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Welcome! What book inspired your travel?

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Andrea | 5 comments Mod
Welcome fellow travelers and Nomadic Matt forum community members - I've created this group for those voracious travel readers who want inspiration and recommendations for what to read next.

The majority of the books are those Nomadic Matt has written about on and in his monthly book emails.

Use this group and the shelves to plan your next Want To Read selections, and talk about the books or phrases that meant a lot to you while you were reading them on your journey!
I've also included Matt's own books, included the recently revised, updated and expanded "How to travel the world on $50 a day" on how to travel cheaper, longer, and smarter - and the newly released city guides.

Let's get started - please introduce yourself, and put in your favourite travel quote. Mine is: Invest now in future memories. For me, that includes both reading and traveling!
~ Andrea Magee

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Andrea | 5 comments Mod
For those active on the Nomadic Matt travel forum, there is a Travel Literature post which has some awesome book recommendations! Here's the link:

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Chris Frost | 1 comments As a young man, I devoured travel books with a passion. Two books stand out in my mind. The first is Sir Francis Younghusband's epic "The Heart of a Continent". His account of his travels across the frontiers of Asia in the 1880's would one day encourage me to make my own journeys in these wild hinterlands.

The second is "Seven Years in Tibet" by Heinrich Harrer, which I read as a child. That book inspired me to go to Tibet and make my way to a forbidden place on the edge of the Tibetan plateau, which had also been Younghusband's point of entry into Tibet in 1903.

When I was eventually detained by the PSB on the Tibet/India border, I stayed calm and remembered how those two young Austrian mountaineers had coped with officials who had tried to block their way to freedom.

On my return to Lhasa, I encountered Tibetans fighting for their freedom in a bloody riot.

Below is a link to my book, which describes the journey through Pakistan, across China and in to Tibet that was inspired by these two books:

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Heena Khubchandani | 1 comments Hi,

I am a avid travel books reader and here is the list of my favourite travel books which I love the most.

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