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((Please post an image of what your haven looks like. ))

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Entrance hall:

Living room:

Taliesin's room:



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Occasionally, Taliesin winced as he would feel the occasional jarring in his wing as the horse thudded down the drive and up to the Demirci residence. It was dark except for a few lanterns on the entrance. A few men patrolled the areas and they simply nodded at the red-haired tiefling as he passed them by. Stopping at the bottom steps that lead to the front doors, Taliesin dismounted somewhat unsteadily, not used to maneuvering his wings while sliding from a horse's back. One of the guards approached him, frowning slightly. In no mood for much chatting, Taliesin instructed, "Get the mare into the stables with food and water. I'll attend to her myself after I speak to my sister."

Without waiting for a reply, Taliesin strode up the steps, also ignoring the stinging from the cut on his chest. His cloak hid all his injuries, of which he was glad. He didn't want to hear his sister's fake concern like she used to show when he was younger. The courtyard past the gate was covered in shadows, the lanterns still unable to bring complete illumination to the place. As a young boy, Taliesin used that to his advantage when he snuck past various guards and caused a lot of mischief. Entering the main door, he was met with his sister's thin, lithe form standing underneath the chandelier in the entrance hall. Perhaps Esra Demirci was beautiful in the eyes of others and held much admiration from them, but the only feeling he had towards her was contempt.

"Oh, Taliesin, you're back!" She smiled as she turned to face him, her practiced smile with its usual brightness in opposition to the scowl he always held on his face. "I suppose you haven't let me down this time?"

"No. I haven't. I always haven't," he said, his voice turning monotonous. Perhaps it was because of her insanity, but she always said the exact same thing whenever he returned.

Nodding, a flash of delight crossed her face, an almost feverish glow coming to her cheeks. That same face used to smile so gently whenever Taliesin had to skip a few meals from his antics before the rift grew between them. Sometimes he wondered if somehow his sister had been replaced by a changeling, but eventually dismissed that idea. Even if she was switched, she was still gone forever. "Good, good. And what news of our dear Mr. Engman? Will he cooperate?" Esra began to walk a slow circle around him, eyeing him with an authoritative gaze.

"Yes, I already spoke with him." Technically, it wasn't a lie and Taliesin had often used this to his advantage to avoid detection. He had spoke with Felix Engman and he will cooperate, just not for the purpose he was assigned. It gave him an inner bit of nasty satisfaction that he could trick his sister so easily. She trusted him to forever remain in debt to her and in fear, believing he had no pride because of his tiefling blood. "And I'm also reporting that Mr. Kardiff has been eliminated as instructed."

His sister briefly looked confused at the addition to his report then she brightened in understanding. "Ah, yes. Our Mr. Kardiff. The traitor. If he didn't decide to turn against the Sciens Omnia, he would have been a great asset. It is a shame to waste such talent." She sighed and eventually came to a stop in front of him again, her gaze matching his. "You have done us a great service, Taliesin."

She had spoke with a honeyed voice and it grated against his nerves. Clenching his jaw, his hands twitched slightly, resisting the urge to clench them into fists. He waited, knowing she wasn't speaking just yet.

Watching him with mild amusement, Esra raised her chin slightly. "And as a reward, I'll see fit that a warm meal is waiting for you and the guards will allow you to step outside for two hours tonight."

His mouth curled in anger and he immediate dropped the pretense of being the perfect soldier as he stepped closer to her. But Taliesin stopped just out of attacking distance. He tried attacking once before and had a few scars to remind of how well that went. Staring down at her, his golden eyes looked fiery in the light from above. "Service and reward? We both well know that the reward for my 'service' is that I get to keep my wings. Just cut this bloody act of pretend civility, oh great leader," Taliesin hissed, his anger boiling, but unable to be unleashed. Both of them knew his words don't get him anywhere.

Esra looked at him coldly, her face impassive stone as she let him have his little outburst. "Then you know that your service is still demanded since there still might be a traitor among Sciens Omnia," she replied, an unnatural calm holding her person.

"There are always traitors." Turning away from her, Taliesin began to head back towards the door, hiding his thoughts with his usual act of anger. "And you know I'm not going anywhere."

Almost reaching the door, he paused briefly as she shouted, "Do enjoy your evening, brother. The gods know you need some restful sleep."

His gaze met hers briefly, a look of pain crossing his face that he couldn't hide. She simply laughed and it echoed against the stone walls, following after him as Taliesin left the hall and made his way back around to the stables.


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As soon as he entered inside the stables, Taliesin ripped off his cloak furiously, wincing immediately as the cloth roughly brushed against the tip of his wing. A line of blood stained the front of his shirt and he could feel the feathers stick together as the wound tried to scab over. Nyssa, having found some peace in the stable after her somewhat rushed run, was now standing peacefully in a stall, her eyes drooping with sleepiness. A brief, if sad smile crossed his face as he looked at the animal and he went over to the table that had the tack and random tools strewn across it. There were some supplies for helping with his wounds, but not many. Grabbing a clean rag, Taliesin dipped it into the basin of water in Nyssa's stall, wringing it slightly before he began to dab gently at his wing. Muttering a spell, the cut in his chest began to heal.

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So talented was the senator at her elusiveness, the guards that patrolled the Demirici estate never had a single inclining that she navigated so close to the home. Close enough even, that from her position beneath one of the numerous wimdows, Mariana heard the brief and frigid conversation between siblings. They could have been speaking in tongues and Mara still would have been able to note the foul relationship between the pair, and though what she heard did not put her mind at ease, it did however give her hope that her earlier suspicions had been right. Taliesin's work for the Sciens Omnia was not of his doing alone, and this breathed a sense of hope back into the tiefling senator.

When their exchange came to an end, Mariana expected she would take her leave, thinking trying to gain entrance to the home would be too bold even for her, but when she realized Taliesin was leaving the main house, she decided quickly to follow him. Reaching the stables moments after her target, without heightening the interest of any guards, she saw Taliesin's injuries as he tended to them, and her heart broke silently. Though it seemed most likely that he had gained his wounds through the act of taking another man's life, Mara could not help the urge she felt to rush to his side and assist in his caring for them. Instead of an uncontrolled bout however, she stood beside the doorway of the stables, cloaked much in shadow and murmured in a quiet but ever caring manner, "Taliesin."

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Immediately Taliesin stiffened, half his mind recognizing the voice and the other half simply launching into defensive mode, snatching the still bloody knife from his belt. He resisted the urge to let his wings twitch as he turned around slowly and it was to his relief and surprise that he didn't hear wrong. It was Mariana. The knife slipped from his fingers and a look of shock crossed his features, his usual control of his expression lacking when he thought he was alone. For a moment he didn't speak, he didn't move, his golden eyes staring at her. "What are you doing here?" Taliesin asked, then he lowered his voice as he stepped closer. "How did you find where I live?"

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Her dark eyes locked with Taliesin's golden gaze as he turned to face her, and they only fell for a moment as the blade he held in his hand slipped from his grip. "Is the how really of any importance?" Mariana asked softly, not moving from her position as he took a step towards her. "I am here, and at this moment, I believe that is all that matters." She could not kid herself, there was a creeping feeling of fear inching up her spine, knowing very well Taliesin could find her arrival a large overstep, but his disarmament convinced her she should not fear him. "Allow me to help you while I am, please," she conculded feebly, her attention focusing on the wound in his wing though she remained perfectly still, making no advance towards the tiefling.

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Shaking his head, not really welcoming her response, his eyes darted to the side as if he expected someone to find them any second. "I suppose it doesn't," he murmured, despite himself. Not that the senator's presence was welcome, but it disturbed Taliesin that he was letting people slip through his defenses, both the mental and physical kind, so easily. Had she heard his conversation with Esra? Did she hear about how he killed someone that night? And if she did, then why was she still there? Probably to bring in justice. Straightening his shoulders, he looked down at her. Whatever was to come, he was ready to face the consequences. "Help with what exactly?" Taliesin asked, his tone not exactly friendly, wary after having to fight and deal with his sister.

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Reading him carefully, Mariana thought it best that she did not attempt to apprach him just yet. Taliesin was at ill ease with her presence, that much she could tell, and any sudden movements had the possibility of dragging them both into an altercation that she did not with to have. She manages a soft, sympathetic smile instead and nodded her head gently towards the tiefling's wounded wing. "You're hurt," she stated the obvious, "and tending to that must be incredibly awkward for you alone, let me assist you in mending it. Believe me Taliesin, I mean you no harm." The senator could only hope he trusted her words, but even still she kept her distance, wating until she saw the man before her relax even slightly before she would try to approach him. "I heard you speaking with who I assume is your sister," Mara decided to admit, "But if you are worried that I am here to trap you, I assure you I am not," she paused a moment and tilted her head with a certain inquisitiveness and added, "besides, from the sound of things, it seems you already are, and I do not wish to add to your troubles tonight."

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With the surprise of her presence, Taliesin had almost forgot the stinging sensation come from his wing. They shifted slightly as he looked at her, his expression unreadable as he wondered if he should trust her. "Perhaps you don't want to add to my troubles, but your mere presence could become trouble," Taliesin said eventually. Bits and pieces of his life had been leaking through the carefully crafted wall he built around himself. And he hadn't let anything leak inside either. But now he felt it shifting and it was strange to feel so uncertain after so many years of deciding on his purpose. After this moment of contemplation, his shoulders dropped and a sigh escaped him as he carded his fingers through his hair. In his free hand, he held out the cloth he had been using to clean his wound, using his gesture to show he was giving his permission to allow her help.

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"There is a reason your guards have not taken notice of me thus far," Mariana retorted in response to his concerned claim. "I am good at what I do, no one has to know I was here." She hesitated a momemt still even after Taliesin's offer of the rag that showed her his surrender, but the time was brief and a few seconds later, Mara was standing just in front of the tiefling and gently took the cloth from his hand. Her kind smile said far more than she did as she gazed up at him, and with a tender ushering by her free hand she coaxed him to turn slightly, giving her a more proper position to see to his injury. Cupping the wing, Mariana lowered the cloth to the wound, wipping the blood that had settled into the feathers surrounding it with motions of extreme care the closer she got to the abrasion. "Is she new?" the senator asked, referring to the mare she had seen Taliesin ride in on that stood a few feet away, deciding to ignore the larger elephant in the stable for the time being, feeling as though the last thing the man needed was to talk about what had caused his current condition.

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His mouth only went into a line and he pressed back his words. More of what he wanted to say was without thought and he was still trying to get over his surprise and also his anger towards his sister and his guilt. Knowing himself, Taliesin would probably say rash things when he didn't have a clear head just yet. Resisting the urge to defensively spread his wings and shake off her touch, Taliesin forced himself to feel calm, though he still felt the left over rush from all the events that night. His gaze flicked over to the mare and a small, unwarranted smile flicked across his face. "Yes, she is. Someone kind of left her with me and I had no choice but to bring her home."

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"And have you graced her with a name yet," Mariana asked. She could hear Taliesin's grin, subtle as it was, despite the fact his back was turned to her, and the sound was a welcomed tone in the senators ears. However, his shoulders still had not eased in their tension completely and it remained abundantly clear he had yet to shake off what laid heavily upon them. Mara wished there had been a way for her to force away what hung over him, but she lacked any sort of tricks to do so, leaving her only with the option of giving the tiefling time, which she would respectfully do. Taking the cloth, Mariana gently soaks and rinses it until the red that had begun to stain it faded into a vibrant pink, at which point she continued on to finish cleaning the cut he had endured before she would attempt to stitch the deep gash closed.

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"Nyssa. I named her Nyssa." His golden eyes looked at the mare, whose eyes were dropping after a long run. But with the presence of both tieflings, her ears occasionally flicked towards them, catching their voices. As his mind went over the night, Taliesin wondered at how quickly it went from a strange, but pleasant encounter with the elf to a murder and now feeling Mariana's caring touch, attending his wounds. The life he had where he was carefree was almost gone from his memory at these kind of times and he was left with the person he had chosen to be. And though he didn't want to discuss his night or the words he exchanged with his sister, Taliesin didn't want to dance around the topic forever. Turning around slightly, he tried to look at Mariana's face. "I'm pretty sure you didn't come here to ask about the horse," he said, lightly at first, trying to figure out the right words to say. "So why did you decide you wanted to find me?"

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Her hands fell to her sides, the one still gripping the rag she had been using as Taliesin adjusted his direction and faced her squarely. Her expression flattened at his inquiry, and her dark eyes drifted away from his for a brief moment before she replied, "No, I am not here about the horse." Placing the wet cloth upon the nearby table, Mariana's gaze met with Taliesin's once again, and though her faced resembled that of a more serious demeanor, it did not necessarily waver from its softer execution. "I had to find out for myself whether or not you were being coerced into your dealings," she began bracing herself to tell him the truth. "I heard your conversation with Felix although I had promised to keep my distance," the senator admitted, entirely unsure how Taliesin would receive her honesty. "I know who you are associated with, and I know the danger I am bringing upon myself in addressimg this, but...but I had to discover if your loyalties were volunteered or forced. And there are people who care for you who deserve the right to know if they have been used with malicious intent."

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He was expecting to hear her say something about his conversation with Esra or ask about the man he murdered that night or something close to that nature. Her confession of eavesdropping threw him off balance and an uncharacteristic flash of disorientation crossed his face before he regained his composure. Clearing his throat slightly, Taliesin looked down at his hands before he met her steady gaze. "And what conclusion have you come to, then, about me working with the Sciens Omnia?" His brow furrowed a moment, wondering to which people she was referring. Almost definitely not his parents. Who else had concern for him? Who else knew the depth of his involvement with Sciens Omnia?

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Mariana stood quietly, her endless eyes lingering on Taliesin's for some time, studying him as she thought of her answer. What was her conclusion? The exchange she had heard him have just moments before had eased her mind somewhat to idea that the tiefling was not too far gone to be saved, but that did not entirely mean he would be keen to the kind of changes necessary to separate himself from his family and the Sciens Omnia, and as she gazed at him she wondered what it was the man before her truly wanted for himself and his own life. "I think you have been put in a place that makes it hard to tell up from down," she said, the words leaving her before she knew she had spoken them. "I think you have been forced to see only what is in front of you at any given time, with no sights into what your life could be in any other way than what it is." A soft sigh moved her chest then and she added, "But if you could only see, remove the blinders, if not for just a moment, you would realize that this does not have to be your destiny."

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A grim, sad smile twisted his mouth and he turned away, his shoulders hunching and his wings lowered slightly. Her words painted him to still be more of what he was and Taliesin thought he might as well explain everything, though it pained him to think of speaking of it. Weaving his hands together tightly, his voice was low and soft when he spoke. "Maybe you're right. Or maybe you're wrong." His gaze flicked up to her then away again. The man who was always confident, putting on a face of control was absent. He didn't bother to wait for her to say something, instead, deciding to plunge into the world of truth he had been hiding away from for so long. "At first I was forced. Back when I was young, I had no idea what Esra was telling me to do was serving the Sciens Omnia. She threatened to tell everyone that I was a tiefling." A small, mirthless laugh escaped him in a breath. "I was too stupid back then to realize that I am proud of my race, so I desperately did as she asked."

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His first response caused a narrowing of Mariana's eyes and parts of her even tensed as she readied herself for what she thought for a moment might be a fight. The senator settled slightly however as Taliesin continued to speak, and she listened carefully to what he claimed, leaning softly against the ledge of the nearby table. In an effort to remain with an understanding stance, she does not cross her arms in front of her and simply folded her hands delicately, and when he paused, Mara found herself unsure what to say.

After a moment of hesitation, she finally spoke saying, "I've told you before you are not the only one who has had troubles coming to grips with what we are." There was no hum of judgment reflected in her tone and a certain sense of personal knowledge could be heard instead as her expression softened to something resembling sorrow. She understood very well how easily it would have been to manipulate him, especially at a tender age, how hateful the world could be, and it was painful for her to hear most of his strife came from home. Mariana herself, despite being raised by a mother who's only cause was to make her daughter a proud and willing woman, had nearly failed in her efforts when she had tried to end her life years ago, and the senator could only imagine how Taliesin must have felt having the shame placed upon him from his own sister. "But I cannot blame you for the way you've delt with it up until now," she told him sincerely. "However, with the means available to you now, you could have a chance to escape that, the question is, are you willing to?"

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Nodding in understanding and agreement, Taliesin didn't look at her, staring at his hands instead. His fingers were woven together and he held his hands tighter almost in a crushing grip as if trying to hold himself together. He knew he wasn't the only tiefling in the world that suffered accusations of being a devil, a demon, an abomination. But the tone of Mariana's voice made him wonder what her own experience was. Though she seemed to have dropped into the secrets of his life, he had yet to find out hers. Would she open up to him as well, as his life bled out onto the pages of a book that she could read so easily? Then his thoughts stilled and suddenly he rose to his feet, facing Mariana with a look of resolution and intensity. "No, I'm not willing to," Taliesin said truthfully, his voice firm and even. "I know that I have a chance to escape. I've watched several pass me by over the years. But I can't leave my dear sister," he practically hissed those words, "to whatever chaos she has planned as the leader of the Sciens Omnia. Though I've sinned by choosing to stay, but I have been able to plan a way to not only reveal Sciens Omnia to the public, but to defeat Esra as well."

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His reply had not exactly been what she had expected, though in all honesty she hadn't known what to expect in the first place. Regardless however to what Mariana thought, it seemed Taliesin was married to his choice from the way he answered her. "I see," she responded crisply, lifting herself from her delicate perch, "And what is to come of those you've used along the way, might I ask? The people not so equipped with taking on the Sciens Omnia?" Her brow arched then as she took a single step forward, and continued, "People like Ziv, who have been blindly led on by you and your secrecy with the mistaken idea that you are a friend? You may think nothing of myself or Felix, but what shall become of him if your efforts are to fail? When your need to do this alone turns on you, killing perhaps the only friend you have?" irritation now reflected in her tone at the tiefling's stubbornness and a fire rose in her stare. "Did you simply plan to allow us to be fed to the wolves, as nothing more than collateral damage in your selfish means to an end, Taliesin? No one else even crossing your mind as you put our fate in your solitary hands?"

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At first he couldn't tell what she was implying, but when she said Ziv's name, a flicker of something, most likely guilt, passed across Taliesin's face. He had paused, his shoulders ready to drop in admittance before he grew angry at her words. His hands at his side tightened into fists, though he would never raise a hand against the senator before him. "Who says I think nothing of Ziv, Felix, yourself, or anyone else?" His eyes narrowed as he frowned, his mouth twisted down. Maybe in the beginning he already thought those things a couple times, but as time went on, he began to justify himself to push aside what guilt that may arise. "I may have held secrets from him. But it's because he's a friend I don't tell him. I barely visit him as is." He didn't back away when she stepped closer, staring straight back at her black eyes. "And maybe I keep him in the dark and everyone else because I thought leading the wolves to me was a better solution."

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A dry and sarcastic laugh dropped from her lips at his final remark. "Do you really believe they haven't been led to our doorsteps already? If you do then perhaps you have gravely underestimated those you work for, Taliesin." Mariana did not mean to sound so hateful, but her own emotions were getting the better of her the more she thought about the position she was in along with the other gentlemen in question, not to mention Taliesin himself. If he fell to the hands of evil that were currently conducting him, Mara was unsure how she would be able to live with herself if she did not trying everything in her power to break their clutches. Everything.

Shaking her head then she let her gaze fall to the floor and she felt the heart in her chest fall with it. "It was a mistake coming here, " she calimed in nearly a whisper now, the stern projection in her voice having faded away. "I had thought there could a middle ground, but I see now that was nieve thinking from a mind diluted with fondness." Finally bringing herself to return her onyx eyes to the tiefling there was no hiding the sorrow and worry that filled them, snubbing out the anger that had risen within their depths moments ago. "I hope you prove me wrong, and that no harm will come to your friend, but I cannot stand here and argue with a man who's mind has already been made."

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"If they were on your doorsteps, then you would have met me a lot sooner than at that tavern," he fired back in return, speaking fiercely but his voice still low. Taliesin couldn't tell if he was angry at her for being curious and doing her duties as a senator should or if he was angry at himself. Still, he suddenly felt constricted, though it was different from the feeling he got whenever he interacted with his sister. He had no reason to prove to Mariana that he has good intentions, and he didn't really need to justify himself to her.

Right? His wings twitched, silently wanting to fly away then and there and ignore this wave of conflicted feelings. He had all but forgotten the wound left unattended. Would she have done what he had done if she was in his place? If their roles were switched, would he be the one standing where she was? Why was she there in the first place anyways? Taliesin already had the impression that she liked to look out for her own kind, but was it necessary to go to such lengths as these?

The furrow in his brow could almost be permanent as he frowned at her, but his face softened a touch when her gaze drifted away from his. The fight seemed to had drained from her and Taliesin fought hard to keep himself from lowering his defenses. Those eyes she gave him cut him more than her words, though her words still left a punch to his chest. He didn't even want to interpret what she particularly meant when she said 'fondness'. "Whatever middle ground there was, it probably disappeared a while ago," he muttered.

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"That may be true, but now? Do you not think I am in their sights, after letting you visit my home? Do you not think they are fully aware of your relationship with the temple guard no matter the infrequent nature of your visits?" Mariana questioned, her voice still nothing more than a shaky murmur. "With the Sciens Omnia the odds are never in the oitsider's favor, no matter how careful you think you have been," there was reason for the senator to worry, especially after hearing in part what the cult was attempting within the Senate itself, and she now feared that her driven desire to help her kind, and this tiefling in particular, had painted a target upon her back. She knew too much, and it didn't take a genius to know that, and Taliesin's next task could very well to be to silence any chance of her doing a thing about their plans. She didn't want to believe he would bring her harm, but choice could always be ripped from one's hands.

Taliesin's final statement began to shatter the heart that had already fallen in her chest, and she fought the expression from showing upon her dark features. Every part of her, wished she could turn back the hands of time to before her approach and change the corse of their confrontation, but all the prayers in the world could not have granted her that wish. Mara hurt for the man before her and his uncertain fate, but from where she stood at the given moment, she saw nothing more she could do, except..."Before I go, allow me, at the very least, to stitch your wound. It is obvious it still pains you, so let me help you in this one simple way, for I do not wish your last memory of me to be of cutting words and lasting good byes."

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Taliesin didn't open his mouth to argue, bearing the brunt of her words, pushing aside his frustration and anger to try to think over her words. It could be the true that the freedom he had whenever he had his midnight flights could simply be an illusion, one that his sister created so that some day she could destroy to demonstrate her power over him. Perhaps his role as his sister's hand in Sciens Omnia had a stronger chain than he thought and he was holding onto something hopeless as he created his network of secret contacts, Ziv being one of them. Cold filled his veins, replacing the flaming anger, and a pained look came into his eyes. He almost wanted to refuse Mariana's offer near the end, push her away even farther and give her a greater reason to not be here with him. His conscience wouldn't have arisen with its flow of questions if it weren't for her appearance. His hands relaxed and he gave a nod of assent, his movements jerky as if his body was still thinking he wanted to fight. He was at a loss for words and eventually Taliesin looked to the side. "My last memory of you?"

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His lingering silence told her little, but the look that turned in his amber eyes told her much of the worry that her words seemed to give life to. Had he not suspected the Sciens Omnia of working in such a manner? Had her claims really been a surprise to him, far from his own imagination? Regardless if they were or not however the statements had already left her lips and firmly planted the seeds deep within Taliesin's obviously racing mind.

"I doubt you wish to see much of me after this night," Mariana answered him, "You have made it quite clear that I have overstepped my boundaries, I believe." Truth was she had no intention of making this be the last time he would see her, but leading him to believe it would be was a way for her to protect herself until that time presented itself. "And to be entirely honest, Taliesin, I am unsure how much of your words can be trusted, nor can I trust myself in not not blindly believing them anyway," she decided to admit then in a moment of unbridled honesty, gently grasping his wing to begin stitching his wound.

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The worry clashed with sense of purpose and determination as always, and Taliesin did what he usually did. He sided with his determination, rationalizing what he had done up to this point. Let kingdom come for when he either failed or overthrew Sciens Omnia. At least, he had told himself that so many times that it was a second nature, like wrapping a cloak around his shoulders. Studying Mariana's face, he had to admit that yes, she overstepped her boundaries, but it pained him that whenever he had tried to be truthful, it came out wrong. It was as if his words were so twisted from past lies that his mouth could never speak honestly anymore. Resisting the urge to tug his wing away from her touch, Taliesin looked at her, his golden eyes trying to read her thoughts. "You may not trust what I say, but up to this point, I have taken your words as truth. Perhaps you have spoken lies to me." His voice was subdued, not meant to insult, but to prove a point. They were strangers. Perhaps even more strange to each other the more they met rather than what was normally the case of knowing someone more the more they met.

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"There has been no reason for me to lie to you, Taliesin," Mariana replied calmly, threading the needle with precision and practiced skill after wiping the wound one last time with the damp cloth. Up until now her claim was the truth, the senator had not uttered a single untustworthy word, but she however sympathized with his reason to believe otherwise. If lying had become second nature to him, then why wouldn't he think it was the same for everyone else? At a certain point one must accept that everyone lies in order to justify their own. "But perhaps you simply haven't asked the right questions," she mused then in a slightly snarky tone, quickly adding instruction that he remain as still as possible. "This will not be comfortable, but I will move as swiftly as I can," Mara promised, drawing in a short but steadying breath before she pierced the flesh beside his open wound, wincing herself as the she pushed the point through to the other side and pulled the string taunt.

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His jaw tightened and his hands clenched into fists when the needle pierced his wing; the only sign that showed he was feeling the pain from his wound. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding when she finished pulling the thread through and he mentally prepared himself for the next stitch she would make. "I don't think I've had the time to ask the right questions in between of being accused and followed," Taliesin said dryly, wincing slightly when he felt the needle again. "And getting into scrapes," he added in a low voice, muttering under his breath that was almost inaudible for her to hear.

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Her gaze drifted up towards the tieflings profile as she noticed his fists clinch tightly, and a sting of sympathy coaxed a subtle frown onto Mara's face. She knew the procedure was nothing to take comfort in, but she also knew spreading infection could be far worse if his wound were to be left unattended properly. "I'm sorry," she uttered, the words leaving her quickly before she fell silent once again, while Taliesin replied to her previous claim. "Yes, well, apologies, but that's what tends to happen when your introductions are vastly secrets veiled in lies, my dear," Mariana retorted, though, strangely, any sense of reprimand was replaced by what could have been said to be arguable jest. However, there was no joke in her statement and the senator was relatively sure that despite her lighthearted tone, Taliesin knew it. Continuing with her careful stitching, the pace of her movements now slightly quicker than at the start, she commented curiously then, "Were there questions you wished to ask before we reached this rather uncomfortable place?" referring to the current standing of their acquaintance. "Because if there were, you might as well have at it. This is possibly the last opportunity you'll have to do so."

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A soft laugh escaped him at her apology, thinking she probably wanted an apology more from him than the other way around. "I would think that a senator would expect that people always have secrets when they give introductions, whether if they were good or bad ones. And expecting someone to spill out their secrets after a couple meetings isn't terribly reasonable," Taliesin said before he could help himself, the words slipping from him without a thought. He didn't want to continue arguing, yet it seemed his tongue betrayed him. Perhaps other people had their hearts on their sleeves, but even the best people held secrets, didn't they? A secret could range from the gift for a spouse hidden away to something like hiding murder. Both were secrets but their effect and importance varied.

He fell silent, getting used to the rhythm of sharp pain followed by a dull ache before it repeated itself. Her question broke the quiet that had fell over him, lost in his thoughts. Raising a brow, he gave a scoff in amusement at her question and he almost shrugged before he thought better of it. "If I had questions, they would be the silly ones like what do you do in your free time or what food do you like the most." Taliesin shrugged this time before he winced at the movement.

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She had to admit that Taliesin's words held some merit in them, however inwardly that thought was directed, and for a moment Mariana felt guilty for having expected perhaps too much from the tiefling in the first place. It had been rather arrogant of her to think that he should have felt a kinship towards a stranger simply because they shared a certain bloodline along with her respected position, and now she felt foolish for having thought otherwise. Mariana did not remark on this though and simply let his words fall into the air around them while she grew closer to the end of her stitching.

Completing the task at hand, the senator gently tied the end with a secure knot, and took a step away from Taliesin to gracefully position herself in front of him.. "All done," she told him with a weak but kind smile, folding her hands together lightly in front of her and letting her endless gaze fall to the floor of the stable they stood in. "As long as you keep it clean you should be healed in no time. I'm sure you can find someone to remove the stitches once the wound has closed." Pausing for just a heartbeat, Mariana lifted her attentions to face Taliesin's crisp golden eyes once more and added, "And for what it is worth those are not silly questions, in fact they are probably more serving than any I have produced. Though I suppose they would change very little now if they were to be asked, and for that I will admit I am regretful."

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Though the pain had lessened to a dull ache with the occasional sharpness, Taliesin still longed for a drink to take the edge off. And to dull his senses. When he listened to her words, he had to resist the urge to scoff. Usually he had been the one to remove his own stitches, though if his sister thought it was important enough, occasionally she got a lackey to do it. In any case, Taliesin rarely received such medical attention as Mariana had given. Watching her carefully, it seemed that things were dying down again, though he had a feeling that after she had learned about him, things will never be as carefree as those first couple times he met her. "Perhaps it won't change much, but it still might be more intriguing to know in other circumstances. What I regret is that you had to find out this way. The truth will come out no matter what, but I had hoped that it didn't have to come to this first."

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"That it does," she answered in agreement, sighing softly. She did her best to hold his gaze, but much of the senator wished to pull away from it. The thoughts in the back of her mind were in all truth, nothing short of back stabbing, and would most certainly be considered so by the tiefling she stood in judgement of. Mara, herself, even found her growing plans to be of painful betrayal, even though they were sculpted with the best of intentions, and she feared that if she did not look away, her mind would be changed by his fire-like gaze.

"I wish things could have been different, then perhaps we wouldn't find ourselves in this very unpleasant situation," she remarked, continuing shortly, "but that is just as much a fault of my own as it is yours," taking responsibility for the way her actions had lead them to this point, but not entirely letting Taliesin off the hook for his own. "But maybe it's best this way, that we return to our assigned duties. The Gods know any other way would only end far more tragically for us both," she concluded, sadness and regret finally weighting her sights enough to fall away from Taliesin.

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Taliesin only nodded, though with her bowed head she probably didn't see his gesture. Running a hand through his red hair tiredly, he eventually said softly, "Thanks for the stitches." He had no other words he could say to convey how he much he regretted deceiving her. There was one point, at the gardens, he thought that perhaps he could tell her everything. That look in her eyes as she defended Felix made him wonder what she might have been like if he told her about the Sciens Omnia then. But then he crushed that thought with the idea that he was better working alone and he didn't want to involve another soul with what he felt was a path down to hell. At the rest of her words, Taliesin stilled. "Perhaps you're right."

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"You are welcome, Taliesin," Mara replied softly, only then forcing herself to lift her gaze and force a far stronger demeanor than the one she currently felt to hold her upright. Standing quietly a soft sense of humility crept into her onyx eyes upon his agreement, and she managed the faintest of remorseful smiles before taking a few steps towards the exit behind him only to pause at his side. "Keep yourself safe," the senator nearly pleaded then and placed a fleeting kiss upon the tiefling's cheek. As quickly as it landed however she had retreated and departed through the doors of the stable and back into the darkly cloaked night. Though her heart sank further as she fled for the surrounding woods, Mariana knew this would not be the last she'd see of her handsome stranger from the tavern, not if she could help it, but the shadowy corners of her mind told her that next time would be far more unpleasant than anytime before, and the thought was suffocating.


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