that I love at the same time, it's pretty simple really." she pulled her cleats off and was now walking barefoot with him across the grass field.

Queen of The Moon "That's a bit to personal for a first time talk." she told him, but she was genuinely smiling. She stepped into the lobby of her building after swiping them both in. "Thanks for walking me, I really appreciate it." she hitched her bag up on her arm and pulled a piece of scrap paper and a pen out. Quickly scribbling down her number before she handed it to him. "I'll see you in class tomorrow, and thanks for coming to the game." she then tiredly trudged over to her halls door and swiped in. The door closed behind her and she headed for her room door, keying into it. She collapsed into bed half an hour later after showering and checked her phone.

Queen of The Moon She bit her lip and debated. The guy was clearly interested in her, but she couldn't even remember his name and she still had bruises from her ex, she didn't want that. Maybe if she could explain to him that she wasn't interested in a relationship he'd be cool and still want to just hang out. She let the message sit, not knowing what to do.

Queen of The Moon I'm sorry I'm sure you're a nice guy but I just got out of a bad relationship. I'm not interested in getting into another one. she finally sent the message knowing it sounded cliche, she didn't know what else to say though that wasn't to personal.

Queen of The Moon She shook her head, and was very appreciative of the fact that he didn't push it. Of course she wasn't sure how he would act tomorrow in person but for now it was okay. Have a nice night, goodnight. she turned her phone on silent and slipped under the covers and into some much needed sleep.

Queen of The Moon "Oh, yeah that's no problem." she assured him subconsciously trying to cover the fresh bruise on her cheek. Shed tried to cover it with makeup, but she bruised so quickly that it was already a blue and purple mixture, plus he was likely to remember that she hasn't been hit during the game last night.

Queen of The Moon "When you get back from your trip maybe we could get that coffee and I'll bring my notes?" she asked a bit unsure. She felt badly, knowing she was going to be using him as protection of sorts, but her new bruise was just another reminder that her ex could still hurt her even if they weren't together

Queen of The Moon "I couldn't ask that of you. I'm sure you've got class or something." she shook her head quickly

Queen of The Moon She smiled and tried to hide the sudden pain in her bruised cheek as the muscles hurt. Thankfully the professor stepped in the room and began lecturing, letting her turn back around.

Queen of The Moon "Do I have to text you right now?" she asked giving him a small smile.

Queen of The Moon "That's actually where I was headed." she had finished putting her things in her bag and headed for the door.

Queen of The Moon "Kara, and its okay. Look I don't want you to think that what I said last night doesn't apply anymore, it still does." she told him gently.

Queen of The Moon "Its no so much that as I've sworn of guys." she muttered and touched her bruised cheek with a frown.

Queen of The Moon "Yeah, I think so. I've read ahead and keep going over the power points." she admitted a bit sheepishly

Queen of The Moon She chuckled and shook her head, stepping into the student resource s building. The lines for the cafeteria were already piling up because of the time but she was so hungry she didn't care

Queen of The Moon "Naked taco bar." she pointed to the line she was headed for after she swiped her card. The menu said that it was really a burrito bowl bar but she thought of them as naked tacos

Queen of The Moon "Well." she shrugged and moved with the slow line

Queen of The Moon "Jack, please, I don't .... I've told you." she shook her head looking at her food

Queen of The Moon She sighed. "Well you know I play soccer and that I'm a psychology major. My emphasis is in Clinical Social Work and Forensic Science/Criminal Justice. I'm also minoring in art." she told him

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