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message 1: by Maz (new)

Maz Marik (mazmarik) | 1 comments Hi,
Recently I have been researching and gathering accounts from dementia sufferers and their carers. I have been amazed how similar some cases are, and how scary some of the 'hallucinations' can be. The interest came after living with my grandfather, who also suffered from the disease.
I have had an article in my local paper, which you can read here:

And also a video I have done with some of the accounts, which you can see here:

As the research is still ongoing, I am interested in anyone else has experiences, or knew of someone with dementia and the things they claim to have seen?
I find the subject fascinating.

message 2: by C.V. (new)

C.V. Larkin | 1 comments I've been recently engrossed in how many fantastical elements equate to completely valid and tested scientific theories. The number of correlation is a bit stunning. I think that some of the dementia research folds into this very strange spread. I'd be interested to hear more about what you find.

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