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The Cemetery of Forgotten Books

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Junia B. I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I didn't nitpick, and though I wasn't a fan of some elements (like misplaced humour in certain parts), I think this has been a great read.

The only thing that bothered me is that there's no reason for the Cemetery to exist. They describe it as a place for books to go so they won't disappear. But isn't that what libraries are for? I think it's a contrived plot device just so that the characters have a "safe" place to hide Carax's books, but it's never fully explained or explored. Who started it? Who keeps it? Is it necessary because of the war? (that is my explanation of choice) I think Daniel accepted it too readily (he was a child when he went there for the first time but is narrating the story as an adult) and didn't even question his father about it.

What do you think?

Taha Brahim un beau livre de qui te fait aimer barcelone et encore les livres.
ambiance intrigante,et facile à lire.

Silverpiper But books go out of print and disappear from shelves or worst case scenario: they are burned. I think I love the idea of books being preserved forever so history can never be erased. The idea is magical.

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