The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5) The Last Olympian question

Percabeth or Fourtris? ._.
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I honestly don't know :|



PERCABETH. tris died *sigh* it's very heartbreaking for four.

Percabeth definitely. I wonder what the results would be if this was thread was posted under Divergent. Would Fourtris be the outright winner like Percabeth is here or would it be more mixed?

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I like both, but I like percabeth better.

Percabeth is much stronger than Fourtris, and Percabeth would do anything for each other. I don't even think this is a worthy comparison. Percabeth, Percabeth, Percabeth. For. Life.

Percabeth! Look at all of the Fourtris problems! Percy freaking went into tarturus for Annabeth


Percabeth, of course! Four and Tris were always too uptight and their relationship was strained. Percy and Annabeth, on the other hand, had the perfect transition from being best friends to being lovers. Their relationship took time to develop and to me, they are just PERFECT!

Are you kidding me?! No competition AT ALL! PERCABETH FOR LIFE!!! Aaaaa they're sooo cute together.

percabeth all the way! Four and Tris were kind of always mad at each other

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Lol everyone agrees.

Percabeth, but I guess Fourtris is all right...


Definitely percabeth, because there relationship was actually slowly developed throughout the series. They went from disliking each other, to friend, then finally in a relationship, which is how a proper relationship should be. I mean... fourtris was developed throughout Divergent, but percabeth has more depth.

Uhhh duh PERCABETH for love they are such a sweet couple. Percy freakin' went into Tartarus for Annabeth!!!!! NO COMPETITION PERCABETH FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Definitely Percabeth.

PERCABETH! I mean Fourtris is good but NO competition

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PERCABETH! They have true love but Four and Tris were jealous of each other at one point and always fighting.

Percabeth!!! Fourtris is awesome though

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PERCABETH! Honestly, Four and Tris are awful together. They ruined the books.

ARGH WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME CHOOSE. Percabeth! I love them both though.

Is that really even a question? Percabeth, of course!!! lol!!!

Percabeth! It's not competition


PERCABETH but Fourtris is good to but not as good as Percabeth

I love Fourtris better because even though Percabeth had a better love relationship, Fourtris is still a very good couple

PERCABETH. duh. Percy literally fell into hell cause he couldn't even think about losing Annabeth. Im sorry, i only read the 1st divergent book but I'm pretty sure 4 wouldn't do that for tris


Actually PERCABETH sounds more like what I would perfer.

Maddi Percabeth is from the Percy Jackson series and The Blood of Olympus series and Fourtris is from the Divergent series.
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I was for Fourtris till Insurgent came out and tris died.

I was for Percabeth till they ended the books.

So right now I don't like anybody...

i agree with everyone else its percabeth, <3

I like them both but I feel like I have to defend Fourtris, yes they did fight but that was the thing I like about them, their not afraid to be real with each other. Yes percy feel into the depths of hell for Annabeth and that's sweet but it's not like tobias didn't do anything for Tris in the second book that everyone says that's the one they fight in is the same one that tobias does not risk his life but gives up his life because he knows they won't make it out alive. And tobias the last person that would betray his friends gave up safe houses because he couldn't stand to see Tris suffer. One thing that I love about Foutris that is not in Percabeth is the fact that Tobias is guarded and doesn't let anyone in except Tris because even before everything happens he trusts her with his darkest fear and not mention would have killed one of her attackers if she didn't stop him. We also find out in the books Four that he pretty much ruins peters life because of what he did. Not to mention Tobias treats Tris like a smart and capable person and brings her along on things because he trusts her wits. Any way rant over and just so know a also love Percabeth just as much.

ı love four and tris. But their trust of each others not strong as Percabeth. Percy and Annabeth can give their lives to eachothers hands with doubtless. So ofc PERCABETH!

no percabeth because in greek mythology they are half cousins and you can't marry your cousin

DEFINITELY PERCABETH. I don't enjoy fourtris, I mean they weren't so cute together as I was hoping...


Percabeth all the way. I hate Fourtris.

Percabeth bc Fourtris doesn't exist bc there is no six

is that even a question?


No competition there, Percabeth always!

(and also because even though four and tris do fight, they have a such a strong chemistry that's more than Percabeth)

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