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message 1: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25063 comments And many more! I wish you cake!

message 2: by Tim (new)

Tim | 9478 comments Thanks Kath :)

message 3: by ✿Claire✿ (new)

✿Claire✿ (clairelm) | 3055 comments Happy birthday!! Have a great day :)

message 4: by Michael Cargill (last edited Jan 28, 2015 01:56AM) (new)

Michael Cargill Cargill (michaelcargill) | 2998 comments Happy birthday, big guy, but for Christ sake have a shave.

message 5: by B J (new)

B J Burton (bjburton) | 2914 comments Happy Birthday, Tim. To mark the occasion, this morning Amazon recommended one of your books.

message 6: by David (new)

David Staniforth (davidstaniforth) | 7939 comments Happy birthday, Tim. Hope it's a good un.

Patti (baconater) (goldengreene) | 61757 comments Happy Birthday Tim!

message 8: by Jim (new)

Jim | 21940 comments All the best

(And may all your troubles involve having to get help carrying the earnings from your books to the bank)

Vanessa (aka Dumbo) (vanessaakadumbo) | 8703 comments Happy Birthday Tim! Hope you're having a great day. myspace graphic comments
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Geoff (G. Robbins) (merda constat variat altitudo) (snibborg) | 9052 comments Happy birthday Tim. Hope you celebrate it in fine style.

message 11: by Tim (new)

Tim | 9478 comments Thanks guys :)

BJ, they recommended it to me today too!

message 12: by Anita (new)

Anita | 3758 comments HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM , hope you have lovely day x x

message 13: by David (new)

David Hadley | 4873 comments Happy Birthday, Tim.

message 14: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Barrett | 1612 comments Yay, happy birthday to you Tim, hope it's filled with joy (and the odd bottle of beer!).

Rosemary (grooving with the Picts) (nosemanny) | 9086 comments Happy Birthday Tim and many returns of it! Enjoy your day

Gingerlily - The Full Wild | 36808 comments *..crackle.. hinny varlay imp...crackle...*

message 17: by Tim (new)

Tim | 9478 comments :-D

message 18: by David (new)

David Haynes | 950 comments Happy birthday, Tim!

message 19: by Darren (new)

Darren Humphries (darrenhf) | 6980 comments Happy one year further away from potty training day. Hope you have a good one.

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