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message 1: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments I thought I'd add a thread for me to post updates about my WW series, seeing as I hope to release others throughout the year and it would be nice to keep them together as a reference. The first book is End Trails, and here are two excerpts, one from each story:

The Lying Room

Thirteen Bullets

The follow-up novella, Given Names, comes out early next month. You can read a mini-blurb here, and I’ve just blogged the opening passage as a teaser.

I’ll post a more substantial chunk next week, and anyone who subscribes to my mailing list before the book comes out (also at those links) will get a free copy on the day.

I hope you give them a try!

message 2: by Andrew (last edited Feb 04, 2015 01:39AM) (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments Here’s one more taster of my Weird Western novella Given Names before it comes out next week!

Just to reiterate the point at the end of that post: I’d really much prefer to give people a free copy of this, ideally in return for honest reviews. If you’re interested, add yourself to this mailing list and you’ll receive a 100% discount code on the release day (that’s next Monday).

message 3: by Wilson (new) - added it

Wilson Geiger | 2 comments Oooh, I didn't realize this new one was a self-contained story, Andrew! And to top it off, I haven't read this one. I don't get out much (as you can tell, I don't post much here), but I'll definitely try to remember to take care of the mailing list this week.

I like how your covers are tied together thematically (although if I had to nitpick, the author name font seems a little too sc-fi for a WW book).

Any future weird westerns in the works? I've still got my novel draft in a binder on the desk, and I've scheduled the re-read and edits on the agenda. I want to publish that sucker this year.

message 4: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments Wilson wrote: "I like how your covers are tied together thematically (although if I had to nitpick, the author name font seems a little too sc-fi for a WW book)."

You aren't the first person to tell me exactly that about the author typeface! However, I'm maintaining it across all the things I self-publish this year (at least), and the next few books will include a pair of contemporary horror stories, then some pre- and post-apocalyptic stories. The font clash won't be so noticeable there, but it does serve me right for falling in love with "Bauhaus 93"...

I am going to try and release at least two more WWs this year, though. Another short story pairing and another novella, and I have very tentative notions about a few more to follow. None of which you've read either, of course!

message 5: by Ashe (new)

Ashe Armstrong (ashearmstrong) | 604 comments Mod
You can never have enough fonts. Just make sure you can use them commercially first.

message 6: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments I had a bit of a moment on that score, not knowing anything about the subject until a month or two ago. It turns out, "fonts" and "typefaces" are different things, legally, AND that the law is significantly different in the US and Europe.

In the case of Bauhaus 93, rights ownership has lapsed anyway, but otherwise (from what I can tell) use of fonts is a software issue; embedding the software that generates the letters is what demands rights. The actual output of the font (the typeface) isn't the same thing.

message 7: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments Given Names is available now - there's a whole slew of links here, including instructions on how to get a copy half-price!

I hope you give it a try, and let me know what you thought - blogging, Goodreads and Amazon reviews are all very much appreciated...

message 8: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 309 comments Congrats Andrew. I will look into your book when I am able to chop my Kindle list down to about half! lol. I've seen you post this throughout all the Western groups your a part of, this one, American Westerns and Weird West. I'm curious as to where else you've posted and shared this news outside of Goodreads. I find it hard at times to find a market of Weird Western fans to interest.

message 9: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments I don't know if I can point an audience out to anyone, Justin. I'm mostly posting here, as you've seen, but I've followed a few Facebook groups recently. Weird Western seems a good one so far, and Westernpunk too.

I was recently interviewed by another author on the subject of the genre (as well as for self-promotional purposes, of course...) and it went live just a short while ago. The interview is here, if anyone is interested.

message 10: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 309 comments No worries Andrew, your doing as I am, posting in the appropriate places which is all you can do at times until something sufficient comes along.

message 11: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments This is a bit "off topic", but: I've had a bit of bad news recently. The publisher of my steampunk novel is about to close its doors for ever, which means The Glass Sealing (and everything else they've published) will shortly disappear from the global marketplace, at least until each author figures out what to do next.

The Glass Sealing (Darkside Codex) by Andrew Leon Hudson
The Glass Sealing

As a result, I've decided to throw a farewell party in the form of a little contest, with free copies of my book to the winners. Take a look, and I hope you choose to take part!

message 12: by Ashe (new)

Ashe Armstrong (ashearmstrong) | 604 comments Mod
That's a bummer. I'd consider entering but I'm already covered in stuff in I need to read. Good luck to everyone who enters though.

message 13: by Andrew (last edited May 07, 2015 03:14PM) (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments A tangential Weird Western link: I've just put out the third title of a sister series to End Trails: Dark Matters: Aftermaths, which contains two post-apocalyptic stories.

Both stories here have a bit of WW's frontier air to them, but the first in particular is heavily based on the wild western style. I considered holding it back for the third End Trails book, but (and this is just my personal preference) I like weird westerns that are set in the historical period, rather than future-westerns or other non-standard entries in the broader western genre.

Anyway, I'm interested in getting reader reviews for both the Dark Matters books and the End Trails titles, so if anyone is interested in a free copy and can promise a review before the end of May, drop me a line and I'd be happy to comp you!

message 14: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments Quick heads-up: as of today, all my self-pub'd ebooks are available via Amazon's KINDLE UNLIMITED program, which means you can read them for free (provided you're a subscriber).

The weird westerns:
End Trails, two stories of supernatural revenge
my Given Names, a Native American coming-of-age novella

And dark fiction in themed pairs of stories:
Dark Matters, Crime meets Horror
Absences, Pre-Post-Apocalyptic SciFi
Aftermaths, Post-Apocalyptic SciFi

If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, I hope you'll give them a try! If not, they can still be bought via the normal Amazon marketplace - and they will be available free for a short time later in the year, so keep your eyes peeled...

message 15: by Andrew (last edited Aug 14, 2015 02:28AM) (new) - added it

Andrew Hudson | 32 comments Hello folks, I've been a bit absent from Goodreads this summer, too much on my plate... however, because I'm coming to the end of my first 90 days on Kindle exclusive, I'm putting all my titles into either the free promotion or Kindle Countdown offers, starting with my weird westerns.

At the moment, End Trails is available free, and has jumped to No.1 on the horror-westerns free charts - you'd be both more than welcome AND doing me a favour if you grabbed a copy!

There's been a glitch so it still hasn't shown up as reduced, but my weird western novella Given Names should be available on the Kindle Countdown from now until next Thursday, starting at $1. If you like the first book, maybe you'll get the second while it's going cheap(er)...

Hope the summer is going well for you all!

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