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The air was crisp. Maybe a little polluted but.. Alexandrina walked across, her backpack on her back. Her hips swayed side to side as she walked against the metal ground. Alex wore black jeans with a t shirt with a v line. Her hair pulled up in a high pony tail. Sighing softly she pulled on a string bringing up the blanket that hung over her shop. Tools were displayed as well as weapons. She hopped over the little homemade counter and placed her bag beside her and moved swiftly bringing out a little robot that she had been working on.

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Boba Dristan stood on a ledge, a picture of an intimidating hunter watching his target, his green and gold armor glinting in the sun. Nex his companion Black Nexu say next to him, his double pure black eyes tracking the target they were after in two spectrums of light. The slicer looked nervous, as he should be with the price on his head and the hunter that stood a distance watching him near a woman opening a shop. "Well shall we go secure our prey Nex?" he asked the feline partner who growled and clutched the edge of the ledge with his metal cased claws, tail whipping anxiously. Dris smiled and hopped down, his armor and muscle making the fall nothing as he fell into a crouch then went towards his target, a blaster rifle with both a stun and kill setting.

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Alex. Being too caught up in her work didn't exactly catch on what was happening. She stood hopping over her counter again noticing that the cover had gotten stuck. She grumbled to herself and bent down pulling it out. Then she turned and her eyes looked at a man passing by. Alex rose her eyebrow as the look of his nervousness. "hey you okay? Looks like your sweating gallons." She noted.

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Boba The slicer near jumped though calmed after looking at the petite woman, nodding "Just waiting on someone" he said though his tone said he was lying to the right person. He continued looking around like he was being hunted, though he was right as Dris came in to Alex's view a walking armory with a rifle out that was military issue.

Dris spotted the man who he rather take alive but if the situation turned to one that he could only take the man as a corpse he would. Nex had made his way around to be a jump away from the man, still above where one would usually look. Dris flipped his switch to its stun setting, making a small charge noise as it did so. "Cric Fal-Cona, freeze or I will drop you!" Dris called out gruffly.

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Alex had headed towards the man and was only a few feet away when her eyes widened landing on the man who had a gun. Her eyes widened and her hand went out to grasp her gun. But it wasn't there!! She jerked her head down. Panic filling her. Well this was just lovely. She glanced between the two men as tension filled the air. She slowly shuffled one foot closer to the other. Her heart raced, pounding in her chest. Suddenly her scenes were on alert. She noticed the creature that was standing beside the man that was yelling for the other man to freeze. Her right hand curled up into a fist. Trying to determine who was the good one and who was the bad one.

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Boba "Damn bounty hunter" the first man muttered, looking for options facing a famous hunter and his pet who could kill him in seconds. He glanced at the girl and smiled wickedly, pulling his own blaster as he stepped behind her and placed the barrel to the side of her head. "How about you walk away or this one, ends up with a smoking hole in her head.

Dris scowled in his visor, flicking his eyes about as he enhanced the zoom so he was more accurate while he made sure he didn't hit the girl though the shot would only stun her for a few hours with her size since he had it tuned to his target right now. He nodded to Nex who started walking to the right, making the slicer have to targets instead. "You know my reputation Fal-Cona, even taking a hostage won't help you any" he said as he was famed for being a crack shot.

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Fear. Well that answered the question. Anger boiled up within her. This sick little... He even smelt bad. She looked around for opinions. The man in front of them seemed determined to kill his target. Or capture him. But in anyway. She was in the way. She didn't know if the man was so determined that he might kill her in the process. Her eyes flicked around trying to spot something. She bit her lip and tried to pull away from the man only to have his grip tighten and the barrel of the blaster pressed harder against her temple and she froze.

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Boba Dris checked everything on both of them, similar heart rates though Fal-Cona was because he was targeted and the girl because she was a hostage. He knew the man would shoot her but he had a moment before that was a thing he would do. He sighted even tighter, seeing the girl had frozen so he took a breath and as he finished exhaling he fired, the bolt going just over her shoulder and into the mans chest, stunning him instantly. Nex charged over and put his body over him, in case the bolt didn't have the desired effect.

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Alex eyes widened as she watched the man pull the trigger. She squeezed her eyes tightly but within seconds she felt a sting? A shock? But she was alive. She fell the opposite way of the man. She groaned. Feeling drained of energy. Goodness. Of course this had to happen to her. She looked around lazily. Her vision slightly blurred as she watched the creature run over for their target. She mumbled something and closed her eyes again. Trying to push away the dizziness

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Boba Dris came over and cuffed Fal-Cona, dragging him over to lean against the wall, so he could see him. He then went over to the girl and lifted her off the ground "You should be fine, dizzy?" he asked thinking that why she felt when he didn't hit her nor did Fal hit her. He checked her for any signs just in case, glancing over at the slicer with a scoff.

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Alex was a bit angry with this man. In his arms she glared up at him. Or at least tried to. "I... Am fine..." She mumbled. Then looking into his masked face curiosity filled her. She was extremely exhausted as she said, "who are you?"

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Boba Dris walked her over to her stand and sat her on it, thinking it a better option then talking to her with him carrying her. "Dristan Fett" he answered simply tapping in a message to his employer for this bounty, letting him know he had the target in custody. "Just try calming down adrenaline high" he explained with a sigh, clicking his rifle on his back.

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Alex sighed heavy closing her eyes. "You could have shot me.." She hissed through her clenched teeth. She took deep breaths. Sighing again before reopening her eyes.

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Boba "You may think that but I happen to have a advantage most don't when it comes to shooting in this armor" he said with a shake of his head as he didn't tell anyone what that meant but he let her think on it or ask for him to prove it like so many did and he always did. Nex sat next to the detainee while he waited for a trooper to help transfer the man safely to lock up.

Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 28 comments Zatane pulled his transport into a stop a few yards away from the two,his superiors had told him something about what he was doing there...but he hadn't really been paying attention. As he stepped out of his transport he grabbed his helmet,but after a moment opted to leave it. He enjoyed peoples reactions to his crisscrossing scars. He put his assault cannon onto his back and started walking towards them.

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Boba ((by posting g order your go Flower,I'll post when I can since working atm))

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Alex narrowed her eyes. Slightly irritated by the mans big head. A show off. She looked up into his eyes and finally managed to bring herself to her feet. She crossed her arms and looked him in the eye again. Slightly light headed. Moving swiftly she ran a hand up and pulled back her loose strands of hair. While she pulled her hair back she looked the man up and down. His armor and equipment really. Sizing him up. After wrapping the band three times around she dropped her arms and then crossed them under neath her breasts. "Prove it." She randomly said. Her tone calm and even. A challenge. But due to her over looking she did not notice the new comer who was making his way towards them.

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Boba Dris noted this girl seemed a bit hot headed but so was he when he began his adulthood, he noticed she was checking his gear not him as most looked wide eyed at how much he carried with him, making him a walking arsenal. His HUD chimed in that they had another armed man at his 3 which at a glance was a trooper without a helmet on, showing his face with scars similar to what Nex had given dris their first encounter. He shook his head at her request and in a blink had drawn his sidearm and hit a light bulb an impossible distance away, without turning his head.

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Boba ((busy torch?))

Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 28 comments Zatane didn't react at the action,he simply continued towards them. He reached behind his right ear and pressed a button on his implant,the shot had caused it to start ringing "I'll have to get these fixed..." He mumbled to himself. He noted the speed and time it took to draw and fire the sidearm. He stopped just a few feet away.

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Boba ((Hey, making a trooper as well, and Flower won't be on till later, taking a test))

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Alex jaw tightened as she held her reaction in. Watching the light explode. Her arms crossed in front of her chest and she gave a small nod towards him. She didn't know how he did it but... It was kinda good... She then tensed and glanced at the trooper mumble about fixing something. She tilted her head and looked between the two. To be all honest Nex looked more talkative and friendly then these two. She sighed softly and then rolled her eyes. "You two know each other?" She asked curiously. She needed to figure this all out. It was quite.... She had no idea but she was noisy and she needed to know more. "Would you like a drink?" She then offered also. The guy had kind of saved her life. Even though he put it in danger in the first place...

That was the way Alex thought. She indeed was a bit hot headed. Though she would never admit it. But these two looked like they were on a mission and she needed to get in on it. A challenge. She was all for them. She uncrossed her arms and her hip popped up and a hand laid on it the other hand just hanging to her side. A usually female stance. Taking the time of silence she glanced at the newly present man. Her eyes ran up and down him as well. Hmm.... She then looked but at the man with the name of Distan.... Hmm

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Boba Dris slid the sidearm smoothly back into its place, practiced motion that was second nature now. He smiled a small measure to himself at the shot while he looked to the trooper and inspected the man, noticing the markings of a lieutenant but with a relaxed tone as he had his helmet off to check the reaction of others to his scars, which weren't quite as harsh as Dris's injuries. Nex looked at the man curiously even sniffing a measure.

"No I don't know the lieutenant, though I would guess he is here in reponse to my calling my employer, The Republic Intelligence service" he said with a nod. "Correct lieutenant?" he asked before he unsealed and took off his own helm, showing a scar of three deep cuts crossing from the top of his right brow down across his eye to mid cheek, slightly angled toward the outer edge of his face. THe scar wasn't the most obvious thing that made him stand out but rather the robotic eye, alike a human one but entirely polished metal and with a glowing gold light where the pupil would be. "And a drink would be appreciated" he said with a nod, to Alex and small smile, his looks only being better with it.

Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 28 comments Zatane nodded in confirmation "Yes,you'd be correct about that." He said,he thought the robotic eye was a bit boring,he'd seen odder and more exciting things than it,but he said nothing about it.

"I'll gladly accept a free drink." He said,looking at Alex "Besides,a bar fight might break out,and that would certainly be entertaining." He said with a grin,he was bored and a fight would be just the thing to blow off some steam.

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