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{It's a bit hard to navigate for her, but she's got it all memorised by now.}

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September walked up. "Welcome t my humble treetop palace."

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"Woah..." Luke said looking at it.
"It's huge and beautiful..."

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She laughed. "Well I want it to be!" she said, laughing. "That way I can have everything more spread out so I don't run into everything."

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"Oh that makes sense." Luke looks up at it then at her wondering if she'll invite him in.

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"Okay, so, stairs over here," she said, walking over. "Come on up."

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"Oh no stairs." he said shaking his hands like he was scared. He walked to them and watched her curiously.

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She stepped on them, hanging on to the railing and literally threw herself over the railing, handing from it and crawling up by moving her hands. At the top she flipped up onto the floor. "I'm not a fan of stairs."

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"I've noticed." He said and followed her up.

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She laughed quietly. "Well here it is."

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He looked around. "It looks nice."

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"Does it?"

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He smirked. "Yeah. Really pretty." He said not looking at the house anymore but her.

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She smiled, walking. "That's my room right there. There spare rooms are there...."

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"Mhm..." he followed her and as she showed him the rooms. "Do you have guests often?" he asked half joking.

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"Nah, I'm quite the loner."

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"Ah." he watched her as she moved.

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She smiled and bit her lip. "Find a clear chair and make yourself at home."

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"Oh I get to stay?" he asked sarcastically.

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"No, I was going to kick you out now."

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He watched her face to see if she was joking. "Oh alright. I'll just leave you to all those stairs on your own..."

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"Oh my gosh, stay! What's your name again?"

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"Luke. why? " he asked cautiously.

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"I just forgot."

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"Is that short for Lucas?"

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((Okay, so the chemistry is definitely all there, are we gonna develop a relationship?))

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((if you'd like :) ))

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"Nope just Luke. Any reason why you're named after a month? " he asked as he causally leaned against the wall.

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((Oki doki!!!))

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"My older sister was named after a day. Tuesday. I think September is prettier. Tuesday was born on Tuesday....but I was born in October...My mother exact words when I asked that question were: 'September is the most beautiful month in the year. Perfect for a beautiful daughter.' I think that was just for my confidence."

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"Oh. Well she's right you are pretty..." Luke realised he said that out loud. "Pretty uh strange, I mean." For a second he was glad she was blind so she couldn't see the blush hugging his cheeks.

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She laughed. "Thanks, Luke," she laughed, putting her face in his hands.

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He watched her and when she laughed. Her smile was beautiful. It lit up the dark room. "It's pitch black outside do you happen to have any lights? " he felt his way to her and took his hand "I'd hate to get lost" he whispered.

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She blushed and stood, walking with him towards a table. "Just a lamp," she said, flicking it on. Lights are pretty useless to me. The lamp was decoration."

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He held her soft hand and mentally smiled. "Oh that helped a bit." he looked at her face and grinned.

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"I'm sure it did," she said, nodding. Her hand felt odd in his. She had never had a boyfriend. She didn't say anything else, just smiled.

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She looked slightly awkward so he loosened his fingers.

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She smiled slightly. "I personally am probably gonna take a nap. I'm dog tired."

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"That's a good idea." He watched a small dimple appear on her cheek as she smiled and it made his heart flip. "Goodnight." he said as he walked away and let his fingers trail away from hers.

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She smiled and laid down in her bed. He was nice. She knelt by her bed and said a small prayer, asking God to show her to those who needed help, and to bless her with the strength to the help them, and then she crawled into her bed, fast asleep.

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Luke found the bed he was meant to sleep in. He had a small fear of spiders so he grabbed the blankets and shook them. He then rubbed his hands across the sheets. He decided it was probably fine so he slid under the covers. "Goodnight...." he whispered to himself. He hugged himself and fell asleep.

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((Time lapse?))

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September woke up, wondering what time it was. She shrugged and walked into the kitchen.

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Luke heard her walking through the house so he pushed the blankets back and mentally told himself to wake up. He sat on the edge of the bed. He rubbed his face and his hair stuck up in all different directions. He stood and groaned as he stretched. Luke then sleepily walked into the room she was in.

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She ran her fingers through her hair. "Good morning," she mumbled, assuming she looked awful. She could feel the knots.

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Her hair was caught behind her ear and was creating a strange loop of hair. "Morning. " he said yawning then noticing her hair. He was too sleepy to think she'd mind so he just gently fixed it for her. He rubbed his tired eyes.

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She smiled. "Thanks. How'd you sleep."

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"Alright. What about you?" he asked as he leaned against the wall. He tried to wipe the sleep from his face.

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She shrugged. "Good enough."

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