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Puddingtalk (Marie) (puddingtalk) | 5 comments Rules:

1. Be creative. Any ideas you may have to get the role-play rolling faster, let me know. I'm always open.

2. If you really don't feel like writing four paragraphs when role-playing with me, please don't. Let's keep this loose and fun. I could care less if the posts are short, just don't make it under 3 sentences.

3. I hate Mary Sues. I don't put up with it and I will tell you if she's looking like one. K? Great.

4. I love diverse characters. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but the more you write in a character's perspective that gets you out of your comfort zone, the more skilled and freaking fun it is.

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Puddingtalk (Marie) (puddingtalk) | 5 comments description
ΨΩΨ- Mermaid Sorority

After deciding that you want to move as far away as you possibly can from a certain snowy, small town up in the Northern United States, you applied to a teeny college in a place called St. Croix. It's an island next to Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Sunshine all year round, easy classes, getting diving lessons for the Marine Biology degree you're chasing; it all sounds like a dream come true.

So why is that when you arrive on campus, you have a really, really, really weird feeling? Maybe its because the school is small. No, like really small. There's only 800 kids in the entire college. Boys/girls are slim pickings. Everyone there is either a middle aged woman trying to get her computer science degree or a gangster. The diversity on the island is primarily African American, but there are sprinkles of Philippine, Dominican and white people. It's genuinely the oddest place you've been in you're entire life.

At a party, you meet the only sorority on campus; ΨΩΨ. But they sure as hell don't want to recruit you. They run things on campus, from events to class scheduling. The amount of power they have over everyone and everything is baffling. And you want to know why. Out of curiosity, you follow them to an initiation ceremony. And you witness something incredible.

Those bitches be mermaids.

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Puddingtalk (Marie) (puddingtalk) | 5 comments Vampire Role-play

It's 1918. America entered WW1 a year ago, and the Spanish Flu is running rampant all through America. Normally, whomever is infected dies, but those who live become stronger than they ever were. And become the fast, beautiful and blood-sucking creatures we all know and love as vampires.

Person A was infected. But something incredible happened: He/she lived. Now in order to survive, he/she has to join a gang vampire misfits to live throughout his first year of vampireacy.

But the gang is far from safe. Where there is evil, there is good to fight back. And the good will not stop until every vampire is exiled from the United States of America.

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Puddingtalk (Marie) (puddingtalk) | 5 comments description
Shadow City

New Orleans was once known for its parties, music and French accents. Now, its only know for its ghosts. For reasons unknown, anyone who crosses into Louisiana can see into the spirit world, and the dead who live there. Tourists from around the world have flocked to New Orleans to witness the phenomena. Ghosts have become a fad, and are the subject of every conversation. But some people aren't too happy with the new changes, because when the spirit world opened up, it let out a hell of a lot more than ghosts.

And people start dying. People who loom too close to the Mississippi River are drowned and never seen again. Tourists who stay at the Frenchman Hotel leave with a parasite in their brain, and anyone who parties in Downtown New Orleans infected with a malaria-like disease and bite marks all over their body. These tragedies are all due to the horrendous West African creatures that were let out of the Spirit World.

Witch A, B and C have to figure out why the Spirit World opened up all while fighting the fearsome creatures that now roam New Orleans, with the help of some powerful elf-like creatures; the Emere.

Adzes: West African vampires that can turn into fireflies and spread disease.
Ikaki: Psychotic African mermaids that can only eat meat.
Abiku: A demon that possess mortals with weak minds.

Possible plots:
1. Witches discover that the opening of the Spirit World was due to an emere hell-bent on revenge on the European settlers that made the borders around Africa. Must stop Emere. Prophecy involved.

2. A drug gang of adzes are terrorizing everything. Witch A captures a leader of the gang, but has reservations of revealing it to the Council because he/she will be tortured. Possible forbidden love?

3. Witches struggle to keep the abiku from possessing anymore humans. They are hardly keeping up; citizens are dying. While witch A knows it is not wise to make deals with creatures from the Spirit World, she/he summons an emere to help with the problem. Together they travel into the bayous to find an ingredient that will trap all the abkiu in New Orleans back into the Spirit World.

4. Witch A must go through intense training in order to become a hunter. Kind of a go with the flow RP, nothing to complex.

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