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message 1: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Ardnek | 102 comments Mod
It may have to change its name. Though, personally, Telivisionania just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Anyways, this is the mandatory "who would you cast" topic for books. My repertoire of actors is sadly small, and the only two characters I've cast for certain is the guy who plays Eragon for Arthur and a girl from Vampire Diaries for Joan. (Both actors that I have no idea what their names are) Other than that, I really need suggestions!

Or conversely, since this series IS fairy tale retellings, and fairy tales have a habit of being animated, who would you pick for the voice actors?

message 2: by Jenelle (new)

Jenelle | 7 comments haha, Televisionania!

I am so bad at picking actors/actresses to play book characters. I will have to think on this and come back at a later date with my ideas.

message 3: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Ardnek | 102 comments Mod
I know!! My actor/acress knowledge is very limited, so I usually avoid this sort of question on the boards I fangirl on. But I just had ask, you know.

message 4: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 21 comments I'm bad at it too. I think Bookania would be great as a TV show or miniseries, especially considering how many books you have planned. I think I would prefer live action rather than animation. But choosing actors...

message 5: by Abbey (new)

Abbey Stellingwerff | 14 comments A TV series would be brilliant!
Kendra, maybe you could post a quick description of each character to help us find actors to look like them. (Like: Lula- blonde curls and blue eyes)

message 6: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Ardnek | 102 comments Mod
Okay ... um ... characters ... (scans over the crowd)

Robin: Brown hair, brown eyes, olive complexion, athletic build. 5'4"
Robert: Brown hair, brown eyes, olive complexion ... not sure of build, taller than his sister.
Madeleine: Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, paler complexion, normal build, similar face to Robin ... I think I'll leave off heights.
Arthur: Dark blond hair, blue eyes, paler complexion, similar face to Robert.
Shira: White-blonde hair, blue eyes, petite build, elfin features, 4'9"
Push au Kim: Chinese. Mid-thirties.
Eric: Black hair, gray eyes, athletic build, tall, generally handsome as deserving a Prince Charming.
Casperl: Black hair, brown eyes, shorter than Eric, but broader in the shoulder. Rugged.
Rosamond: Blonde hair, blue eyes, normal build and complexion.
Doranna: See Rosamond but she has sharper features.
Samson: He has gray eyes ... and I'm guessing blond hair ... but I actually don't know what he looks like exactly. I did pin Cato from the Hunger Games for him once ...

And ... that should get you started. Let me know if you'd like me to describe anyone else.

message 7: by Abbey (new)

Abbey Stellingwerff | 14 comments Thanks, Kendra!
Okay, so Benedict Cumberbatch has black hair (at least when he's playing Sherlock) and gray eyes and he's tall... He might make a good Eric, although I imagined Eric's voice to be a bit higher than BC's (more of a tenor than a bass).
And a younger Cate Blanchett might work for Shira! Not really helpful, because Cate Blanchett isn't young anymore... I feel like I've seen someone that would work perfectly for her, but I can't remember who.

message 8: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 21 comments Benedict Cumberbatch as Eric would be interesting, but Sherlock is so different from Eric, I'm not sure I could see it. Maybe AnnaSophia Robb for Shira? She's small and blonde.

message 9: by Abbey (new)

Abbey Stellingwerff | 14 comments I know! It's hard to see Benedict Cumberbatch as anyone but a lean, mean, calculating machine.
Oh, I could totally see AnnaSophia Robb as Shira.

message 10: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 21 comments I don't know his name, but it just occurred to me that Latimer from the Doctor Who story Human Nature/Family of Blood might make a good Arthur.

message 11: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Ardnek | 102 comments Mod
Actually, Eric's personality is only one letter away from that of Sherlock and Khan, an ENTJ rather than an INTJ. But ... I still can't see him as Benedict. Benedict's a bit too old (over forty, I believe, compared to Eric's twenty), and Eric is more of a tenor.

AnnaSophia as Shira ... I like that ... except I have her stuck in my head as Clara, and that confuses me. :)

Latimer ... who was he? I've seen a few snippets from those two episodes (mostly the ending scenes of the second), but I don't have any names in my head. I've mostly watched episodes with Eleven ... (not because I'm a ten/nine skipper, but because I just connect better with eleven, and I like River's arch.)

message 12: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Ardnek | 102 comments Mod
Oh, and my mother just told me to say that she thinks Tom Hanks should play the old man ...

message 13: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 21 comments You have to watch Nine and Ten. Ten is best. (Actually, Eleven's episodes, while I like them a lot, seem to me to be the least clean of all the new Doctors. Twelve's were actually cleaner than Ten's.) Latimer is the kid who stole the fob watch that contained all of who the Doctor was when he turned himself into a human. My sister agrees with that casting.

message 14: by Abbey (new)

Abbey Stellingwerff | 14 comments BC's not quite forty... Give him two more years. ;)
(I had to look Latimer up too... shame on me...) He's the kid that helps the Doctor and Martha. He's played by that actor who is, like, 25, but looks like he's 10. He was in The Maze Runner movie too, I think. (And was he the one who played Peter Pan in OUAT? They look similar...)
Hahaha, Tom Hanks... Is he old enough to play an old man?

message 15: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 21 comments OUAT Peter Pan is Robbie Kay. I just looked up the Latimer actor. Thomas Sangster. Wow. He really does look extremely young for his age. Crazy. In his twenties and still looks like a kid?

message 16: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Ardnek | 102 comments Mod
I just looked him up, and he appears to be the same person who plays the main character in the Maze Runner movie that's everyone's talking about.

I like him, he's a great actor, I'm sure, but he looks a little bit too young. I mean, if I was going on just Arthur alone, I think he'd do, but Arthur shares a face with Robert, and I don't see this kid as Robert.

Actually, I think I could see Thomas playing Timothy Hood when I get to him in book 13 ...

And I just looked up Tom Hanks as well - he's just shy of sixty, so about half the old man's age ... but you know ... there's always makeup. Ian whatshisname or Christopher Lee from Middle Earth are always options, as well ...

I've seen one Nine Episode (Empty Child), and a few of the ten episodes (can't say which ones off the top of my head), maybe a dozen Eleven, the 100th Anniversary, but none of twelve's. I don't know if season 8 has been marked as free for Prime yet ... it's been a few weeks since I checked. My computer has issues with our (already limited) internet, and I can't always load video, so I've been very hit and miss. I supplement by reading the wiki. (I know, very naughty of me).

message 17: by Abbey (new)

Abbey Stellingwerff | 14 comments Oooo, I could see Christopher Lee as the Old Man.

xD I read wiki summaries too. It's kind of embarrassing, but it's so much quicker than watching a whole episode (especially if you're not that interesting in the show/book/movie in the first place).

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