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Fantasy/Action With Romance?

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Name: Alex
Age: 17
Gender: M
Species: Half Demon

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Sure U Comment first cuz i have no ideas.

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Alex walks through the ilses looking for something to eat. HE isn't paying attention and runs ointo a cute girl. "Oh crap I'm sorry."

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"Nah its cool i wasn't paying close attention." He blushes. "Uhm whats your name? I'm Alex."

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"Well, I'm charmed to meet you laura." he Smiles at her.

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"So.... What were you looking for?"

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"I was looking for Some food. Wanna go eat? I'll pay."

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((AT the resteraunt))

"What do you want?" HE looks up from his menu.

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"and to eat?" HE raised an eyebrow at her concoction.

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"Okay, I will have a Monter with A Hamburger and Fries."

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He claps, "Bravo! Good choice." The waitress walks of with thier order.

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"So... whats your favorite color?"

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"Black Your turn."

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"Thanks I think you are beautiful."

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"Absalutly! No one I have ever seen outshines your perfection." he blushed at his comment.

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"Well that depends on you." the food arived.

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"Thanks. You're nice as well."

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"You know, This is great." He laced his fingers in hers.

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"But we don't know each other and I cannot be with a mortal. I want to be, don't think that I don't. I am not human and what I am could seriously effect a lot of people." he squeezed her hands a little tighter. "Please understand."

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"I am the offspring of satin and a Female mortal. I am a half demon." he looked her in the eyes.

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"That may be true, But every second I am with you i put you in danger. I don't want to see you hurt."

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"because I really like you."

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"We can I guess. We just have to be safe with meeting each other, Alright."

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"Well uhm wanna go to my place?"

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