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2015 Reading Challenges

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message 1: by Christa (last edited Jan 28, 2015 06:15AM) (new)

Christa (lessthn3) | 4 comments Hello everyone! I wanted to share the reading challenge I mentioned in book club this week: Popsugar's 2015 Reading Challenge. You can also jump straight to the graphic version here.

This one includes categories like 'A book that became a movie', 'A book by an author you love that you haven't read yet', 'A book from your childhood'. I had a lot of fun finding books to fit each category - there are several lists here on Goodreads that helped me match up books.

There is also a 'Read Harder' challenge on BookRiot that I'm thinking of doing if I finish the challenge above. This one is only 24 books instead of 50. (There's also a comic one if you're so inclined!)

Anyone else interested in participating with me? I'm happy to share my selected books for each one. I've already marked off a few - I used The Goldfinch for my book with more than 500 pages. :)

message 2: by Adam (new)

Adam (adamraskoskie) | 13 comments Hey, this looks pretty cool. I will give it a try myself!

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