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The Clave

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The Clave and its laws seem unnecessarily harsh in my opinion. I'd want to change them, but after seeing what happened with Valentine and Sebastian, it seems like every attempt to change the laws ends with a war. If you were a Shadowhunter, would you try to change the laws or would you just abide by them?

Nikita I agree that their laws are way harsh. Looking back, for all their agruing and dicussing and "it's against the law" stuff, the enemy could be getting stronger or at their door. I agree that change needs to happen. Having a counsel of downworlders with shadowhunters was a great start but more needs to be done. They need to be more modern and upgrade their laws or something.

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Ilana i feel like this is a question that can go either way. i mean, if you think about the purpose of what they were doing when the laws were initially made - the intention behind them was good but of course and times and circumstances evolve - there's always a big of flexibility that's needed. I'm always one to be ok with evolving and changing the rules, but i don't know exactly how i would want to do that since you have to think about how there are implications to changing those same laws to suit the current situation.'re just going to find yourself in a similar situation down the line when the laws once again seem harsh our 'out of order'

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