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message 1: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Lush (tamara_lush) | 6 comments Hi everyone!

I'm looking for beta readers for my 82,000-word romantic suspense novel with erotic elements. A few months ago, I found several great beta readers here and their feedback was invaluable.

I've now reworked the book and am looking for new readers for their overall opinions.

Please let me know if you are interested. I will be happy to list you in my acknowledgements when I publish.

SYNOPSIS: Skylar Shaw, a twenty two-year-old newspaper reporter in Florida, would rather have a scoop than a boyfriend. While reporting on a plane crash, she meets a secretive and handsome Italian who refuses to talk about his past. Luca De Rossi, a twenty eight-year-old journalist-turned-author, is on the run from the Mafia and is reluctant to get involved with anyone. He wrote an anonymous expose on a Naples Mafia family which led to the deaths of his parents in Italy. He's hiding out in Florida at the beach house of his long-lost uncle.

Skylar is skeptical whether love and her dreams of being a journalist are compatible. Luca is charmed by Skylar's curiosity and determination. He wants to give Skylar his heart, but is reluctant because of his crusading, dangerous past. Luca doesn't want to reveal his true identity to Skylar for fear she won't want such a complicated man.

Luca and Skylar can’t stay away from each other because of their intense attraction. Luca bargains with himself and thinks he can handle a few hot hookups with Skylar and keep his secret under wraps. And their days and nights are hot – Luca shocks and pleases Skylar by talking dirty, giving her multiple orgasms and worshiping her curvy body.

Because of her inquisitive nature and reporter's skill, Skylar finds out who Luca really is - and uncovers information that proves someone in Florida is trying to kill him. Skylar's also in danger but has the confidence and smarts to face the threat head-on.

Will the Mafia find them before Luca has a chance to win Skylar’s heart? And can Skylar succeed as a journalist and save them both?

I appreciate all of your help!

Have a great day,

message 2: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments Hi,

I would be interested in reading the book for you. You can email me at Kindle, nook, or pdf formats.

Thank you,


message 3: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Lush (tamara_lush) | 6 comments Hi Lady!
I will send you a PDF soon. Thank you!

message 4: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments Hi Tamara,

Thank you. I can't wait to read them.


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