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Edwina Callan | 3522 comments

Please replace current summary, which tells you nothing about the book, with summary from back cover.

An Ozark Christmas Angel ~ Veda Boyd Jones

When country singer Anita Jane Wells fakes an illness to bring her friend to
Branson, Missouri, for Christmas, she has the best intentions.
Lyndsay shouldn't spend another holiday alone.
Posing as Anita's "doctor," handsome Will Hamilton arrives at the airport to greet Lyndsay, and together they determine to give Anita Jane some of her own medicine.
Never snowed under, this Ozark angel knows, more than Will and Lyndsay realize,
that Christmas is the perfect time to fall in love.

Christmas Dream ~ Tracie Peterson

Newlyweds Mark and Rita Williams are looking forward to their first Christmas together when an Alaskan blizzard grounds them in the Juneau airport.
Unable to reach their home outside Tok, the couple's holiday dream appears shattered. But dreams come wrapped in different packages, as Mark and Rita soon discover,
and the joys of the season may be just a smile and hug away.

Winterlude ~ Colleen L. Reece

A single out-of-place snowflake in San Diego lures Ariel Dixon home to Ketchikan, Alaska, despite her wealthy fiance's protests. When she encounters slim, handsome Jean Thoreau, a childhood friend presumed dead, a swift rush of events changes the course of Ariel's life. Drawn back to the home she loves, Ariel finds peace in the arms of the man who would not break a promise made long ago.

Dakota Destiny ~ Lauraine Snelling

Since childhood they have been together and now the war to end all wars
-- World War I -- has cruelly torn them apart.
But when Mary Moen receives the letter informing her that Will Dunfey is missing in action, presumed dead, she presumes nothing of the sort.
Two years pass without Will and now another man's proposal awaits Mary's decision.
Is Will still alive?
This Christmas Mary wants only to dream of his return.

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Autumn (autumnwaves) | 64 comments #1 Done.

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Edwina Callan | 3522 comments

This one also, please.

From back cover:

Evergreen ~ Rebecca Germany

To fill the void of her first holiday alone. Nora, a string reporter for the local paper, agrees to do a story on the homeless shelters -- accompanied by a certain rakishly handsome photographer.
Is Rick Thompson too good to be true, or is he the man of her dreams?

Search for the Star ~ Mary Hawkins

To Jean Drew, Christmas is a time to work, not spend with family.
Until this year, that is, when she's invited to spend the holidays with her niece --
and then to witness her wedding.
Also on the guest list is Dr. Jonathan Howard,
a man who once embodied all of Jean's dreams.
Could they have another chance at love?

The Christmas Wreath ~ Veda Boyd Jones

Jennifer Faucett is dwelling in the past, not dreaming of the future, as she prepares to spend one last Christmas in the home of her recently deceased grandmother.
Next door, Mike Shannon. now a successful novelist, has come seeking peace and quiet -- and finding neither when he encounters the woman of his dreams.

Christmas Baby ~ Melanie Panagiotopoulos

Christmas amid the ruins in Athens, Greece, on the arm of a modern-day Adonis,
sounds like a dream vacation.
But there's a much more poignant reason for Christina Rallis's visit:
She's come to meet her birth mother.
Christina's Christmas dreams seem destined to come true...
until she realizes she may have to make an unthinkable sacrifice.

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Autumn (autumnwaves) | 64 comments #3 Done.
Anything else?

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