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Amelia | 11 comments I'm looking for someone to beta read a fantasy novel during the 1st -2nd week of February. Here's a description/blurb:

Iola worships the dragons. People may say that the temples are corrupt, but she remains a true priestess – possibly the last of her kind.

The most blessed priestess returns from her journey to the dragons' realm too sick to fly again. Iola wants to replace her, but she has a rival who thrives on everything that Iola shuns; political intrigue, gossip, and grasping after worldly wealth and power. Her rival's lover is also about to become governor of Anamat.

Iola is just a village girl dazzled by dragons. Her friends and allies aren't much more savvy than she is. Still, they hope to persuade the new governor – whoever he might be – to make Iola ambassadress, and to choose faith over scheming, one way or another.

It's a fairly short novel for the genre, at about 85,000 words. It's also the second in a series, but I'm looking for at least one beta reader who has not read book 1, to determine how well (or if) this book stands on its own. You can read the prologue and some cut scenes at my blog:

Message me here at Goodreads, or reply to this thread. I'm still working on revisions, but I'm closing in on the final section, and hope to have it ready to beta read by early next week (or at least some time next week!)


message 2: by Amelia (new)

Amelia | 11 comments Also, I am willing to do an exchange and will read fantasy, historical romance, and possibly some other categories.

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