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message 1: by Sean (new)

Sean (madogmarcek) | 4 comments Do you ever look at your bookshelf and think " how did I get so many books that i will never read?". here is your chance to pass them on. postage, at least in my neck of the woods is rather cheap so i will be happy to send off my random books on the pay it forward method. if you receive a free book without paying postage i would suggest not being that guy who then turns around and asks others to pay his postage. on the other hand times are tough and some people cant foot the bill. be honest be generous and above all else my friends be radical for conformity is less a way to live and more a slow death.

message 2: by Sean (new)

Sean (madogmarcek) | 4 comments the books and other literary mish mash i have at the time goes as follows
stories from the infirmary~ paperback
starvation heights~ paperback
the carnivorous carnival hardback
the Koran ( try as i might i couldn't stomach reading it)~ paperback
thank you for smoking~ tape audio book
marcel proust tape audio book
if no one claims the books by next week they will be donated to a small book store

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