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Dead to you
Jillian Jillian Jan 27, 2015 08:08AM
The main character Ethan, 16 years old, was abducted from his front yard when he was only seven years old. He had been homeless for years but finally found his family on a website for missing children. Now living with his family he has to become adjusted to them all over again. His little brother Blake and little sister Gracie are still skeptical about the situation. The media soon comes to his house after he is rediscovered and ask him questions about his disappearance; which makes him uncomfortable. A few days later Ethan goes to high school for the first time. On his first day he meets a beautiful girl, Cami. They both feel a connection and struggle to find their way to each other. School becomes tougher for Ethan and he doesn’t feel like he fits in, he becomes frustrated and angry. On the other hand, his little brother Blake keeps trying to make Ethan feel unwanted in the family. As more clues and are revealed about Ethan’s disappearance, he becomes extremely volatile. This book makes readers turn the pages rapidly and it is no doubt a page turner.

This IS one of those books that needed closure. Ethan really needed closure. I hated that the author just left us guessing about what happened.

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