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message 1: by FabulousRaye (new)

FabulousRaye No idea and I'm its Colonel.

message 2: by Donald (new)

Donald Armfield | 157 comments Mod
I still have points.

message 3: by Pedro (new)

Pedro Faria (punksterbass) | 9 comments I tried to redeem my points for some books, I got no response ://

message 4: by Rick (new)

Rick (rwestbrock) | 143 comments I wish I had the slightest clue what the Bizarro Brigade is (I'm too busy/lazy at work to google it).

message 5: by FabulousRaye (new)

FabulousRaye I haven't heard from my superiors in the Brigade for over a year. Chrissy Horchheimer is supposed to be in charge of it, and above her is Rose O'Keefe.

I could try to drum it up some, but I'm not keen on it.

message 6: by Donald (new)

Donald Armfield | 157 comments Mod
I'll take one more book with my points. The brigade introduced me to Bizarro....Now I buy it

message 7: by Rodney (new)

Rodney | 81 comments I assumed that they abandoned the idea as bizarro became a bit more popular. Same with the annual list of bizarro books that is no longer updated.

message 8: by FabulousRaye (new)

FabulousRaye Eh, that doesn't sound right. It would be stupid to abandon the Brigade because Bizarro is more popular.

I can email Chrissy and/or Rose and find out what the hell happened.

message 9: by Rodney (new)

Rodney | 81 comments I agree and I would prefer that it was still active, but what I was getting at was that I could understand if the amount of work involved to keep this going would be much greater vs. say, 5 years ago.

message 10: by FabulousRaye (new)

FabulousRaye The Brigade has been around since June 2011. It's not that old. From my point of view, it's not a lot of work either. It's divided up amongst the troops.

What I do as the Colonel is input points in the Brigade spreadsheet, answer questions, pass on messages to the Commander, occasionally advertise for EHP. I used to be the main person that dealt with the FB page, but I stopped doing that once Chrissy became the Commander.

The only things I can't do is access the Brigade email account and send out books that people order. I'm in Ohio, and EHP is out in Oregon.

People seem to contact me a lot for Brigade stuff, cause I'm usually more available than the others. Everyone else has jobs and/or families.

If you all give me a couple days, i'll see what's going on.

message 11: by Pedro (new)

Pedro Faria (punksterbass) | 9 comments There are a lot of books that aren't available on Kindle that are offered as rewards. For me, it's good, because shipping to me is ludicrous (about 25 dollars, sometimes more).

message 12: by Rick (new)

Rick (rwestbrock) | 143 comments Sounds like something I would be interested in if it gets revived.

message 13: by Teresa (new)

Teresa (teresatheterrible) | 299 comments Mod
I've been a member since shortly after it started, and if I actually added up my points, I could probably rank up for fuck's sake. But, so it goes...

message 14: by FabulousRaye (new)

FabulousRaye I emailed Chrissy, but she hasn't replied yet.

message 15: by Stevie (new)

Stevie Tee (StevieTee) | 14 comments I was a member, but haven't been active in a year or so, since I went back to school. If it's still on, I'd be interested in getting involved again after I graduate in spring. The Brigade helped get me into bizarro.

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